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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Semaphore Foreshore

In 2002 I lived very close to Semaphore Beach for a few months. I rented a flat above a shop and would sit on the balcony in the evenings or early mornings and watch the huge container ships coming or going from Outer Harbor.

Seeing the fancy kites flying along the beach was also something I enjoyed.
I lived less than 5 minutes walk from the beach itself and on hot days I would walk down to the water and wade in, clothes and all, splash around for a bit, then walk back home, dripping wet.

I went back for another look at the beach after I'd finished wandering around the Fisherman's Wharf Markets.

Semaphore Road is really wide, has a wide, grassed median strip popular with picnickers and leads right down to the Esplanade, beyond which is the beach.

There's been an improvement or two since I was there. For instance, the foreshore was never labelled as such, but I like how they've done it.

Between the Esplanade and the beach, there's wide grassy areas, with trees, paths, a fenced  playground for little kids.
This section you see here is where the Semaphore markets are held on the first(?) Sunday of each month during the summer.

Looking towards the beach and panning to the right, we see this clock tower with an angel on the top.
I've always called it the Angel Tower. It's directly in line with the jetty. (pier)
The pavilion further over has tables with bench seats for eating your fish'n'chip lunch or just sitting....

In front of the Angel Tower, beachside, is an old sailing ship anchor and a memorial plaque...

....honoring the ships and those that sailed in them .

I think it's nice that at least some of South Australia's heritage is remembered in this way.

Over to the left, (or to the right if you're looking towards the water), is a small fun park with a Ferris Wheel and a Water Slide and I think a mini miniature putt putt course. I didn't walk over to take a look.
The greenery you see is typical of Australia's coastal growth, this section is covering the dunes between the grassed area and the sand.

The jetty starts right at the edge of the path leading from the anchor, right at the beginning of the sand....

....and stretches wa-a-a-a-ay out.... here.
It probably isn't all that long, but if you're a little kid standing at the sand edge and looking along the jetty, it might seem to go on for miles.
It's a popular fishing spot with quite a variety of fish being caught at different times throughout the year.

...with details of types of fish that can be caught here and the allowed sizes.
If your catch is too small, you have to toss it back and catch it again next season.

A little further along is the crab catch bag limit sign. 
This also says that any female crabs with eggs MUST be returned to the water immediately.
I once had a recipe for curry crab which uses blue swimmer crabs, but I can't find it now.

I leaned over the side and took this, which is now one of my favourite photos.
I'm thinking of having it enlarged and framed, I just need to decide what size.

I watched the small waves crashing on the shore for a while, soaking up some sun and sea air, before turning my attention to other parts of the beach and Semaphore.

You'll be seeing those photos in another post.


  1. I love these little tours you give us..

  2. Delores leaves me nothing to add except keep them coming.

  3. That's what i call a grand tour of your neck of the woods :-).

  4. I feel like I have been for a Sunday stroll. Cheers.

  5. The banana tour was a bit of a shock.
    I think you're fishing for husband number three.

  6. Lord Rochester (on the go again)April 12, 2012 at 11:19 AM


    Calling the dreary.
    Calling the weary.
    Get up get down!
    Crash the town!

    Tourism is a good thing. There, you've learned nothing, but gone oooh, aaah, and made shopkeepers sing.

  7. Delores; thank you.

    Joanne; thank you too.

    Windsmoke; no longer my neck of the woods, but still accessible.

    Andrew; this is a nice way to see places without leaving your armchair.

    R.H. absolutely no fishing going on here.

    Lord Rochester; I agree, tourism is good.

    EC; you're welcome.

  8. Lovely to see pics of Semaphore, it's a nice suburb. The best fish and chip shop is there too. And a movie theatre, I think I saw Looking for Alibrandi in the Semaphore theatre, cool old building.

  9. Amanda; I know the fish'n'chip shop. A small one with a bench seat along the wall adjacent to the door and cheerful family members bustling about behind the counter. The best fish'n'chips! and the hamburgers-with-the-lot are really good too.