Sunday Selections # 67

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post photos that have been languishing in your files.
Bring them out and let them shine!

Sunday Selections is brought to us by Kim, of Frog Ponds Rock, who wanted to share some of the older photos of the many thousands that she takes.
I thought it was a great idea, so I jumped on board, as have quite a few others.

I often choose a theme for my photos and this week I bring you  the only cat in the flats that hasn't immediately run away from me.

The Cat. 

I turned onto this path just as she was coming along it, so I stopped to see if she would come to me.

Instead, she chose the rose garden, weaving in and out of the irises......

climbing up and down one of the rose bushes.....

returning to the irises, staying just out of reach, only occasionally looking straight at me.

she has such pretty markings, and tufted ears, reminding me a little of a lynx.

She eventually chose a spot to sit and contemplate her morning, so I turned my attention to the rose bushes, which were covered in a froth of white as they gave their final burst of autumn flowers.

This is not the rose garden closest to my flat, this one is further around, belonging to someone who clearly knows what they're doing when it comes to roses.

To join in with Sunday Selections, simply post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim, then  go to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list before leaving Kim a comment.


  1. What a gorgeous cat, reminds me of one of my own cats, just our old girl is not so fluffy.

    Miss 5 was very taken with a kitten yesterday, so I am thinking that when my old girls pass on I am going to have to get a new cat, regardless of my own feelings towards them. Hopefully it will imprint on her, I think she is old enough to have a cat sleep with her now. Me? I'm kind of over a cat's tail in my face at 3am.

  2. Lovin' the kitty.

  3. cuuute, looks a little like she has some maine coon in her or norwegian forest cat. I bet she has lovely toe tufts too!!
    Wonderful roses, reminds me of the ones my Mother used to have in her garden, always flourished.

  4. Good looking cat; beautiful markings. And the roses are just lovely. Look like the ones my dad trained over an arbor.

  5. Looks like you've made a friend who likes her photo taken :-).

  6. Two of my big obsessions in the one post. I loved that froth of roses, he or she obviously does know what they are doing.
    Your gorgeous tabby looked to have the classic M marking between her eyes. She does look lovely and I really enjoyed the shot of her climbing the rose. Thank you.

  7. Blogger is being dodgy and saying your blog cannot be found. Gah. I managed to find you. Silly blogger.

  8. permanently amanda; I'd say get a new cat only if your daughter promises to help care for it and have it in her room. My cats were never allowed in bedrooms, but that didn't stop them curling up on the beds anyway. Mostly they preferred the lounge room where it was warmer.

    Delores; me too, I'm looking forward to the day when I get one. After I retire.

    betweenthewires; now I'm going to have to google images of Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats.

    Joanne; there's a few lovely cats in the units, one is exactly like my daughters black and white tom.

    Windsmoke; I hope I see her again and we get to be friends. maybe I should carry bacon in my pocket?

    EC; I love tabbys, most of my cats have been tabbys, grey and black, one was a ginger tabby.

    Kim; blogger does like to play games.

  9. What a beautiful cat you have!

  10. That cat is adorable. I love when they have the ear tufts. And "tufts" is such a great word.

  11. Jientje; welcome back. She isn't my cat. Just one of many who live in the other flats within this big complex.

    Sarahcastically; welcome to drifting; she is lovely isn't she. I've never seen a domestic cat with ear tufts before.

  12. Awwww what a cute kitty

  13. peskypixies; she's gorgeous. I googled Maine Coons and I'd say she's definitely a Maine Coon. I'll have to remember the breed when I eventually go shopping for a kitty.

  14. I may be an official Dog Person, but I too can appreciate a pretty cat and this, River, is certainly a lovely one.

  15. Pandora; I was just pleased that she didn't run away from me, like every other cat here.

    Kath; and now of course I want one. I remember watching TV with a cat on my lap or nearby, purring.


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