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Thursday, April 5, 2012

do you know what I wish I had?

No, no, not oodles of cash, although I do want that, everybody already knows it.

What else I wish I had, (have?) is awesome knife handling skills.

I never wanted to be a chef, or even to work in a commercial kitchen, unless as a dishwasher, but they have machines for that.

But when it comes to chopping the vegetables for my soups, casseroles and sauces, I'd love to be one of those people who can chopchopchopchopchop and just like that, it's done.
I actually enjoy chopping veg and fruit, and mostly I know it's going to take some time, so I plan accordingly.

But while I'm chopping away I think of those chefs and kitchenhands I've seen in movies and on cooking shows, and I get to wondering how many fingers did they slice before they learnt to chop that fast and not serve up "finger" soup?
Then I try going a little faster and before I know it I've sliced into another finger and have to get out the box of bandaids.

Oh well, back to the chop....chop....chop.

(There's the carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in both thumbs to consider too.)

There'll be no chopchopchopchopchopchopchop in my kitchen.
(I would also love to have knives that are "samurai sword" sharp.)


  1. Slow and easy wins the race, especially with those extra sharp knives...brrr..

  2. I agree with DELORES comment :-).

  3. I did a culinary course at Regency Park TAFE in the '90's, during the chef/cook phase of my life. The way we got those super fast, super precise knife skills? Lots and lots and lots of chopping. Commercial grade quantities of chopping. And a big incentive: during practical tests, our chefs would come around with the ruler to make sure our various cuts were within the tolerances :to the mm, of the various French cuts such as julienne and brunoise.

    Suffice it to say, I'm not as speedy any more, the skills slide if they're not in constant use. I have a nifty wee knife sharpener that is just the bomb for keeping my knives razor sharp.

    Knitting, on the other hand, that I am speedy at, and have some patterns I can do in the dark, from memory. Practice, every single day, and eventually the body learns. Sense memory, my chefs and knitting teachers both talked about this.

  4. ooh yes, though I have been known to cut the wrong thing, including myself. So I take it slowly these days!!


  5. My sister the cookerer is also a fine choperer. I am in awe of all cooks, especially those who also chop.

  6. I guess chefs learn that quick slicing and chopping during their apprenticeship time, when that is about all they get to do. It would be nice to be able to chop like that.

  7. I'd also love some swish chopering skills. It would make quick work of a lot of things.

  8. Delores; slow and easy doesn't win CHOPPING races, but it does ensure I'll keep all my fingers.

    Windsmoke; me too.

    Amanda; so you're saying I should have started young? Hmmm, guess I'll stick with the slow chopping then. I had no idea your cuts were measured, I'm picturing a chef with a ruler in his belt next to his knife and sharpener.
    My old mother-in-law was just such a knitter as you. She'd be watching TV and knitting away, by the end of the evening there'd be a jumper or a baby's jacket with matching bonnet and booties.

    betweenthewires; welcome to drifting. Hopefully you haven't actually cut any fingers off. do you keep the large size box of bandaids handy?

    Joanne; is your sister a cook or a chef?

    Andrew; that would be right, apprenticeships are where the skills are taught.

    Sarah; swish skills, I like the sound of that.

  9. Even slowly I am a danger with knives. I am so with you. I would love to have those skills.

  10. I can sharpen a knife so you can shave with it. (not much use for you women) but when it comes to chopping..I bought a Moule (did I spell that right?) theyre great.

  11. EC; you might be less of a danger with really sharp knives, because they cut easier. It's blunt knives that do some damage when you have to use too much pressure and the blade slips.

    Tempo; my dad could sharpen a knife really well too. I'm not sure what a Moule is... my mum used to have a Mouli, but that's a type of mincer, great for making baby food.

  12. Those chefs amaze me but scare me. The knife moves so fast, it's a blurrrr and I can't even look. I was macrobiotic for 35 years and it seems that all we do is chop, chop, chop. I never did learn it with any speed.
    Hope you get all your wishes..... win the lottery, too.

  13. Manzanita; the big lottery win continues to elude me. The top chefs really are amazing to watch.