Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, February 18, 2011

what did I learn today?

I learned that I can't hold an umbrella against the wind and rain with one hand, while steering my granny trolley with the other hand.

I need both hands on the trolley.
So I got a little damp. Then I got wet.
Then the heavens opened.

Thank goodness I was on my way home by then, so could change into dry clothes.

I learned that a mammogram, while still painfully uncomfortable, is a little less so after losing most of the spare tyre that hung around just under the boobs.
The other spare tyres, waist and hips are stubbornly refusing to move.

I learned that the Family Court building has pretty comfortable chairs to sit in while the papers you've just filed are read, stamped, photocopied.

I learned that the chinese food I chose for lunch was filling enough to see me right through the afternoon without needing a snack of any kind. I'm only just now beginning to feel like I should start cooking dinner, at 6:42pm.

I learned that I can pass Swiss Glory without buying any chocolate, but on the second pass, well....I'd just filed divorce papers, so I celebrated.

I bought this milk chocolate valentine heart.

And these two truffles.

Champagne bubble on the left, coated in icing sugar; raspberry truffle on the right, coated in milk chocolate, with darker stripes.

Raspberry Truffle.

Champagne Bubble.

Now I'd better get cooking. I promised myself these would be dessert.


  1. Way to go River! Truffles look yum-o. Enjoy!

  2. Ohhhh, I remember BOTH of those delightful truffles....! And you deserve them. Many times over!

  3. Thoses truffles look yummmmmy, i'm jealous, enjoy :-).

  4. Oh congratulations! Just glad you were close enough to SG to really splash out!!

    Great also to know you CAN pass SG without buying, but that you CHOSE not to!!

  5. Chez; they were very yummy.

    Kath; Why am I not surprised that you remember these?

    Windsmoke; they didn't last more than a few seconds each, I really should have bought more.

    Red Nomad OZ; I pass without buying much more often than I want to.