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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday 14 January 2014

It's hot here.

2pm and 44C that's 111.2F

I stepped out on the back porch for 30 seconds to put something away in that cabinet out there, it's like stepping into a pizza oven! Or what I imagine a pizza oven might feel like to a pizza.

It's a good day to stay inside. Some people might drive to a shopping centre and sit there for the coolness and that's a good idea too.

I've heard my neighbours talking, so I know they're okay and not passed out from the heat.


  1. 44° - yuck. It's 41° here and still rising. And, I'm grumpy.

    It's even worse when there's a high wind with these temps - we're in a very bushfire prone area, surrounded by gums, and are on alert.

    Stay cool River. Drink lots of water.

  2. Maybe you should wear some pepperoni--I think it keeps the pizza cooler!!

  3. Vicki; gulping like a camel here. I've just heard that it was actually 45C at 2pm, but it's cooling a little, only 37C now.

    fishducky; pepperoni? Do you know how many cats live in these flats? It's cooling a little now anyway, although another 45C is expected tomorrow.

  4. Aaaargh. We are going to be 39 tomorrow and that is toooooo hot by my standards. I feel for you both - and everyone else in these dreadful temperatures.
    Stay cool, stay safe.

  5. Keep cool, River, that's a real scorcher. I always hated those hot spells and I'm pretty sure that I'd never cope with them now after being away so long. Here people panic if it gets to 27C!

    We have -13C at the moment. Clear and sunny after a night of snow, so perfect winter weather really if you are well rugged up when out. Inside it's 21C (always the same temperature thanks to triple glass windows, insulation and very efficient central heating) so we slope around in short sleeves. Very civilised.

  6. Thank goodness for AC...remember to hydrate and don't move around too much. I start to get uncomfortable at around 80 degrees F.

  7. That is way too hot.
    Around here we say it's not the heat, it's the humidity. That's a load of crap, too, but inquiring minds want to know if it's humid heat or dry heat?

  8. Hi River,

    Just seen the UK news where they mentioned that the Australian Open is still on despite temperatures of 42C and players and ball boys being ill because of the heat.

    Compare it to the UK where today we basked - BASKED, River, BASKED - in temperatures of 4C.

    How jealous are you?




  9. It sure is hot hot hot and I'm in Sydney not Melbourne.

  10. Elephant's Child; tomorrow is now today and our prediction is for 46. I haven't left the house since Monday, I'm inside with the aircon going and taking lots of naps.

    Marie; triple glass windows! I'm rather envious. That's insulation at a high level. I have an outside awning over my one front window, plus the blind drawn down inside and the drapes drawn across. It all helps. According to my thermometer it is 25C in my lounge room.

    Delores; I'm drinking about a litre of water a day and taking lots of naps.

    Joanne; so far it's been dry heat which is easier to handle, we don't usually get the humidity until February, although late yesterday was a bit sticky when the clouds rolled over. We had a few minutes of rain, but not at all heavy enough to make any difference.

    Plasman; basked in 4C?? you English are crazy....there is a radio survey going on here at the moment asking people to call in and give their opinion on whether the tennis should continue. I don't think any outdoor sport should be played when the temp goes over 40C, or even 35C.

    Merlesworld; be glad you're not in Adelaide. We have more thunder storms coming so more lightning strikes to start fires in our very dry state.

  11. I can't remember Perth ever having so many days above 40ºC in a row. We've had summers of weeks all above 30ºC which was bad enough.
    Our thoughts are with the people of SA Vic and ACT and hopefully homes or lives won't be lost with fires that always threaten in these dreadful heatwaves.
    Keep as cool as you can and enjoy that aircon.