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Musical Monday


Sunday Selections # 165


me and my camera, we've been out walking

And look what we found!


more horses... a shiny black horse.. this one seemed to be the youngest, now and again scampering about like a foal.

and I think this was the oldest.

a few had coats on

this one looked like she might be coming over to say hello, but she changed her mind

these are all in a horse agistment paddock in one of the parklands surrounding our city.
I hadn't known it even existed so I'm glad I went walkabout for the day.

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

wanna see some knives?

Remember I've recently bought a knife sharpener.....

these are my knives. chop, slice, dice....

the ones I paid serious money for, (not too serious, they were at a half price sale)

the first four are the same brand, but not a set. I chose individually according to my needs, the block wasn't bought until a year later, I just liked it better than the original angled block I had.
That little knife on the end is a different brand,

a finely serrated tomato knife.

the bread knife is the only one still carrying the brand on its blade.

it's been scrubbed or worn off all the other blades. I've had these since 1996-7.
And never sharpened them.
now for my favourites....

the cheap cleavers/choppers I bought at an Asian supermarket. Seriously cheap. Bought in 1998, the biggest one was just over $3, the third one in line was $2.50 if I remember correctly.

oooh, shiny. I like the cute little mini chopper, I don't use it much, mostly for cutting cheese into cubes.

on the small bl…

Whimsical Wednesday # 116

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

skirts all round! 

I'm annoyed

Seriously annoyed.   Pissed off even.

At my fingers.
Toes too, but I don't need those to type or make coffee....

I have arthritis in several hand joints, all three knuckles of both thumbs, the end knuckle of my middle finger, (right hand) and the big knuckle where the pointer fingers join the hands.
Most of the time they don't bother me, apart from a twinge to let me know I should be careful how I use them.
Today, I woke up with swelling and hot pain in the middle finger joint. The end one right down by the fingernail, the one that gets bent the most when doing things like typing, gripping a jar to open a lid, stirring a cup of coffee......things you don't even notice when the pain isn't there.

Put the kybosh on all of today's plans that's for sure.
I did my Tai Chi class and the damn finger hurt every time I moved my hand.
The middle two toes on my right foot said please go home and lie down. I ignored them.

But I'd also planned on chopping vegetables and …