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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a small snippet from Saturday's newspaper

"Santos chief David Knox's $3.8million pay packet is too small........"

Really?? Too small???

The pay or the packet?

Because envelopes do come in larger sizes.........

But I know they mean the amount is not enough, because I read the rest of the story.
This is not a retirement package, it's his yearly wage.

To me, it's a fantastic amount of money and I think he should be well satisfied.
But apparently other CEO's are earning a couple of million dollars more than he is, and the company says shareholders should vote to increase his package.
If they do vote for this, will the extra come out of their shareholdings? I don't think so. I don't think they'd be willing to give up any of their profits.
To get the extra couple of million more profits will have to be made.
How is this done?
Prices will rise, on something, somewhere.

And the trickle down/flow on effect that makes life harder for the general hardworking population continues.


  1. It might be tough being one of the infamous 'one percent' tossers, mustn't it?

  2. I don't imagine he will give a hoot where the extra comes from as long as he gets his.

  3. Hi River,

    Stuff like this makes my blood boil!






  4. Well, they must be your gas and oil giant (according to Google) and the only other Santos is a local pizza shop. That being settled, he'll get it. That's the rule.

  5. Yeah ... just got the electricity bill, increases to tariffs and supply charges of btw 10-20%! And that's before the carbon tax kicks in ...

  6. I grew up in a little wooden house in Prahran, which was full of little wooden houses. Sometimes we kids would stray up into the hills of Toorak where every house was stone. We knew one big place in particular where the iron gates were always open and we could sneak in and watch fish swimming around a pond in the forecourt. Back then I didn't ponder the difference between my life and that of people who lived in these grand houses. Now I do. But will never know what they are. I can only try to imagine.

  7. In America I saw the upper classes, they were in the streets: pedalling about, mowing their own nature strips, etc. Here they're hidden; you can drive all around the streets of Toorak and never see any one of them.
    The middle-class cafe set are no mystery, I know how they greet each other, what they talk about, I know their every concern. But the upper classes -which are maybe 5% of our population, are obscure.
    What are they like, what do they talk about? None of us have any idea.

  8. Kath; I wouldn't want to be one of the "tossers", but I wouldn't mind that kind of wage. Just for one year, that's all. I honestly think "they" have no idea how tough it is to earn so little.

    Delores; that's exactly right.

    Plasman; a fair bit of blood boiling going on here too.

    Joanne; Santos is more than gas and oil. That company has fingers in practically every pie there is. Probably owns the pizza outlet too.

    Windsmoke; they probably don't see it as greed like we do. The thing is they've had so much for so long, they're used to it and can't imagine surviving on a lesser amount. To them, this amount of money every year is just the way things are.

    Andrew; probably very well, unlike we little people who worry about the amount of the next power bill almost daily.

    Red Nomad; I'm not sure exactly when mine is due, but I'm worried about the amount.

    R.H. I remember riding my bike around Port Pirie when I was a kid, I'd leave my neighbourhood and ride around the "richer" homes, with their huge blocks and lovely gardens, some of them had two cars and the kids had better toys. I was jealous as hell.
    Now, I get off the bus every morning and on my way into work I pass three cafes where almost every table is filled with people sipping designer coffees and chatting. I'm still jealous.

  9. And the Prime Minister doesn't get anything like that wage. For goodness sake he/she has the job of running the country and they get paid a fraction of what any number of CEOs get. (and I think our politicians are overpaid too).

  10. EC; I'm of the opinion that the CEO's actually run the country. With their influences they probably buy off many minor politicians to get things organised in such a way as to favour themselves and their interests.

  11. Oh I like your answer in the last comment. I was sitting here thinking if I dare say it, didn't wanna offend.
    Well said! Good post! Love it!

  12. creativesigne; you're free to say almost* anything here as long as you're not deliberately rude or insulting to me or other commenters.
    *almost means no swearing as well.