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Saturday, November 26, 2011

oh poo!!

I have a cold sore.

Let me now publicly state that I sympathise mightily with all of you who suffer from these horrible little so-and-so's on a regular basis.

This is the second cold sore I've had in my lifetime and I can honestly say the first one, 25 years ago, was more than enough.

Apparently stress can bring them on and I've certainly had enough of that this year.

So off to the chemist for a tube of Virasolve, which is what I remember using the last time, also some steriliser of the sort used for baby's bottles.
I've mixed up the solution and I'm soaking all of the sippy tops from my plastic water bottles and the bottles too, also my toothbrush.

Just throw that toothbrush away you say?
Well, I would, but it's brand new......

I'm hoping that my lip will feel more comfortable by tomorrow, because I have a 40th birthday party to go to.
Now, what shall I wear?


  1. Urk. I hope your lip feels much, much better soon. And that the party is great.

  2. We keep lysine tablets and topical stick on hand for when my hubby breaks out in a cold sore (which thankfully isn't too often) Hope it clears up in time for you to look ravishing at the partay.

  3. As someone who is susceptible to cold sores, chancre sores, and warts, you have my sympathies.

    I sound really attractive, don't I? :-)


  4. EC; I think I didn't "catch" it early enough with the treatment, it has spread a little. Not highly visible, but uncomfortable.

    Delores; Lysine? I'll have to look into that.

    Pearl; you are attractive, I see your little avatar there. Now I have to google chancre sores.

  5. a) Yucch
    b) much sympathy
    c) Delores is spot on - mega doses of Lysine with the first itch and/or thereafter [believe me, I've tried the lot]. Available at any supermarket.
    d)to stop the spread keep the sore moist - I just use a chapstick [transfer with clean finger, of course].

  6. FruitCake; I have virasolve that I got from the chemist. I'll check the supermarket for lysine when I get to work on Monday.

  7. I get Cold Sores or Herpes as its known from drinking out of plastic containers like water bottles or milk cartons once i stopped no more problems :-).

  8. I am a cold sore sufferer, too, River, but I haven't had one in years - touch wood.

    As a child they were chronic - one every second month - and I hated them more than I can say.

    So, I for one, commiserate with you. Hopefully it'll heal soon.

  9. Windsmoke; I've had that viral cough thingy that's been going around adelaide (and most of the country I suspect), so I got a bit rundown, that's well-known for bringing on a breakout.

    Elisabeth; I was never a sufferer. I had one when I was thirty something, another time in my life when I'd been stressed and rundown, then none since until now. I hope to never have another one. It's already much better.