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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miaow, miaow

Everyone, please welcome Angel.

this is one of the grey tabby's little girls, sitting in the carrier I bought in case I could bring her home.

I went there this morning and knocked on the neighbour's door to ask about the kittens and discovered they have been a little socialised, this little one was lying along the back of their couch and was quite happy to let me pat her and she licked my fingers too. So I asked if I could have this particular one and they said "please take as many as you like." 

I decided on just one, knowing how small my place is and how tight my budget. I want to keep her as an inside cat.
Next week, I'll pay a visit to the local vet, just five minutes walk away and ask about vaccinations and desexing. As soon as possible. I'll get Angel microchipped too.

We travelled home on two buses, she was a little scared at the sound of the traffic, but settled well enough and coped quite well. Once home I opened the carrier door and she strolled out straight away into the kitchen, so I went to get the camera....poof! she was gone. Could not find her anywhere.

So I locked up the house and went to the shop for kitten milk, worming paste and flea control liquid.

Since then I've searched twice and finally gave up and sat down to the computer.
Just now, I heard a small miaow and looked up to see a small head looking at me from beside the fridge.
I called to her and she ducked back behind it. I put out a little milk to entice her back out.
I looked under the fridge earlier and all I could see was dust. Under the bed too. I really will have to get the vacuum under there soon. 

Now that she has poked her head out, I think she'll be fine. I have food and toys and all the soft stuffed monkeys for her to cuddle up with.
My Angel. 
I'll get better photos once she's out and playing/eating comfortably.


    Welcome Angel, you have come to a place where you will be loved and cared for.

  2. I popped over to your blog as soon as I read your email.
    This is wonderful news and it sounds as though that little girl is going to be so loved and well cared for.
    I can't believe how much her colouring is like that of Precious but will be able to tell more clearly once she is in the light of day. Look forward to seeing lots more of her as she grows up.
    As I said my tortoiseshell cat back in the 1960s was also Angel and an angel she was too.
    Good luck to the both of you and hope you really enjoy getting to know each other.

  3. Elephant's Child; she has finally come out from behind the fridge. I was getting worried so I pulled the fridge out a bit and now she is eating dinner. We've had a cuddle too. I'll be blocking off access to behind the fridge.

    Mimsie; she is so soft and cuddly, has now eaten half her dinner and was miaowing so I placed her in the litter box. Now she is exploring.

  4. A few weeks and you will be the boarder in the cats house. . I hope you enjoy each others company (I'm sure you will)

  5. Such a pretty little girl. May you have many happy years together.

  6. River
    How sweet. Yes, they all hide at first in their new homes. And they can find places to hide where we would have never imagined.
    I have my baby chicks in the house right now under heat lamps. Puss is very curious and watches them through the plastic side of the bins. They were nose to nose and she sniffed a little but soon walked away. I think they'll be fine. They can't go out untill they are feathered out a little and the weather is warm. I think these hens will be bigger than puss. Ha
    I'm sooo happy for you. I know you've talked about a cat and you finally have your Angel.

  7. A very warm welcome to dear little Angel.
    And, I'm very HAPPY for you River!
    She licked your fingers? THAT'S the sign you're looking for. It's meant to be :)

    Your blogging community will be very eager to read about, and see, her as she accustoms herself to her new mum and life in her new home.
    Happy days. Enjoy your new baby.

  8. She will stay in hiding places for a couple of days I guess but it sounds really promising. Angel hey. Will she be?

    If you have to get down on your hands and knees to see dust, then don't worry about it. I certainly don't.

    Twenty years of cat stories, coming up.

  9. A pretty little tabby. A hug and a pat from me, please.

  10. So happy to hear this, River! She looks like a sweetie. You will be well and truly entertained for the foreseeable future :)

  11. Awwww....what a little sweet Angel she is! I'm so glad you got her, River. She'll soon get used to her new home and you. You'll have many years of love and fun together. :)

  12. she is so beautiful. I had a cat once named Angel. and she was. I'm sure yours will be also.

  13. Kymbo; yes, I know how cats take over and own the place, especially when they are indoor cats as Angel will be.

    Delores; I'm hoping for a good long life for her. My last cat 20 years ago had to be put down in his second year because of kidney failure.

    Manzanita; she was hiding behind the fridge, but I couldn't see her when I looked under. She came out eventually after I pulled the fridge out a bit and now she is all over the place. Not interested in toys much, but likes to watch the computer screen.
    Will your chicks be layers so you get farm fresh free range eggs?

    Vicki; since then she has licked my forehead, nose and chin as well as more finger licking. She likes to nap across my ribs with her head on my heart. Most of last night she slept snuggled under my armpit.

    Andrew; she isn't hiding anymore, I blocked access to behind the fridge and TV cabinet, so now she naps on my bed or on the couch and sometimes under it. She is very curious about the fingers on the keyboard, and jumps up onto everything.

    Joanne; she's had hugs and pats from so many people now, and loves to be patted and brushed. I was hoping to get one that looked like the mother. Angel is darker and fluffier, time will tell eventually what she will look like. Doesn't matter now because I love her.

    jenny_o; welcome to drifting. Angel is entertaining alright. This morning she caught her own tail with a claw and just stared at it, wondering what to do with it. She fights with my string curtain too.

    Lee; she is a sweetie and loves to snuggle. Right now she is asleep with her head hanging half off the couch. She was watching the fingers on the keyboard, but I moved her off when she wanted to walk across it.

    frog ponds rock; she is gorgeous and loves to snuggle and get brushed and sleep under my armpit.

    Letting the Words Escape; she is beautiful but I'm not sure she's an Angel. I've already had to move everything off my chest of drawers because she got up there when I didn't think she could and knocked off my dish of rings and hairclips.

    fishducky; she certainly is and has adjusted to here very quickly.

  14. Close off the kitchen (if you can) and sit yourself on the floor and STAY QUIET and calm. Let her come to you to realize there is a safe place for her in your lap.

    SO precious.

  15. Oh River, she's really, really sweet. Welcome little Angel! ♥ ♥ ♥

    I know how much you've wanted a kitty, so I'm thrilled that you finally found one. (Although how slack of the neighbours not to have contacted you after the letter drop). I hope you two will be happy togather and that you reward us with lots of cute cat photos.

    I'm not surprised that she hid. We got cats from the Animal Welfare League's shelter at Wingfield and they were the same. Smokey hid in our wardrobe for the first couple of weeks, only venturing out for a quick drink and bite to eat when no-one was home. But after she had decided that we were no threat she gradually came out and then took over the house, making us her slaves. So enjoy it while you can :-)

  16. lotta joy; the kitchen can't be closed off and the bedroom needs to stay open so she can access the bathroom/laundry which is where I've placed the litter box. She follows me around and loves to be cuddled, so I'd say Angel knows she is safe with me.

    Marie; I met the neighbours when I picked her up, a slack pair for sure, they probably chuck out all mail that doesn't come in an envelope without even looking at it.
    Angel only hid for those first few hours, once she was out and eating she was fine. She plays all over, even jumping up onto things I thought she couldn't reach. She is so well adjusted now, hard to believe I only got her on Sunday.

  17. I'm just coming to this now, Angel is a beautiful boy, and I wish you many, many happy days and nights in his company. Congrats to you River.