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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

jade by the front door is supposed to be's hoping

When I moved in here I didn't bring many of my old pot plants with me.
There just wasn't room as most of them were quite large.
I did bring a pelargonium...

...which has since been planted in the communal garden, near a shady tree,

and my last three rose cuttings, two yellow and one red, all of which are also now in amongst the other, older rose bushes.

I also brought along this jade and three smaller ones in smaller pots.
This big one wasn't doing so well after about a week, because I'd had it on the front corner of my tiny porch and someone unknown had kicked or tossed it down the slope of the lawn. It had rolled down quite a way, with most of the soil being lost into the grass, so I plonked it back into the pot, put it back on the corner and started saving for some new pots. various neighbours said it must have blown off in the wind, but as subsequent gale force winds failed to move it, I'll stick with my theory.
I'd thought I might get some blue glazed ceramic pots. Large ones. Some of the other flat owners have these and they look really lovely, but after seeing how much they'd cost me, I hopped a bus to K-Mart and got plastic terracotta coloured ones.
Four of them, for less than the cost of one glazed pot.

I repotted the jades, and have put some large white pebbles on two of the pots as mulch, to stop the water evaporating quite so fast. I'll get the remaining two done when I get more pebbles. I thought I'd bought enough....

Looks pretty nice doesn't it?
This is one of the "smaller" ones. It's now bigger than the other big one, it really took off as soon as it could spread its roots and soak up some water.  See the pot next to it that doesn't have white pebbles yet?  The jade in that is about half the size of this one.

I cleaned up the original small pots and planted a tiny sprig of jade in each one. I looked at them when I arrived home from work today and they've begun growing! Once they're big enough, I plan to pot them up and put them in the "back yard", out where the washing lines are.

I've heard that for the luck to work jade must be at both front and back doors.
We'll see.


  1. Well, the jade plants were lucky they found you, and you were lucky you found the cheaper pots that look so luck has started already.

  2. That DOES look very sharp with the stones. :)

  3. Very pretty with the white pebbles.

  4. I reckon white pebbles are very pleasing to the eye when used in the right setting just like in your pot plants :-)

  5. They look brilliant. And the plant pots you picked are much easier to move around for you as well. Ceramic pots filled with earth are back breakingly heavy.

  6. Delores; I didn't think of it that way. you're right.

    Happy Elf Mom; the finishing touch.

    Rubye Jack; they lift it out of the ordinary into something special.

    Windsmoke; They do look just right don't they?

    EC; ceramic pots would have been great as I wasn't planning on moving them. The four corners of the porch are the permanent position. But I discovered also that even the empty pots were too heavy for me to lift in the size I wanted.

  7. I have never had much success but when jade flowers, it is quite spectacular.

  8. My son, bless his cotton landscaping socks, dropped of 50 yes that's FIFTY. Potted plants yesterday, what I'm going to do with them I do not know.

  9. They look great, River, the pebbles really set it off lovely and as EC said, ceramic ones will do your back in.

  10. Andrew; I know! There's a huge one over in the Eastern suburbs that I used to walk past a couple of times a week. About a metre and a half tall, a metre and a half wide; when I saw it completely covered in flowers I was gobsmacked.

    Baino; FIFTY potted plants!! Wow. What are they? Assorted? All the same type? I'm sure you'll find places for them, even if you line them up along your verandah. I'd love to see a picture.

    Jayne; The pebbles are perfect, I just have to get one more bag of them for the two remaining pots.

  11. I dont have a green thumb as most plants I planted have died. I recently purchased an indoor plant and Im praying it will remain alive. Been taking good care of it so far. I might get the jade for luck!

  12. Joni Llanora; Jade is a succulent, they're pretty easy to look after. They like sunshine and don't need daily watering once fully established. Even as new cuttings, they don't need water every day. A little once a week or so when the soil dries out.

  13. Love the jade - I wonder if they'd work inside a heated apartment in a European winter?

  14. Kath Lockett; they'd probably do quite well as long as they're not too close to a heat source, and not over watered. They'd need to be near a window for sunlight. They do grow large though.