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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it was so nice....

We all know I've been waiting to have an awning installed on my front window...well, I got fed up with waiting and called the company and asked how much longer I might have to wait?
They had said about three weeks and it's been much longer. (About two months so far).
The awning is being installed next Friday. Yay!!

Meanwhile, the sun coming in through the front window has been making the lounge room very warm, even with keeping the blind drawn down.
And at this time of year I've been noticing the cold coming in at night too.

So when my son-in-law and grandson arrived on Sunday to install my curtain rods I was very glad to see them!
They'd meant to come sooner, but they'd been busy...

Anyway, they arrived with the big toolbox and the new cordless drill and set to work.

The lounge room rod went up first and I got my old thermal lined curtains out of storage (stuffed into a corner of the wardrobe) and put them up, drawing them closed to shut out the sun.
Within 5 minutes (truly!!) the lounge room was noticeably cooler and much more comfortable.
It was so nice!
I notice also that the cold isn't creeping in around the edges anymore either.
I'm not so worried about the winter now.

The bedroom curtains were next, then they put up all my framed pictures and finally my lounge room is truly looking like home.

And guess what! The grandson was doing the driving!

He's 16, has his learner's permit and appears to be a natural driver.
He's such a talented young man, also winning medals in his chosen school sport.


  1. We also have thermal drapes on our big living room window. Makes all the difference.

  2. Delores; I bought these drapes when I was living in a flat above a shop at Semaphore Beach. There was a huge window covering almost the entire front north facing wall with no weather protection at all, not even a roller blind. The curtains did a great job there and again at my next unit which also had a huge north facing window wall. Here the windows are much smaller and I'm going to have to cut some length off the curtains. But I'm very glad I kept them.

  3. Ours will be 26 years old this coming June 29. Boring beige.

  4. ooh yes heavy curtains make all the difference. I put some up where I live (rental) as all they had was those horrible wooden slat blinds. Plus I hate sleeping in a room where lots of light leaks in!


  5. Interesting that the curtains make such a difference. Sounds like your place is really coming together. It always takes time.

  6. So much of our heat and cool gets lost through the glass. Curtains are a great insulator. You
    are fortunate to have two such wonderful helpers.

  7. Lucky you, my curtain rod is still down the hallway and the new drapes are still draping over the back of the chair.

  8. Delores; boring beige? You need some colour! Mine are a geometric design in shades of red, blue green and yellow.

    betweenthewires; I don't mind the light coming in, I can sleep through that, it's the heat that I can't take.

    Andrew; I'm just thankful I didn't give the curtains away when I first saw how small these windows are. I also have about twenty metres of lace curtains that I can't put up, but can't yet bring myself to get rid of.

    EC; I'm happy too.

    Elisabeth; Fortunate indeed, and the SIL is a licensed tradie so I knew they'd do a proper job.

    JahTeh; if you weren't so far away I'd send them over to you.

  9. When I moved into this rental the budget didnt stretch to fancy curtains in every room so my daughter got the new blinds, curtains, paint and moldings and my room got a blue tarp tacked over the window...that was about 10 years ago and my room still has the most interesting blue sunrises....

  10. Full block out curtains (or whatever the technical term is) have got to be a hot contender for the best invention in the history of the world!!

  11. Congrats on curtains. No more squinting. What a wonderful lad your grandson is. You can be proud he is into sports with its demanding physical responsibilities. Good life training.

  12. Surely you're not old enough to have a grandson with a licence????

  13. Tempo; I remember days spent with sheets tacked up over windows in the summer and blankets tacked up in the winter.

    Red Nomad; Second only to staeming hot showers, I'd say.

    Manzanita; he seems to be great at everything he tries. He's just so enthusiastic about acquiring new skills.

    Kath; Yes. Yes I am. He's 16, close to six feet tall, well muscled from years of sports and from helping his dad at work.
    My next birthday is the big 6-0.