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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Selections #43

It's Sunday Selections time again!
Time to post photos that have been hiding away in your computer files, photos that you may have completely forgotten about.
Have a hunt through your files and find some.
This idea comes to us from Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, who realised one day that she takes many more photos than she uses, as we all do, and wanted to post some of the older ones on her blog.

A once a week meme seemed like a good idea, so Sunday Selections was born and anyone at all can join in.

This week, for my selection, I'm featuring a Silky Oak tree in full bloom.

When the setting sun shines on this the whole tree looks burnished or gilded.
(depending on position of sun)
The next few pictures are the individual flowers.

They remind me quite a bit of grevillea flowers.

I couldn't get as close as I wanted because the tree is very tall...

...and it was in someone's yard.

To join in with Sunday Selections post photos of your choice under the Sunday Selections title, go to Kim's site and add your name to her linky list, then leave her a comment.
Then have a look at what others have posted for their selections.
There are some really good photographers out there.


  1. What a tree. I'd hate to fall from that tree onto that iron fence. Ouch that would smart. :)

  2. They are simply beautiful. Thankyou. I like the fence too.

  3. I would love to be standing in front of that tree so I could really get an idea as to its size and colour, it looks quite something from your pictures.

    BTW, re your earlier post about TP. I washed my hair in the ensuite shower today (I've been using the other bathroom) and noticed the conditioner was empty. I am leaving it that way to see what happens, and when. I did wonder why my hair colour conditioner seemed to be empty after only one use ..... :)

  4. Manzanita; It's a fairly straight tree, the branches don't spread too widely, not what I'd call a climbing tree. Falling onto the fence would smart quite a bit I'd say.

    Delores; I love them.

    EC; yes and yes. This particular fence has a brick and stone base.

    permanently amanda; Just at a guess I'd say this particular tree is about 40 feet tall, so it still has some growing to do. It's taller than a two storey house. If my memory serves me well, Silky Oaks can get up to 60-80 feet tall.
    Keep a spare conditioner in a bedroom drawer, to use yourself while you wait to see if anyone replaces the empty one.

  5. Ahh - silky oaks, the lovely Grevillea robusta.
    One of my favourite trees.

  6. corymbia; I wondered if they were the same family as grevilleas, the leaves and flowers are so similar, well, the same really, just much larger.

  7. You know River, I have never seen a Silky Oak before. so thankyou. The flowers are lovely.

  8. The yellow flowers are stunning, they really stand out. My favourite is the third picture. I like the angle.

  9. I've never even heard of the tree before, let alone seen one. One of the joys of blogging, discovery.

    I intended to say where I'd come from but I've been blog hopping along and now I've lost track.

  10. That is such an exotic looking tree. Huge flowers! Lovely.

  11. Is *that* what they are! Lots of them around here and I'd been wondering what type of tree it was (not enough to google though).