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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Julia disappointed me.

Last Sunday I watched the movie Julie/Julia.

It tells of a young married couple, Julie and Eric, who live in a tiny apartment above a pizzeria.
(if that was me, I'd be eating pizza every night....)

 Julie is dissatisfied with her life and the way things are going.
Realising that she never finishes anything she starts, she one day decides to cook her way through every recipe in Julia Childs cookbook.  
In one year.
I believe it's called Mastering The Art Of French Cooking.
I could be wrong....
524 recipes in 365 days.

Husband Eric suggests she blog about it, that way she'll be sure and finish what she's begun this time.
So she sets up a blog and starts cooking.

Are any of you out there familiar with Julia Childs recipes?
I'm not, but they all appear to be family-sized recipes, (a good thing), filled with the yumminess of cream and real butter, (not such a good thing).
They'd probably taste amazing, but in these health conscious days, who'd eat them?  (umm, me probably)

There was one recipe, Lobster Thermidore  (ooohhh, yummmmm!!)  that was shared with two other couples, but for most of them, Julie appeared to be cooking for just Eric and herself.
This made me wonder what happened to the leftovers?
Did they eat a family sized meal every night? Just the two of them?
Surely all that food wasn't just tossed out......

And get this! Julie's efforts almost always look exactly like the pictures in the recipe book.
Mine almost never do.

Anyway, back to Julia. The disappointing Julia.
The voice! The accent! The hoity-toity snobbishness and silly high pitched laughs of her and her friends!
I was tempted to change channels within the first ten minutes, but I stuck with it because I'd been wanting to see it for so long.

Julia was played by Meryl Streep.
I've seen her in other movies and liked the characters she played very much. 
They seemed real, believable.
But as Julia?
Such a let down. So disappointing.
I really do feel this movie didn't live up to its potential.


  1. Well rats!!!! That was one movie I thought I might enjoy if it was on TV.

  2. She (the real Julia) really DID talk like that, though -- you can YouTube her.
    And she WAS so snobbish -- maybe a product of her times and 'station'.
    I loved the movie, and thought MS was fantastic, but I have to say that as a person, I think I'd like Manu much better!

  3. I really enjoyed the book, but her snobbiness came through. She was a not very likeable person doing a herculean task for no particular reason. I don't think I'll watch the movie. Thanks for the review.

  4. I much prefer the character and personality of Julia Childs that the entitled, whingy and 'grass is greener' portrayal of Julie.

    Although I did really enjoy the whole movie. It's been a while since I saw it so maybe I'll watch it again sometime.

  5. I felt it was kind of a dumb movie, but it's hard to find good movies any more. At least I didn't fall asleep during it, which I did with the last movie I watched -- "Atlas Shrugged".

  6. I haven't watched it but I watched the movie "I don't know how she does it the other day" and was so disappointed in it. I hate when a movie doesn't live up to its potential. Here's to our next movie choices being a success!

  7. When I read your blog post title, I thought it was going to be about PM Julia!!! The whiny voice is the same though ...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Delores; I thought I'd enjoy it too as I like movies about cooking.

    Toni; she really did talk like that? That's disappointing too, somehow. Snobbishness offends me, all that high-falutin' "I'm a better class of person" thing.

    EC; now I wish I'd just read the book instead, I wouldn't have heard the voices. I can never read it now, the voices will always be there.

    Sarah; yes Julie was a little whingy. It's not a movie I'll ever watch again.

    Rubye Jack; i've never heard of "Atlas Shrugged". I'll hop over to IMDb and look it up.

    Sarah; I've seen the ads for that one and I suspect the best bits are the ads.

  9. Red Nomad; our Julia's voice is a little whiny, but nowhere near as snobbish as Julia Childs.

  10. We had borrowed the dvd the week before not knowing it was going to be on. Well, husband borrowed it. He had been editting a book about the Ephron's (Nora and her parents, I believe, but maybe it was just Nora. It did have something about her parents in it), and after reading about the film husband really wanted to see it.

    I found the voice annoying, but not superior. Julie gave me the shits. I wanted to slap her and tell her to wake up to herself.

    And who cooks up amazing dinners but has never eaten or poached an egg?!?! That was just odd!

  11. permanently amanda; I wasn't entirely happy with Julie either, but for me the biggest irritation was Julia's voice.
    I've never poached an egg either. Maybe I should give that a try, it can't be too hard.

  12. Have you ever watched Julia Child videos? Streep's Julia was spot on!!!