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Friday, November 11, 2011

we'd like to apologise....aka, parents teach your sons

Have we all (Aussies) seen that advertisement for Harpic toilet cleaner?
The one featuring men and a boy apologising?

It goes  like this:>

The men of Australia would like to apologise:
  • for our bad aim
  • for splattering
  • for failing to flush
  • for flushing too much
and so on.
At the end the boy says "we're really sorry".

Maybe I'm unreasonable, but this irritates the heck out of me.

I don't want apologies.

I want men and boys to clean up after themselves.
I want men and boys (toddlers excluded) to pee into the water, not all over the toilet and floor.

And if you do splatter, drip, miss the pan completely; don't just walk away and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.
Pull off a wad of toilet paper and clean that toilet rim, seat, floor, whatever.
And learn to pee into the water!
Cut out some miniature paper battleships and practise sinking them....
Then flush. Once. Properly.

It really isn't that hard.
Parents, please, teach your sons.


  1. I haven't seen the advert, River - no TV - but I get the message and agree with you: To be truly sorry, as you suggest, one needs to mend their ways. Words are not enough.

  2. If they know they are making a mess, as an apology would suggest, then they SHOULD know enough to clean it up. I have banished the hubby to the dowstairs bathroom...not allowed to use the one upstairs. I have stepped in my last puddle. I am not your maid, I did not sign up to clean up after pigs. Learn how to use a bathroom correctly and you can come back upstairs with the grown ups. Just one more case for the "men are animals" legion. Wow...did you ever get me up on my soapbox.

  3. Tell them if they are incapable of aiming straight, they need to sit down like a girl.

  4. I've always said if they could aim properly they shouldn't have to put the seat up and that would end that argument.

  5. HHHMMMmmm... couldn't agree more!! Someone once told me there's no hope for a man if he misses a hole THAT big ...!!!

    And what would happen if women 'missed' the hole when taking a dump - would a man clean it up and just accept it as OK? I don't think so!!!

  6. I've had 4 boys and they ALL pee on the floor, drives me nuts. I've tried pingpong balls and notes and scolding and NOTHING seems to work.

    I do have a Hot Tip, though -- boiling water from the kettle. Dissolves the dried piddle that you didn't know was there yesterday.

  7. Elisabeth; no TV? Wow. You're right, words are not enough.

    Delores; step down off the soapbox and hand hubby a roll of paper towel, a bucket and a mop. Insist that he clean up each time he goes.

    Andrew; great idea,although it may not help with improving their aim.

    JahTeh; seat up or down doesn't bother me. We complain because they leave it up, they complain because we leave it down. 50/50
    But they should be able to pee through that hole by the time they're big enough to stand over it.

    Red nomad; the hole certainly is big enough, and no self respecting woman would do that, so the argument there is invalid.

    Toni; you need to get in there and teach them how to "hold it" so the stream goes where it should. Then when they miss, straight away hand them a wad of paper to clean up. Start when they're about 3 or 4. (I know your boys are older). Scolding and notes are useless. Assign them each a week of toilet cleaning duty on a rotating basis. Tell them you are no longer doing it for them.

  8. Hear, hear! And I would also like the person who finishes the toilet roll/shampoo/soap/coffee/sugar to fill it up, thank you very much! Oh, and if you spray toothpaste all over the mirror when you brush, clean it up!

    It's the little things that mean so much ....

  9. We'll never change no matter how many words are spoken or written about pointing percy at the water its ingrained in our DNA to make a mess :-).

  10. Apparently, men have to be taught NEVER to pee sitting down. That's the BIBLE.

    lol okayyy, not really, but this pastor seems to think so and he has a very entertaining ranty sermon about it:

  11. Comes back to the old adages "words are cheap" and "actions speak louder than words".
    I threaten to rub their noses in it if they don't wipe it up themselves.
    Seems to work ;)

  12. Thank goodness I had two girls! ;) Although, I still have to battle the hubby! x

  13. A friend took the morning off work as she had booked the plumber to fix the annoying leak around her toilet. You guessed it. And the plumber said that over half of the toilet leaks he was called out to were caused by poor aim. Grrr.

  14. Nah haven't seen it either but I trained my son with a floating ping pong ball..resourceful huh?

  15. permanently amanda; oh yes!! Please!!

    Windsmoke; ingrained in your DNA??
    No, it isn't. Aim it into the water!

    Happy Elf; I'm happy with them sitting down, but apparently it's not "manly".

    Jayne; well done, but has it taught them to not splatter in the first place?

    Kellie; keep battling. and teach your girls to eventually teach their sons.

    EC; oh the poor plumbers!

    Baino; I used the "see if you can make the water bubble more than daddy" challenge. And I was right there making them do the wads of paper clean up if they missed or splattered on the rim.

  16. Hi River,

    I am a toddler (in my head anyway) therefore I am excused.


    Seriously though, most problems occur in the middle of the night when the man is tired and his aim is not as accurate as perhaps it should be.

    Count yourself lucky that you are a lady. Why? Because you don't have to descend to the seventh level of Hell - i.e. use a public Gents toilet. Sme of those places are so bad that Satan himself goes in the bushes rather than opening the door.

    The only places worse than a public Gents toilet are Chinese toilets - and there is not enough Harpic in the world to combat those.




  17. River, I am sorry that you are at your wit's end. It won't help you if I say that no matter where I work, there is always at least one female who should be told to leave, or bring her mother to work.

    Instead, a delightful story of karma visiting a [ahem, distant] relative:
    If it's the middle of night and the lights are off and your eyes are shut and you are in a strange country hotel where the shared toilet is way down the hall, I suppose anything looks like a potty.
    This relative's room was upstairs and opened onto a balcony, which is where his girlfriend put his stinky shoes.

  18. Plasman; in the middle of the night - sit like a girl. No one will know and the toilet will remain splatter free.

    Fruitcake; welcome to drifting. I'm not at all at my wit's end. My boys are grown now, grandsons too, none of them makes a mess when they pee.
    I don't understand the reference to bringing mothers to work. Can you explain?
    In the middle of the night in a strange hotel, I'd be switching on lights or at least using a torch....and hope my boys would too.

  19. Weirdly, there's a lot of references to why making a mess happens in the first place. Fair enough - but why is there no reference to the clean up once it HAS been made?? It's OK to make a mess - just clean up after yourself!!

  20. Red Nomad; also weird, the ad is for a Harpic product that cleans the inside of the bowl, not for something to clean up splattering etc. So why the apologies? If the messes are inside the bowl....
    Darn, now I'm all confused and thinking women should be apologising too, for making a mess inside the bowl.