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you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm tackling this avocado thing very slowly

My tastebuds do not like to be assaulted, (I'm guessing no-one's do), so once they have been, that particular food item is usually off the menu.
For many years, if not for life.
Rarely do I give in and give things a second chance.

Sometimes though, thoughts of these foods which were repulsive to me come into my mind and I think that maybe I should give them another try.
Like celery, which I hated as a child and now happily eat filled with peanut butter, or cooked in soups.

Working at the checkout, seeing dozens of people buying dozens of avocados daily, made me think that I might just be missing out on something.

So I bought one, I tasted it, it wasn't so bad....
Then I had many wonderful comments on how to eat it, what to do to make it more palatable.

Since then I've had small cubes tossed in a salad, and today I mashed a little with salt and fresh gound black pepper and spread it on toast.
The first bit was very, very small. More of a nibble. But it was okay. Nice even. So I ate the whole slice.
Yay me!

Maybe in time I'll give eggplant another chance?


  1. You're a brave woman.

  2. Delores; it was really more a case of "these things are half price this week, so if I don't like it I can throw it away without having wasted too much money".

  3. Definitely mash it up with some lime and a guacamole mix and scoop it up with some tortilla chips!!!

  4. Jennifer Kay; lime? most people have recommended lemon. I've been using just salt and pepper. I'm not sure we have guacamole mix out here....

  5. Grilled eggplant on toast very yummmy indeed give it a try :-).

  6. Lime or lemon. Either are good. My sticking point is Brussel Sprouts. And I have been thinking it is time they got another try - but I am not there yet.

  7. there is an Old El Paso mix for guacamole that my kids LOVE. Try it, it is really nice.

    And eggplant I can only handle in moussaka. Otherwise it is rubbery to me.

  8. I love mixing a whole and mashing it with milk and sugar. Then add ice for a cool snack.

  9. Windsmoke; maybe. In another year or ten...

    EC; I love brussels sprouts! Last winter I tried roasting them, big ones, cut in half and roasted along with the carrots etc.
    My back is much better now, thanks.

    Kelley; El Paso, okay, writing that on the shopping list. Thanks
    Eggplant is rubbery? Another reason not to try it just yet.

    Joni; I'll stick with the savoury tips for now. When I'm used to those I'll try your idea.

  10. Yes! Good on you - that's the way I like my avos too.

    Now for eggplant - add it to something like a curry - it soaks up the flavour and has a texture similar to a mushroom.

  11. Kath; eggplant can wait a year or two....

  12. Congratulations!! It's not easy - but you DO know if you REALLY don't like them, you DON'T have to eat them, don't you??!!