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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trivia post

I've thought and thought and really I have nothing to say today.
There are photos on my camera that I can't be bothered uploading.

So for your amusement, or derision, as you choose, here is a list of trivial things.

I broke two fingernails today.
They're already broken off so short I don't see how that's possible....

If I don't get a haircut soon, I won't be able to see through my fringe.
And there are flippy bits sticking out over my ears.

It's bin day today, well, tomorrow, but I always put the bin out the night before, and on my way down the driveway, I thought of Kath Lockett, and picked up various pieces of litter that had been lying about annoying me for a month or so.

Most of the other tenants here don't appreciate the free Messenger newspaper we get on a weekly basis. The papers are left on top of the mailboxes and there they stay in all weathers until someone tosses them all in a heap on the ground. From there they get put in my bin, by me.

It's 8:30 here and the sky is still light enough to go for a walk, but it would be very dark by the time I got home, so I'm not going.

For a week I've been eating chocolate icecream instead of vanilla.

I had steak and roasted veg for dinner.

I'm going to be filing those divorce papers on Friday.

Not trivia, but today is my daughter's birthday. My firstborn is 38.
Tomorrow is my son's birthday. Secondborn will be 36.

Do I feel old?
Not today.

Although some days I feel 70.

I'm disappointed that some of my favourite bloggers have chosen Disqus for their comment threads. It takes forever to load the post and even longer, much, much longer, to load comments, so I don't leave comments there anymore.

I'm watching "Are You Being Served?"
It isn't as hilarious as I remember, although I still get a bit of a laugh out of it.

And I think that's enough, the computer is getting hot, I think it needs a nap.


  1. What a busy week :)
    I've just broken two finger nails and had steak last night. It's also bin day here. (what a coincidence).
    I agree about Disqus. I'm forever losing comments with it and it takes an age. It takes me long enough to type a comment but to redo it is a fag as we say here.
    None of these old comedies are the same as they used to be. Mind you all we have are repeats on tv here these days.
    A very happy birthday to your children. I just tell everyone mine is still 10 years old then they can't pin an age on me...although they may wonder why he is at work and drives.

  2. Happy Birthday to your children and Happy Anniversary of their births to you.

    And yes your day sounded a little like mine. And it was bin day for us too - and I regulary trott around picking this up that have been thrown, dropped or blown around. And given how far we are away a surprising amount of this rubbish is big mac in origon.

  3. Are you being served is a classic comedy of all time. Like you i'm disappointed to and wonder why some bloggers don't put my blog on their blog roll as i will return the favour :-).

  4. Good on you for picking up the freebie newspapers and fluttering junkmail from your neighbours' houses. I do it for the three blocks of flats in our street too and now that school is back the volume of rubbish has increased a hundredfold.

    Divorce papers in amongst all that - not such a mundane day after all....?

  5. Oh and I have NO IDEA was 'disqus' is....?

  6.; *snap* Co-inky-dink. What are the odds? Three things the same.

    The Elephant's Child; Bin day for you too? I haven't seen any Big Mac rubbish for quite a while. Here it's mostly cigarette packets and newspapers. And letterbox drop leaflets.

    Windsmoke; I remember laughing my head off at shows like Are You Being Served, Benny Hill etc, now, they're just funny. I really must get around to updating my blogroll....

    Kath; I don't often pick up litter, I look at it and think I wish "they" wouldn't let it blow around like that. I have picked it up a few times and probably will again, but it really p***es me off to see the other tenants pulling leafles out of the mailbox and just dropping them onto the ground because they don't want them. What the heck do these people think their rubbish bins are for?
    Divorce papers have been signed and witnessed, I'll be filing them on Friday.
    Disqus is a program that several people are using for their comment section. Not only does it slow down the comment section, it slows the loading of the blog as well, and it loads jerkily. When you click on "comments", it takes a long time to load, then it takes a long time for the comment box to accept your comment, which doesn't appear as you are typing, but up to several minutes after you've completed typing. The longer your comment, the longer it takes to appear. Then you click on "post as" and the waiting begins again, to type your name, your email, your website, , then another wait for your comment to finally appear in the thread.
    Pfft! and Hmpf!!

  7. Hurrah for divorce papers.
    Now never ever get married again, in fact tattoo this on your arm so you aren't tempted.

  8. Windsmoke, when I see this comment from you:
    "A dog's place is outside, it's where they belong" I'm not even faintly surprised you don't get enthusiasts.
    If I had a blog I'd never blogroll you.
    We have nothing in common.