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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

uh-oh, I think I'm in debt....

I was hanging my sheets on the line outside and just now noticed the gas logo on the hot water heater.
 I thought this place was all electric...

A while ago I had a letter from Origin Energy just addressed to occupier and I thought it was just a generic send-out, so ignored it.

Now of course, it seems I owe someone some money for all the hot water I've used.
11 weeks worth.....oh dear!

I've emailed Simply Energy to see if I can set up a gas account with them again, because my electricity is with them as it has been for 8 years now, and I'm hoping they can do this.

Problem is it's a bulk hot water tank that supplies all four flats!

How will they sort out my share?
Will I have to use Origin Energy?

twiddling thumbs and worrying....


  1. Oo, I hope the whole thing isn't your 'share' as you implied it was rather expensive...

  2. If it is not separately metered, then it will be divided into four. It should be equally if the flats are the same size, but if some are two bedroom and some one, then an allowance should be made for that. If it is bulk billed, then the economical will subsidise the wasteful.

  3. In Ontario gas is cheaper than hydro so maybe this is a good thing.

  4. Happy Elf Mom; gas isn't all that expensive, it's just that I've been using it now for 11 weeks. Without payment.

    Andrew; I wondered what those four little dial thingys were, I thought they might just be measuring how much water we use. That will make it easier for "them" to work out how much I should pay. In all four flats there is only one occupant.

    Delores; gas is cheaper than electricity here too.

  5. Hope it's metered, otherwise it'll be as Andrew said.
    They should be fairly accomodating for you, don't panic ;)
    And ask for an easy pay card where you can pay an agreed amount each fortnight (and end up in front of the bill) rather than having to find the whole lot at once.

  6. oh dear..I hope you get it sorted.

  7. Jayne; easy pay card, that's a good plan. I was going to ask if I could pay installments if the amount is too high.

    peskypixies; it'll get sorted, I'm not too worried, I just hate to tarnish my good record.

  8. How unsettling and anxiety producing. Hope it is sorted out quickly for you.

  9. Don't panic Andrew is spot on. I doubt very much it will be a big bill as you've only been there 11 weeks :-).

  10. An unplanned bill is just scary. Luckily it's not electricity because that is just ridiculously expensive!

  11. Oh don't start me. I'm in a battle with Integral (Origin) Energy over my exorbitant power bills. The last one was $1300 and I live by myself in a 3 bedroom granny flat with no dishwasher, dryer or aircon. How does that happen. Good luck making the switch. I haven't got access to gas unless I put in LPG tanks and I can't afford to do that.

  12. I agree it shouldn't be too much and hopefully the division will be fair for everyone.

  13. EC; it's only unsettling because I don't like to owe money, but to be fair, I didn't realise the hot water supply was gas.

    Windsmoke; you're right, it shouldn't be too big.

    Sarah; I've already had an electricity bill here, I nearly had a fit! Then I remembered the times I'd used the heater and electric blanket because it was so very cold after sundown.

    Baino; electricity costs have doubled this year, it's horrendous really. We need it, they know it, they charge and we pay.

    Trish; I don't know if the other flats got a bill for their share or not. Like I said I thought the hot water was electric so didn't know I should have set up an account or transferred the old one.
    Once everything is sorted I'll be okay.

  14. I echo everyone here in that I hope that it gets sorted out for you fairly and affordably.

  15. Ask someone in the other flats for goodness sake! I'm confident you'll have your own separate meter.

  16. Kath; thanks.

    R.H. done and yes.