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Friday, April 6, 2012

comfort food

Sausages with onion gravy.....

....a little mash on the side....yum.


  1. Looks good...I'll bet it smells fabulous.

  2. A mouth watering feast for the taste buds :-).

  3. A friend raised in Switzerland makes this, but bacon for the sausage. Calls it hot burning love. Yumm on it all!

  4. Hi River,
    That looks rather appetising and do I detect carrots or turnip (swede) mixed in with the mash...
    All the best and happy writing.
    In kindness, Gary

  5. That looks great. I've been thinking about onion gravy lately myself.

    Is that sweet potato? I love carrots mashed into potato. My nana would often do that. Nowadays I prefer sweet potato though. I think I've eaten too much mashed potato in my life!

  6. The mash and the onion gravy look good. Hold the sausage.

    Comfort food for me is a baked rice pudding. I don't know how long it is since I made one either. Soon.

  7. Oh, that looks so delicious, They don't do a proper sausage in onion gravy over here. Yours looks as good as the ones my Mum makes, and they are the absolute business.

  8. Yep, very YUM! I like simple tasty food (with lots of chilli)

  9. Delores; there's nothing like frying onions to get those tastebuds tingling.

    Windsmoke; it was mouth watering, by the time it was ready I was really hungry, which makes things taste so much better.

    Joanne; over the ast few years I've been cutting back my salt intake and now I find bacon too salty, so rarely eat it anymore.

    Klahanie; the mash is potato, carrot, butternut pumpkin and two brussels sprouts halved; all boiled together in the one pot, then mashed.

    Sarah; no, I'd forgotten to buy sweet potato, the colour is from pumpkin.
    There's no such thing as too much mashed potato.

    EC; mmm, rice pudding! I'll have to make one of those soon.
    I don't eat sausages much, these ones are the little chipolatas. I cooked four and froze the rest, two were on my plate here, and two were lunch the next day.

    Amanda; "over here". Where is "here"?
    You'll have to get your mum to teach you her way of doing onion gravy.

    Tempo; I can't eat chilli. Tiny amounts now and again, but not on a regular basis. It makes my face burn red and I can feel it swelling like a balloon being blown up, although there isn't any actual swelling.

  10. I would so eat this.

    I've never had onion gravy, but it looks right up my alley. And the mashed? Yes. That's all I have to say about that: Yes.


  11. Onions ...... I vote for onions as the supreme comfort food. I think I must eat onions every day, either in a salad or stir-fry. Ya hoo

  12. River, the "here" is currently New Jersey, USA. In a couple of months the here will be in South Australia, as I'm moving back after a 14 year stay over here.

    I really must get Mum to show me her onion gravy, I didn't do it over here, because the sausages taste different, so I'm not certain they'd go well with the onion gravy. That's an excellent mixed mash too, love the colours and the vege blend.

  13. Pearl; you've never had onion gravy?? You are SO deprived, you'll have to have some asap.

    Manzanita; one of my favourite vegetables, I eat onions a lot more in winter than I do in summer, but an occasional summer dinner is a fried onion sandwich.

    Amanda; New Jersey? I'd love to see some photos...Is that where Trenton is? I'm currently reading a series of books where the heroine and most of the action is set in Trenton and there's maention of the Jersey shore.
    Don't let the sausages stop you from enjoying onion gravy, it goes well with chops or a steak too.