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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Theme-Tools Of The Trade

Thursday Theme is an idea brought to us by Toni, of Chick Chat fame.
Every week, Toni will post the theme to use for the next Thursday's post.
Anyone can join in, just go over to Toni's blog, check what the theme will be, then post accordingly on your blog, on a Thursday of course, link back to Toni and add your name to her list.

I work in a supermarket, so here are the Tools of My Trade.........

Automatic doors, welcoming customers to the store.

Trolleys, to help you carry all those groceries from aisle to aisle, then on to the checkout.

Groceries, carefully chosen, or mindlessly tossed into the trolley, depending on how your day has been so far.

Scanner, one of the more important of "my" tools. Without this, checking out could take all day....

Bags, to put your groceries in so you don't drop them all, because none of us has the eight arms we so desperately need sometimes.

Of course, being a checkout chook isn't my only occupation.
I'm also a cleaner and these are the Tools of That Trade.

Gloves, for protecting the hands from near boiling water and various cleaning products.

Mops, for mopping up spills of course.

Brooms and dustpan, to get that pesky dust off the floor, and the leaves out of the carport.

Laundry cleaners, to get those whites whiter than white, and those colours the brightest you've ever seen.
Not to mention sparkling bathrooms and windows.
Ha Ha. (I don't do windows, not until I can't see out of them anyway)

I'm also a cook, these are the Tools of yet another Trade.

Pots and pans, in various sizes and shapes. And colours.

Utensils, hanging within easy reach of the sink and stove.

Knives. What good's a kitchen without good knives? And can openers, brushes, icecream scoop...

Lastly......I'm also a Blogger. For this I need these Tools.

Memory card for the camera that takes most of the pictures you see on this blog.
(Some of them are googled images......thanks google)

It's a little blurry.......sorry about that.

Notebooks, for jotting down ideas as they come to me. Although that's a little difficult if the ideas come to me while I'm at work, as they sometimes do.

Pens, for the jotting of ideas into the notebooks. And for the shopping lists, which take me back to the scene of the Trade.

So there you have it. I'm a Jack of All Trades. (Master of None)
Please, join us in this Thursday Theme. Pop on over to Toni's to find out how.


  1. Hey, love how your tools move full circle!! But couldn't help casting an envious eye over your kitchen tools to see if you had anything I wanted ...

  2. OMG! Can't beleive you also used the "jack of all trades, master of none" theory!

    Common theme amongst us blogger types it seems :)

  3. Oh, I think you are master of all your trades! Thanks for sharing. But after this post, I'm wondering when you get time to blog?? xx

  4. Red Nomad OZ; kitchen tools envy? That's a new one. I think I have pretty much the standard stuff anyone else does.

  5. Starfish; welcome to drifting. I'll hop over and see your blog. I'm definitely a "master of none".
    I believe all mums are Jacks of all trades.

    Kymmie; Time is something I have quite a lot of. I'm on restricted working hours, only 16 a week, my home routine is organised to within an inch of its life, cooking for one takes almost no time at all. Plenty of blog time.

  6. River, I was really looking forward to your pictures today -- I just knew you would do something really cool and I was right!
    I loved all your pictures and how you thought about all the tools you use.
    THANKYOU for joining in.

  7. Toni; I enjoyed the challenge. I'm looking forward to next week's "assignment".

  8. Very amusing. You are too young to remember I expect :-P, but manual check outs weren't slow. Auto doors. It was only a couple of years ago that Safeway in Prahran had failing auto doors. A person of a certain age thought that jumping up and down on the invisible mat at the front of the door might see the doors open. They didn't.

  9. Andrew; I do remember manual checkouts, all those checkout chicks tapping away on the cash register keys while prices popped up and down in the little window. Without barcodes I don't remember what they used as entry codes, but I do remember that every item in the store had a price sticker on it. My sister-in-law was one of those girls way back in the 70's, very speedy she was too. Those were the days of brown paper shopping bags, without handles for supermarkets, with handles for department stores.

  10. Jack of all trades, master of none for the male version and Jill of all trades, master of none female version. Just like Jackaroo for the male version and Jillaroo for the female version :-).

  11. Windsmoke; I stand corrected. I'm a Jill of all trades.

  12. Gawd I must get back on the wagon, I haven't done a TT for months. Don't get me started on shopping trolleys, I had a doozie yesterday with a mind of its own.