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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News Flash!

Angel is a boy.

The Vet said so...

Well, the sterilisation is cheaper for males.....

Doesn't matter, he is still my Angel.

His first vet visit went well, he ran all over the office looking for a place to hide, or maybe he was exploring, he did sniff the whole floor and sat on the vets chair while he was in the supply room getting the vaccine.
But when it came time for the vaccination, he was very well behaved. I held him firmly and he didn't flinch at all when the needle went in.
He was also treated for fleas and earmites, (he has both, which is common in backyard kittens), then I mentioned Angel's left eye has been a bit weepy, I've been wiping it with a tissue twice a day, so the vet applied some ointment.
We decided he'd probably got a bit of dust in that eye from playing under the bed, so tomorrow I'll run a damp mop under there and under the couch as well.
On our way out, I bought a bag of fish flavoured dental cleaner treats for him.  He gets up to six of those a day according to weight, increasing as he grows. I took away the dry crunchies he loves and put down the dental crunchies after he'd finished his dinner. He loved them.
He is also now drinking kitten first he wouldn't touch it...I discovered that he doesn't like it cold from the fridge but will drink it after it has sat out for several hours.
The carton says to give him 50-100ml per day, so I've been giving him a quarter cup with breakfast.

So...Angel is a boy.


  1. From where I sit, I'd say Angel is one lucky boy to be chosen by you. I can see he's in for a very good, long life, using up all the 9 lives and maybe then some. :)

  2. Are those dental treats Greenies by any chance? Jazz n Jewel LOVE them.
    And yes, Angel is a lucky boy - but I suspect you feel very, very lucky too. Which is lovely.

  3. Angel is a lovely name for a boy cat. So it took a new kitten to get you to clean under the bed, hehe.

  4. So a big welcome to Angel boy!!! He will grow into a bigger cat than a girl angel too.
    You are certainly looking after him so well. My granddaughter Aimee buys items from the vet or pet store but I find them far too expensive for us. Remember she has 2 cats and 2 beagles!! I do buy 'ONE furball biscuits' 'cos of Precious being so fluffy and she does get furballs which come up OK so hoping it is the bikkies that help her that way.
    I do find that cats are far less expensive to have than dogs. Seem to get less problems but I could be wrong. They also don't make as much noise although Precious does talk a lot!!!

  5. There was a character called Angel in the musical Rent. The actor who played him was an acquaintance.

  6. Manzanita; I'd say we're both very lucky. He's such a cuddly cutie when he isn't leaping about all over everything.

    Elephant's Child; yes, Greenies, I was reading the leaflet on them while waiting for our appointment and decided to get them right away.

    Andrew; haven't done that cleaning yet....

    Mimsie; I buy most of Angel's food at the supermarket where it is cheaper, but these dental treats are only available at the Vet's and they're not cheap either, but I'd rather pay this cost now than have to pay for more expensive dental treatment later.

    Andrew; I haven't heard of Rent, but there was an Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  7. All the best Angels in heaven are male, so I think it's a good choice.

    I'm glad to see that you are taking care of his teeth - so many people don't bother and it just costs a bomb further down the track. I'm sure he's going to realise that he's in paradise soon and start the demanding maestro behaviour, relegating you to the doormat position. But don't we love them anyway!

  8. I think there was a character called Angel in Casablanca.

  9. ...Hi River ... Angel sounds delightful..... I think it's a great name for a cat.
    It's good he likes the dental treats. My dog wouldn't touch them.
    Looking forward to some cat stories...
    Hugs and Blessings...
    Barb xx

  10. Sweet little Angel is a boy? Lovely.
    I really liked Angel in the TV show, Buffy.
    And, think of all the angels that are males.
    So it's still a perfectly fitting name, I think :)

    In nature, food is always "blood temperature", rather than fridge temp. That's why most animals prefer their food a little more tepid rather than cold.

  11. Good for you fixing your cat! So many strays already. :)

  12. Hook, line and sinker. You needed this kitten.

  13. How lucky that you chose a name that equally suits a boy! He looks a sweetie.
    My goodness, you stop reading people's blogs for a few weeks and they go and adopt kittens....
    Lovely to catch up with your blog on such lovely news :)

  14. I am looking forward to the 'kitten chronicles' and lots and lots of pictures.

  15. I hope Angel lives up to his name! He has a great start.

  16. Marie; I know the importance of per dental care, they aren't able to tell us when/if they get toothache so too often the trouble goes too far. And is then costly to fix, yes, but the suffering for the pet is just too much to think about.
    I'll keep an eye out for the maestro behaviour; at the moment he is being quite the little devil, wanting to walk on the keyboard and trying to bite the screen.
    I made a short video of him playing and you should have seen his reaction when he saw himself!

    Mimsie; Casablanca; another movie I haven't seen. It was on TV recently and I tried to watch it, but couldn't get into it.

    Barbara Neubeck; I'll post a short video on Saturday so you can all see him.

    Vicki; I liked Buffy's Angel too, and later in the spinoff Angel series where he is in LA.
    Good to know about the food, although I should have realised.

    Christine; he'll be fixed within six weeks. Sadly, the owners of the mother aren't as caring, I believe she is pregnant again already, and all the other kittens are still there, from both cats.

    Joanne; yes, I did. It was time after twenty years without a cat.

    Jackie K tune in on Saturday to see Angel playing. I always choose unisex names for pets, just in last few tabbys were always Sam, but I can't use that now, it's my grandson's name.

    Delores; I won't have too many pictures at once, there'll be a few, then I'll wait until he grows a bit and looks different. I'll have a video up on Saturday.

    Susan Kane; Angel is a devil right now. Climbing, jumping, shredding the shower curtain....

  17. A bit of a surprise but in our experience a fixed maless is every bit as lovely a pet as a fixed female. They all have different personalities anyway. Your Angel appears to have found a heavenly home.

  18. Sorry, should be male, not maless, of course!