Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I got a parcel in the mail today....

Some time ago, Melissa at Suger Coat It, was holding a little giveaway, for a pair of pyjamas from Virtu clothing.

Well, I won them, and the parcel arrived today.
Just look at these "Free As A Bird" pyjamas.

They're made from a knit fabric, very soft and drapy. I'm going to love swanning around the house in these this summer.

The top and pants are trimmed with some very pretty lace...'s a close-up of the free-flying birds and open cages on the pants.

I particularly like that the shoulder straps are adjustable.

Included in the package was a laundering bag, (thanks Virtu, I'd been needing a new one),

and a couple of catalogues for me to look through.
 I'm guessing they'd like me to keep shopping.
Maybe I will.
The clothes are lovely.


  1. Congratulations!! They are beautiful. If I didn't win then I'm glad you did:)

  2. Sarah; thanks. The fabric feels lovely, soft and flowy.

  3. Congratulations...they look comfy and pretty.

  4. Sweet! I never win anything which I figure is increasing my odds

  5. Congratulations. As well as being pretty they look comfortable (which is becoming even more important to me). I have won a couple of things recently and am in awe at how generous the blogosphere is.

  6. Delores; thanks. I'm going to feel pretty in them.

    Baino; I used to say that too. Just enter a few giveaways and see how you go.

    EC; comfort is the most important thing with me. I dislike wearing things that I have to keep adjusting.

  7. Congrats - I'd be tempted to wear those pants outside the house... :)

  8. The look lovely AND comfy. :-) Enjoy.