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Saturday, February 19, 2011

the triple pee Saturday

Physio; Pain and Pumpkins.

Yesterday the physio did the usual pressure on the trigger points thing, then did something new. He had me relax my arm, then he held the shoulder and elbow and manouvered the arm to see what range of movement the shoulder has.

Now, at work and at home, I don't have too much trouble doing things anymore, most of the movements I would normally make, I can do.
But there are movements the shoulder should be able to make, and it just can't. He said, "there's a definite block isn't there?"
I still can't put my hand up behind my back and there's a rotation problem. Since I don't plan on bowling any cricket balls any time soon, that's not bothering me. Of course if I decide to start swimming, I could be in I guess I'll stick with wading and floating.

I'll keep up with the exercises and see how things go.
My regular review doctor said it may be a case of this is as good as it gets and I may face permanent work restrictions. He may be right.

Pain; in my foot. More specifically, heel pain. I've had this for a few years now, off and on. A lovely lady at the Athlete's Foot, (shoe shop), said I had fallen arches and recommended orthotics to support the arch. I have two pairs, one much more firm than the other, neither works very well, I still have heel pain on and off. I thought maybe I had a heel spur, but wouldn't that hurt all the time? I should probably get an x-ray to be sure....but when the heel pain disappears, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, I forget about x-rays. Today, it's a real pain in the.......well, the heel.

Pumpkins. My pumpkin vines haven't done as well as I hoped. The female flowers both died. I did notice that after I trimmed the growing tips, new growth began at the base of two of the vines. So After work today, I went out there with the secateurs, and cut the vines drastically. There are now three much, much shorter vines, two with new growth and one that I'm hoping will develop new growth. I'm going to toss out the pollen I collected and make a complete fresh start.
And white fly? O.M.G. I've never seen so many! I'll have to get up to the nursery and buy some of those sticky yellow traps for them.
On the plus side, I have many baby miniature capsicums growing out there. They're all still green and only about a half inch long so far, the different colours will reveal themselves in time. And of course I'll take photos.

So, that's my Saturday. How's yours?


  1. I am sorry to hear about your pain in the heel and also the blockage in the shoulder. However, I am as supple as a brick and still swim so it may not impact there - and no, I can't put my arm behind my back either. Is the excess of white fly related to lots more rain do you think? I haven't noticed white fly but midges by the million. Nasty vicious biting things too. Good luck with the pumpkin.

  2. Oh dear -- pain and physio -- not two of the nicest things you could have on a Saturday.
    Why don't you try for some PIE or PUDDING to soothe the hurt?

  3. Haha, I'm with Toni!! Pity about the pumpkins - the weather is conspiring against veggie growers this year!

  4. Well, just doggy paddle for you then and no Olympic try-outs! Shoulder restrictive movement is no joy at all, I hope with time it is on the mend. I love hearing about people's vegie patches. I should grow capsicums but keep forgetting (lame, I know). Have you considered seeing a podiatrist about the heel pain?

  5. No fun getting old is it? Could be a heel spur and in my experience, the best orthotics are custom made by your podiatrist.

  6. Sounds oddly familiar. I thought I was getting a heel spur for over a year (Not very good at getting myself to the Doctor's) and did finally get an X-ray which showed nothing other than fallen arches.
    Massages were the only thing that would give me sensation back in my left side and allow freer movement.

    Then, I put my back out weeding and bravely went to try Chiropractry. She took an X-Ray to see which vertebrae was out and voila! The X-Ray revealed some nasty vertebrae damage and scoiliosis. So, my Chiro said she could treat that too. Great.
    When the Scoliosis was treated, the heel pain disappeared. And, over the course of a year, my arches (with the help of podiatrist recommended inserts) have returned.
    But I just really, really love the reduction in pain.
    Unless it happens as a side effect of fun, at Circus training. ;-)

  7. Seek professional help from a podiarist if it's that bad and not from a salesperson that wouldn't know poo from clay, they'll tell you anything to make a sale. I agree with Baino's comment to :-).

  8. The Elephant's Child; yes, the humidity is responsible for the excess of white fly this year. Supple as a brick and still swimming? Hmm, maybe I'll buy a swimsuit after all. There's a gym down the road and several swimming pools around the area too.

    Toni; pie and pudding? EXCELLENT suggestions. I have the ingredients for both.

    Red Nomad OZ; there's new growth on the pumpkin vines so I'm still hopeful.

    Being Me; doggy paddle is no fun. I'm not much of a swimmer anyway, but I could probably manage sidestroke and breast stroke, it's the overarm movement that I can't do.

    Baino; there's a podiatrist in the same building as my doctor and physio, (dentist too, it's an everything clinic), he's directly opposite the physio, so I'll have to see about an appointment. Depends a lot on what the cost might be.

    I saw a chiropractor once and he worked on my neck for a few minutes. I was in pain after for weeks! Never went back. Most of my problems are muscular not skeletal, although I do have minor scoliosis,which doesn't bother me at all.

    Windsmoke; good advice, thanks. I'll see about a podiatrist appointment as soon as I save some $$$, because I'm flat broke right now. Custom made orthotics could be the answer.

  9. Devi; so sorry, I forgot to put your name before my reply to you.

  10. Don't be surprised if it is caused by your shoulder. You could be overcompensating in your walking to stop your shoulder hurting.

  11. JahTeh; the heel pain has been on and off for a couple of years; the shoulder thing is less than a year.

  12. Sorry about your pains.

    We had problems with our pumpkins and found the only thing that really worked was attracting more bees to the yard to do the pollinating for us

  13. Heel pain - could it be plantar fasciitis? That's what I have and it produces a dull, unrelenting ache that makes falling to sleep at night pretty hard sometimes. Sometimes just rubbing some cream - any kind of moisturiser - into the heels can help as it massages the muscles a bit.

  14. Beet; there's a serious world shortage of bees, I had a few buzzing around, but then the hive I found in the street was removed and since then I've seen only one bee.

    Kath; I'll be seeing a podiatrist soonish to find out for sure.