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you get lost and find a better one.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my new favourite

Pizza, that is.

There are four varieties, mozzarella, (my favourite), spinach, (in my opinion spinach belongs in a quiche), mushroom, (called funghi), I tried it and found it had too many mushrooms for my taste, and tuna, (it's called tonno), another flavour I don't agree belongs on a pizza.

Fussy, aren't I?
The pizzas aren't huge, by pizza shop standards, this would be a small. So about 20cm across.
This (below), is how it comes out of the box. Circles of mozzarella cheese, chunks of tomato, little clumps of parsley, a sprinkle of basil.
The pizza base is not too thick, not too thin, crispy and tasty when cooked. Not dripping with greasy oil either.
It helps to cook pizzas on those non-stick trays that have holes in them to let the heat through.
Soggy bases are a thing of the past.
Nice enough, but I like to add a few extra toppings.
Finely sliced pineapple and some extra tomato, a little sprinkle of oregano.
Pizza and oregano go together like pavlova and cream.
Notice how the mozzarella looks like boiled egg white under the flash?
Then I add finely chopped olives.
Why finely chopped? Lessens the chances of biting into an olive pit and breaking a tooth.
Thinly sliced mushroom goes on there too. Just one mushroom is enough.

This is how it looks ready to go into the oven. Mmmm, pineapple......

And here it is, ready to eat, with a slab of slightly overdone garlic bread.
The banana in the background is dessert.

As you can see, this is only half of the pizza. Sometimes I eat the whole thing, mostly I keep half and heat it up, wrapped in foil, for lunch the next day.
Look for these in the freezer section of your local supermarket.


  1. Yuuuuuuummmmm! I'm with you - I *LOVE* pineapple on pizza and I don't care what the gourmet nazis say!

  2. Kath; My idea of a good meal. Notice there's no meat on that? I hate pizza ham. It always tastes funny, a little "off". I do sometimes add chopped capsicum, but I didn't have any left.

  3. damn spam word thingy ate my comment.

    In a nutshell I said:

    Pineapple NO NO NO NO
    Same for tuna
    Will buy some on your recommendation cause you are awesome and I trust your judgement.

  4. Kelley; my daughter would agree with you, but then she's weird and puts chicken on pizza.