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Friday, November 4, 2011

small change purchases

Last weekend I had a reason to be in  Rundle Mall, (Adelaide SA), so while I was there I decided to have a quick look around in Smiggle.
Because I love stationery and I like pretty things.

Notebooks, pens, compendiums, lots of little items, all repeated on shelf after shelf in different colour themes.
All quite reasonably priced.
I particularly liked the "Smiggle Packs" containing an assortment of things, excercise book, ruler, pencils etc, for just under $20.
I'll keep that in mind for my youngest grand daughter's next birthday.

Then I went next door to  Kikki.K. 
How handy that they're so close!
More of the stuff I love, but in a more grown up style.
Diaries, organisers, all designed to make your life pretty as well as practical.

(this is not a sponsored post)

Really, really nice things. My favourite is the leather covered notebook, but at close to $50 it's a little out of my budget. There'll be some serious saving going on here, because there are refills available for it quite cheaply, (under $10) and I think it would make a lovely "shopping list" book.
I want one.

So, Smiggle for the younger set, Kikki.K  for the more mature shopper.

I moved on to The Reject Shop, where I bought this>>>

and these>>>

for a grand total of....ta da! 


(colour is a funny thing, these little notepads are actually bright pink, the same as the spirals holding the pages together, but they've photographed purple....)

Anyway....the money I'd saved meant that I could go to The Book Boys, a discount store selling novels and other books, (such as the Egyptology hardcover that I'd bought my grandson at the Plant and Craft Fair recently).

see this? >>>

Four novels,  FOUR!!  for a fraction under $20.

I found one by Dennis Lehane, and since I'd just finished reading (and enjoyed), Sacred, also by Dennis Lehane, I thought I'd give that a try.

I also bought:
> The 5th Witch by Graham Masterton
> Without Consent by Kathryn Fox
> Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo

That should keep me going for a while...


  1. I find the overpriced stationary is good for gifts but it's cheap as chips all the way for notbooks as such!

  2. I find Officeworks has reasonably priced stationary :-).

  3. Delores; I'm a bit of a bargain hunter.

    Sarah; my thoughts exactly. I will be "gifting" myself with that leather covered refillable notebook though.

    Windsmoke; I used to live across the road from an Officeworks, now I'd have to catch two buses to get to one. The best bargains are during their back to school sale.

  4. Happy reading!! There is something special about a new book, isn't there? :)

  5. Happy Elf Mom; I love new books! And I love the recommended by (author) notes that then lead me on to new authors and stories.

  6. I adore stationery too. Cannot be happier than in a stationery shop. Of any description. But Typo and the likes really are enjoyable. Good finds for you!

  7. Being Me; Typo must be an eastern states shop, I've never heard of it. Even the smell in a stationery shop makes me happy.

  8. New books, mmmmm. I love them. And that was seriously good shopping

  9. I've always like rummaging around the Reject Shop - despite what (snobbier) people say, you can always find some treasures there. And who doesn't love a good book bargain???

  10. EC; yes. Yes it was.

    Kath; I find the Reject Shop is so much better than Cheap As Chips.