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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Selections # 65

I had this scheduled for 5am this morning, but when I checked in 5 minutes ago it wasn't here, so I checked the edit posts page and there it was listed as a draft. When I finished this last night it was listed as scheduled......

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post old photos that have been languishing in your files, photos that you may have completely forgotten about.

This idea was brought to us by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock who realised that she takes many,  many photos that never see the light of day and wanted to share them with us.

To join in with us, just post your photos, (new or old, doesn't really matter), under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim and add your name to the linky list at her site, before leaving her a comment.

It's not necessary to do a theme with your photos, although I often do.

This week I have a mixed bag of stuff taken while wandering around Semaphore a few weeks ago.

chimney pots for Jayne.

green oranges.

this looks like interesting food.

wash it down with a beer from here.

the old water tower, which has been converted for living in....

has an interesting doorway with an etching on the glass above.

It's an old sailing ship!
When I stepped close to the gate for the photo...

I was warned off quite vigorously by this gorgeous little chap.

So I moved on...

to this abandoned building.
Ravaged by time and neglect, a sad vision of what was probably someone's home. :(

If I remember correctly (I could be wrong) this building is for sale. It will probably go for land value only and some developer will put up a block of flats...


  1. Interesting photos. I have a mega chimney photo for Jayne pending. I had forgotten Thirsty Camel, that we saw everywhere. Did you mix your ams up with your pms?

  2. The oranges look ok, mine were all lost in the hailstorm a few months ago. (along with most of the leaves which has set the tree back a long way)
    We have a thirsty camel here now...why would you want a thirsty camel anyway?
    Watch out for the guard dog..woof!

  3. Ooh, love the water tower, would love to get a look at the conversion (yep, a Grand Designs fan!).

    Have to mention, have been reading via my phone this week due to lack of net connection through the computer) and I loved seeing you in your post for Comic Con. :) And i couldn't believe Jewel Staite's amazonian appearance! She looked more petite on the tv!

  4. Your photos never fail to make me smile River.

  5. the name of the restaurant made me laugh out loud.

    And now I want to go there...

  6. Love the water tower. I think it would be a magical place to live.

    I am so glad it was blogger having a hissy fit - I was starting to worry that you might be unwell. Early or late, this is a beautiful post.

  7. Andrew; after the first time this happened I'm careful to choose the AM option, but it still goes wrong now and again. Usually I catch it earlier.

    Tempo; I've never noticed the Thirsty Camel before, but now that I've seen one, I see them everywhere.

    permanently amanda; the water tower was converted a long time ago, people were living in it when I lived in Semaphore in 2002 I think.
    Jewel Staite looked tiny in Firefly, perhaps all the other actors were over 6 feet?

    Kim; thank you, I loved your selection too.

    Kelley; it's the only Indian/Asian combination I've ever seen. I think it's a great idea.

    EC; I think I'd go nuts in the water tower. I like corners to put things in. Usually I catch these mis-postings earlier, but I didn't log on all day.

  8. My house was like that abandoned wreck when I came here. Rebuilding it was enormously satisfying.
    Nowadays When I see a place like that I daydream of fixing it all up, starting with the outside: the weatherboards, and with some work on the garden at the same time. In just one week you could change it from looking a wreck to looking cheerful.

  9. I love the grin on that thirsty camel.

  10. R.H. I imagine a wreck like that would need new wiring and plumbing too, the cost would be quite high. I used to dream of renovating an old place, but not anymore.

    Delores; he's a cheeky fellow isn't he? I think you'll like tomorrow's post.

  11. Yes there are some things you can't do yourself but if the plumbing isn't too far gone you can fix it; stores like Bunnings have everything you need nowadays. You'd have to fork out for rewiring; mine cost exactly $1,000twenty years ago and included a lamp in the front and back yards. I got it all done cheaper by helping out.
    I'm pretty good at carpentry and did it all myself, including an extension at the rear. You learn as you go along anyway, what you don't know you can find out by reading. Good advice I got was always tidy up when you're finished for the day. Start fresh.

    PS: If you know what you're doing you'll do a better job than a tradie. It'll take longer, that's all.

  12. Bonza photos, i especially like the name of the restaurant in the 3rd photo as you will have a Red Ass if the curry is too hot and the water tower with the etching of the sailing ship :-).

  13. R.H. I'm lucky to have tradies within the family, so if I ever need anything I can call on them. I can't see myself ever undertaking such a big renovation though. Maybe thirty years ago....

    Windsmoke; That's exactly what I thought when I saw the Red Ass sign!
    There's not many etched sailing ships around, I don't think.