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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Selections #66

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post photos that have been languishing away in your files, photos that you may have forgotten about.

This concept comes to us via Kim of Frog Ponds Rock fame and it's been going for over a year now!
Won't you join us?

The rules are easy, just post your photos on a Sunday, link back to Kim somewhere in your post. then head on over to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list before leaving Kim a comment.
While you're there have a look at what others have posted for  their selections.

This week I bring you a few more beach photos.

This is BILL, a miniature steam train that runs paying passengers between the Semaphore Foreshore and Fort Glanville Conservation Park at Semaphore Park during the summer months.

Once he gets to Fort Glanville there is a short break while the train is turned around for the reverse trip and passengers are allowed to get off and stretch their legs.
I don't remember much about Fort Glanville. I'll have to research some information and post about that some other time.

The newish Lifeguard Tower that wasn't there when I lived at Semaphore.

Castles left in the sand for the tide to wash away.

Standing on the jetty, looking back towards the shore.

Rows of seaweed and a few puddles.

These oddly shaped branches are a little further along the foreshore, right on the edge of the sand next to the low stone dividing wall.
It appears to be a popular spot with older persons, judging by the amount of debris left around there, which I didn't photograph of course.
Because nobody wants to see empty beer cans and crumpled fast food wrappers.

BILL again, cooling off and getting a wash before his next trip.


  1. I really like Bill. What a wonderful name for a little train. Thank you.

  2. EC; he's cute. I took a ride on him once and saw things in the scrub thtaI'd love to photograph, but didn't have a camera then.

  3. Cute train....we have a wee one at Riverside Park but nothing as elaborate as Bill.

  4. I was going to ask whether you've had a ride on Bill but you answered my question in your reply to The Elephants Child comment :-).

  5. Delores; Bill is a scaled down replica of an old-time steam engine.

    Windsmoke; I'll be taking another ride one day, with my camera next time, but I think the season is over now, I'll have to wait for next summer.

  6. Beaches and old trains are probably my two favourite things (I say probably, because beaches are always in first place, but second place gets shared around...) so these photos made my heart glow! Thank you for sharing them! :-D

  7. Kim; and that's only half of it.

    Cassandra Louise; you're welcome. I love the beach, but I love rivers and mountains with trees more.

  8. Those oddly shaped branches are most intriguing.