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Monday, April 30, 2012

sooner or later, this winning streak has to end

But in the meantime, how fabulous is this horse? 
20 consecutive races, 20 consecutive wins.

Black Caviar.

Yesterday's newspaper was full of stories and pictures of her.

Now if I was a gambling type, I might consider putting money on Black Caviar in her next race.
But the odds don't look too inviting, the paper says I'd have to put down $100 just to win $5, not a good deal in my opinion.
Luckily I'm not the gambling type, except for Lotto mega-draws.
I'm lucky in other ways.....I have a job, a home, skin that hasn't wrinkled hardly at all yet....
but when it comes to winning money.......I'm a loser.

None of which is important.

This post is to show you the pictures I photographed from the front pages of the paper.

Don't tell me horses don't smile! Black Caviar on the left, unknown horse on the right.

Here she is getting a well-earned drink and splash down. Look at that smile!
This has to be the happiest horse I've ever seen.

Black Caviar, still smiling, cruising home 4 1/2 lengths in front of her competitors.
Clearly this horse just loves to run. And win.

Here's that smile again, just in case you missed it the first time.

When Black Caviar retires from racing, I'd say her owners will reap another fortune from the breeding circles.


  1. Impressive streak, may it continue.

  2. I don't trust horses. I think she is ready to bite.

  3. I think he's smiling, thinking of retiring and being of service to all those young ladies. Tee Hee

  4. Black Caviar isn't smiling she's laughing all the way to the bank with her prize money, well the owners are :-).

  5. Joanne; I don't follow the horses, so I don't know how long she's been racing, but she looks to be young and I read they're hoping she does well at Ascot in England.

    Delores; And she's beautiful too.

    Andrew; no, thta's a smile. I think she just loves to race.

    Manzanita; he's a she and I think too young to be retiring any time soon.

    Windsmoke; I bet they're laughing too, I would be.

  6. An amazing run. Our Phar Lapping Phar Lap.
    My smaller portion would tell you firmly that she is just trying to get you to come close enough to bite. Hard.

  7. This is why Farlap went to America, and we know how that ended up.... When a horse wins that easily it becomes unworthwhile to back them (not that I do anyway)
    I like the fact that you can happily count your blessings instead of dwelling on the negatives

  8. EC; I'm very sure that Black Caviar is smiling because she loves to run. Definitely a happy horse.

    Tempo; Negative thoughts are a waste of time, I try to think good and happy things as much as possible. Happy is pretty much my default state.

  9. That horse is doggone beautiful, smiling or not. :)

  10. Not a gambler, either, but I do think that horses enjoy what they do, when treated right. Who wouldn't want to win, to be ahead of everyone else, to have all hands and eyes on you?

    Holy cats I've just realized how needy I am. :-)


  11. Happy Elf Mom; she is just beautiful.

    Pearl; Some horses just seem to enjoy running more than others. (like some people) Black Caviar has never ever needed even a touch of the whip, she just gets going.