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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm trying something different this year

The book...

the look.

You'll notice this display tree is 6 feet tall, nicely rounded and fat with branches.
This is called the "Shimmer" look.
All of the decorations are gold. Not real gold of course, simply gold coloured, made from that cheap stuff that allows these baubles to be sold for only four dollars a packet.  (At Coles, I haven't checked the prices at other supermarkets).
Well within my budget.
The baubles, mostly gold with a few shimmery pinks mixed in.
Balls in three sizes and elongated baubles, some are shiny, some are matte, many have glitter.
All of them are pretty.

I even bought a packet of glittery stars.
And of course I had to have the sparkly tinsel!
Christmas just isn't Christmas without tinsel.

Now here's my tree.

Clearly not six feet tall, (it's about 90 or 100cms), not nicely rounded, certainly not fat with branches.
In fact it's rather spindly. 
When I downsized from a six foot tree several years ago, this is what I could afford.
I hung it with everything I had available, plus lots of tinsel.
Last year a couple of monkeys got hung in there too.
Overall I've been happy with it.

I think I can safely say that my tree, even with the displayed ornaments, won't look like the one pictured in the Coles Christmas magazine. 
But I'll give it a good try.
(maybe I should invest in a slightly fatter tree next year?)

Here are the pictures of the other decorating options shown in the mgazine.

This is called the "Classic" look, mostly red baubles with a few gold stars  and a handful of green balls on the bottom branches.

"Wonderland".  White and silver decorations, with navy blue stars. Along the bottom branches, those elongated baubles in silver with silver glitter and silver with navy blue glitter. (to me they just look purple).

The "Regal".  Mostly purple, with a few silver balls, and some strings of purple beads.

Classic and Shimmer have gold stars on top of the tree, Wonderland and Regal have silver.

What are you doing with your tree this year? 
Following a colour theme?
 Do you have heirloom decorations, handed down from parents and grandparents? 
 Handmade decorations made in school or at home by your children? 
 Old-fashioned painted wooden decorations?
A mix of all of these?


  1. New tree this year. I will write about it at some point. There nearly wasn't going to be a tree this year.

  2. I love your choice. I went for gold and silver this year too and as you suggested, got me a new fake tree :)

  3. We go for the "decorated by kids" look. LOL. Before kids I had a beautiful red and gold decorated tree. It's taken years of practice to even cope with the "decorated by kids" look. But I'm getting there... It has it's own charm, particularly as our collection of hand made ornaments is growing each year (thank you school).

    Those pink decorations look awesome though. Going to keep my eyes out next time I'm in Coles.

  4. I definately like the gold the best - even on a spindly tree! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Andrew; I wasn't going to put up my tree this year either, until I saw the ones in the magazine and decided I liked the gold shimmer one.

    Joni Llanora; No silver for me, just the gold.

    Lightening; decorated by kids is a great way to go, every year you get the memories of christmases past.

  6. We do have some vintage ornaments from both sides of the family but with two little ones running around I don't think we will be using them for a few years. I go with all soft, kid themed ornaments now that I have grandchildren. Going to post some pictures in the near future.

  7. I love the idea of one colour and 'going for gold' is a top idea, dear River.

    Our trees are three 30cm high cardboard foldouts that are lacquered in red with gold stars painted on them. Yep, they're on top of the IKEA bookshelf and are 'it' for this year.

  8. I lean towards Wonderland - much more a silver than a gold girl. No tree yet, but you and other bloggers have started me thinking. Thanks.

  9. You just can't go past the classic look because it looks bright and cheerful just like christmas should be :-).

  10. Jennifer Kay; I had a really hard time choosing between the gold shimmer look and the red classic look. I finally decided that I'd go with the gold, since there'd always been some red amongst the other colours in previous years.

    Delores; Soft ornaments are a good idea with little ones around. I like the thought of Vintage ornaments though. How vintage are they? Some really old ones are so very pretty.

    Kath Lockett; I like the idea of "going for gold" too. I had a cardboard tree last year too, 20cm high, I made it myself from poster board, but it got crushed in the packing away. I think there's a photo of it somewhere....

    EC; I don't like the Wonderland one so much. It's pretty, but it looks "cold" to me.

    Windsmoke; I'll probably do the classic look next year, I have plenty of red ornaments.
    I think from now on I'll alternate, gold one year, red the next.

  11. To everyone; I'd love to see photos of your Christmas trees this year!

  12. Ooo, err, I do like the Regal look, the purple and silver look good :)

  13. Jayne; that's another look I don't think I'd choose. I'm too much of a traditionalist. Red & gold or just gold, those are the ones that appeal to me most. I can see my daughter doing the Regal look though.

  14. We've gone with blue, green and silver her, the only exceptions are the ceramic decorations featuring Miss 5's face, a new one to be added this year once we take the photo and order it.

    We have some pink and some red, and even orange decorations, but I try to mix up the look each year.

    I will try to take a picture today, but I will link to my other blog for you to see Miss 5 wrapped up in Christmas lights :)

  15. permanently amanda; a multi-coloured tree! That's what mine has been like for years. I'm looking forward to seeing the picture.