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Monday, November 21, 2011

hands up who doesn't like tuna

Wow!  So many of you!

I read a post last Saturday in which Kelley stated that she hates tuna.
A couple of her commenters said the same thing.

I've read similar statements all over the bloggy world.
People hating tuna.

Well, not me. No sirree.
I like tuna. 

Right now I have 25 cans of tuna in my kitchen.
Here's proof>>

There was 26, but I ate one yesterday, with salad, for my dinner.
I've even been known to cook with tuna.
If the link doesn't work, the post is from Monday 17th January 2011, in the archives over there>>
(Please, try the link and let me know if I got it right).

When the kids were little I also made tuna mornays quite often. At least two per winter.
I don't do that anymore.
It got a bit time consuming, with one child liking hers with chopped hard-boiled egg included, but no peas; another child, peas but no egg; then there's the child who would probably prefer to never see another tuna mornay as long as she lives.....

Anyway, what about you?
Or not?


  1. Tuna mornay happens on an almost weekly basis here!

  2. Tuna mornay about once a month here and a few small tins a week, but I only buy John West spicy chilli. As I keep telling my partner, it is not that I don't like the others, I just prefer this one. Only five tins there at the moment, but sometimes a lot more. Gotta get it when its cheap.

  3. I'm not big on tuna but we do have tuna salad once in a while.. I really really like salmon.

  4. I love the good tuna, meaning the albacore tuna. Had it tonight for dinner actually. Fresh tuna is really really good, but wild salmon is better but than who can afford it.

  5. My hand is firmly down because flavoured tuna is so yummmy, i think i have about a dozen cans in the cupboard :-).

  6. The link doesn't seem to be a happening thing.
    My smaller portion tells me that canned tuna is like tea bags - the sweepings from the factory floor. Can you tell that he is very, very fussy?

  7. I've got two small cans: Tuna Tomato Chilli, Tuna Herbs and Garlic. Coles brand. And I've been playing Silent Night in chords C Major, F Major and G Major, just for you.

    PS: WV is 'unalatte'.

    What a joke.

  8. A Farmer's Wife; It's a great way to get veggies and fish into kids, plus it's filling. do you top yours with mashed potato?

    Andrew; I prefer the Sirena brand. I have so many because they were on special last week. They should last me quite a while.

    Delores; it seems most people prefer salmon, but I don't like the taste.

    Rubye Jack; I haven't tried the albacore tuna, I've only seen it in large cans, thta's too much tuna all at once now I'm on my own, plus it costs more.

    Windsmoke; I'm not really into all the flavoured ones, I prefer the plain or the chilli, but not sweet chilli, and I like the soy/ginger for cooking.

    EC; I've heard similar statements about the cheap coffee I buy. It's all about personal taste isn't it?
    I hoped I'd figured out how to link to an earlier post....sigh.

    R.H. I've tried the Coles brand and didn't like it. Why Silent Night? Christmas isn't for another month yet.

  9. Shutup, I'll get you the sack.

    Christmas is all year.

    (for we who know)


  10. One day we'll meet. I'll top you in mashed potato.

  11. I grew up on tuna mornay and tried to make my kids eat it. They are over it now!

    When I eat tuna I like it plain on a sandwich or flavoured on a cracker. I don't really like it in salad though.

  12. R.H. you won't get me sacked, it's perfectly okay to not like the Coles brands. Mmm, mashed potato...

    Sarah, I never ate tuna mornay until I met my first husband and his mum made it a lot. I don't like tuna in a salad, I have it on the side mixed with a little mayo. On a sandwich I do the mayo again and add things like hard boiled egg slices, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce.

  13. We have a few different varieties of tuna here. I love that spicy tomato tuna that you used to be able to go. Now I buy the sweet chilli one and another which has tomato and basil ( great on brown or gain bread with salad.)

    Hubby buys the smoked one and plain.

    Haven't made tuna mornay for ages. hmm must be well over due.

  14. My hand is doing that middle-of-the-road, slightly wavey thing. I'm not crazy about tuna, but realise that it's good for me, the others like it and when it's on special I'll buy around six cans.

    ....a dash to the kitchen and back sees us with four 'snack' sized cans, and one biggie. The biggie's for tuna mornay which I do like making with a cheesey mustardy sauce.

  15. Hi River,

    I LOVE tuna - so much so that I am in the middle of cooking a tuna pasta as I type.




  16. Nope i'm a moderation. I don't go all crazy for it like Americans seem to do ...don't think i will ever have a tuna fish sandwich..not my thing..

  17. LURVE tuna here, cook with it, have it in salads, on sangas, all over the shop, flavoured and plain.

  18. Hahaha! Maybe we can save the tuna industry between the two of us!!!

  19. kexkez; welcome to drifting. I work in Coles and in the last few years the range of tuna flavours had really expanded a lot! It used to be a small section in one aisle, now it takes up several metres. All the different brands have their own version of all the flavours.

    Kath Lockett; I like just the cheesy sauce for mornay, no mustard. I have been known to add mustard and cut up cocktail franks to baked beans though.

    Plasman; ooh! tuna pasta, haven't made that for ages. The kids didn't like it.

    Michelle@rockMYroll; welcome to drifting. LOVE your title! Have you tried it in a sandwich with other fillings? Lettuce, cream cheese, etc?

    Jayne; you'd be happy in my kitchen then.

    Red Nomad; does the industry need saving? Should I go out and buy more tuna?

  20. Love it. We never had it as kids so the novelty still rings true. Fresh or canned cooked or sashimi, lovely stuff and very good for you. Not too keen on the flavoured varieties.

  21. Yum. Just the other day, The Boy and I were saying you should make us a tuna mornay. Sure we could make it ourselves, but that would mean making it ourselves.

  22. while we are discussing canned fish, can anybody tell me please of any Australian fish canned in Australia ?
    we have more ocean than any other nation, but this is not reflected in the fine-print on the labels.

    I do wonder if the Japan nuclear waste has leaked into the pacific ocean fish yet poor things.