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Friday, April 27, 2012

it took a while....

....but autumn is finally here in Adelaide.

Skies that were still light at 8pm a month ago, are now dark at 6.30pm.
Mornings are chilly, nights that were comfortably cool for sleeping are now becoming cold.

Dressing gowns are being brought out of hibernation, slippers are being dusted off, fleecy tops are being washed ready to wear.

And the trees are finally changing their clothes.
After wearing nothing but green for the past six months we now see them in greens and golds, greens and bronze, greens and browns, golds and reds.

Here are a few photos taken in my street last Sunday.

gold amongst the green.

green, gold and bronze.

I love this red/orange shade.
footpaths are carpeted in colour.

fences are edged with crisp dry leaves that have a sweet tea fragrance. sadly, this fragrance doesn't last long, once the leaves have been rained on a few times the sweet smell is gone.
not all fallen leaves have this fragrance, these particular trees do,  liquid ambar and maple trees also smell like tea when the leaves fall.

these "paper lanterns" that were soft and pink all spring and summer are now crisp and dry, opening to drop their seeds.....

....and now seen in shades of copper,

and brown.

the low-growing, wide-spreading "flower carpet" roses that cover much of the footpath are also dying off now, but we know they'll be back next spring.


  1. The change in colours is beautiful but I have to say I'm happy it's on your side of the globe right now...we are in the midst of Sprinter right now over here.

  2. I like the way trees and other plants take a rest over winter. I suppose we do a bit too. Not sure about Adelaide, but autumn here is the nicest time of the year.

  3. Yep, its time to start bringing out the winter woollies once again :-).

  4. Delores; Sprinter! I like that, it's the perfect fit between winter and spring.

    Andrew; Adelaide is also great in autumn. Clear sunny skies without any real heat in the sun, cool nights, the changing colours. We also get the grey rainy skies too, but even those are better than melt into your shoes heat.

    Kelley; not only pretty, but more comfortable too.

    Windsmoke; yep; I'll be washing up the fleecy vests and sweatshirts this weekend. I've dusted off the slippers and the heater already.

  5. Beautiful! I like the leafy Avenues all over Adelaide.

  6. Just beautiful River. Canberra does Autumn really well too - a truly lovely time of year. Hot chocolate is just around the corner.

  7. Tempo; me too, for the autumn colour, the stark empty branches against a sunny winter sky and the shadiness of summer footpaths.

    EC; I've never been to Canberra, you'll have to post some street photos. Hot chocolate.....

  8. How weird is the weather this year? I love Fall, my favorite season. So glad you're finally getting to enjoy it!

  9. The Autumn colours are really beautiful. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  10. ooh yes I love seeing which trees turn into what colour. Gorgeous. I especially love the reds.


  11. AgingGal; Indian summer seemed to go on forever this year. Now that temperatures have dropped the days are much more comfortable.

    Molly; welcome to drifting. I'm sure you get lovely autumn colours too. I'll look forward to seeing them next season if you post photos.

    betweenthewires; I really should get up into the Adelaide Hills and get photos from that area. It's colder there, so the colours are more spectacular.

  12. How I love seeing an opposite season from across the world. I dearly love Autumn and, because of blogging, I get to enjoy it twice a year.