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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The awning! She is up!

My lovely striped awning was installed yesterday morning.

A phone call began the process with a lovely voice stating that his name was Nick and he'd be there in about forty minutes.
He arrived right on time, that's a good sign.

He wasted no time, getting started immediately and the work was done surprisingly quickly.
In no time at all, the awning was up and Nick was showing me how to work it.
Then he filled out the paperwork, I paid him, he handed me the warranty and was gone.

This is my front window with the "eyelash" awning, you can see it does nothing at all to shade the window and the amount of heat that gets in is far too much.

The new canvas awning fits neatly under the eyelash, the boys who did the measuring were spot on.

I chose a scalloped edge because all the other awnings have it too, but I chose stripes instead of plain, because now, I stand out as an individual.
Ha Ha.
I chose the federation green because the outside walls are a pale green, the terracotta because the lower three courses of bricks and the windowsill, are the same terracotta colour.
The cream stripes are to lighten it up a little. I'm eventually going to paint my front door and the porch railings in  federation green also, if I'm allowed to. 

Here is my awning doing the job it was made for.
Shading the glass, preventing heat transference, and looking pretty.


  1. They look fantastic...I love the colours.

  2. Very good. Why on earth weren't those eyelash shades angled down? They wouldn't be as good as the canvas but they would have helped a bit.

  3. Brilliant, amazing what a difference a little shade makes. Good choice in colour too.

  4. Delores; it does look great! And the colours are my favourites, so that worked out well too.

    Andrew; the eyelash awnings are angled, but not far enough and they're really too small for the job.

    Fenstar de Luxe; I spent a lot of time yesterday gazing out of my newly shaded window.

  5. Looks great! You have good taste. :-)

  6. That looks wonderful. You will notice a big difference

  7. Just brilliant. That will make you so much more comfortable and it looks great too.

  8. Nicely done, and love the colour scheme. Shade is essential in the Oz sun, glad for you that it's turned out so well!

  9. Good looking awnings. what pleasure we get from simple deeds. For me today it was a new dish pan. Yup, can you imagine being thrilled by a new dish pan and your awnings rank high over a dish pan. No wonder you are jump'n for joy.

  10. Brilliant. This is exactly what I need to get on several of my windows. They look so good!

  11. I love that you thought about the colours first. So many people don't and they look hideous. Yours look awesome and will be fabulous in summer.

  12. drb; thanks

    peskypixies; I'm very happy with it and the shade is wonderful.

    EC; comfort is the key to my happiness.

    Amanda; I like that there were colours available that would go well with the building.

    Manzanita; I've been excited by little things like a new mop. This is huge.

    Being Me; watch the advertisements and get them when the company has a sale. Installation was only about a half hour.

    kelley; I'm a planner. When the first rep came to give me a quote, he brought the sample book too and I took no time deciding. I already knew the colours I wanted, just had to choose plain edge or scalloped.

  13. An awning makes such a difference. Great colors.

  14. Hi River,

    I wish we needed awning here in England ...




  15. Joanne; it made a difference immediately. Of course since then, we've had cloudy days.

    R.H. made to measure and installation, less than I expected. $---

    Plasman; get one to keep some of the cold away from the windows.

  16. Awnings are awesome and really do make a huge difference to keeping the hot weather out.

  17. Kath; and it's a lovely cool green to look out onto.