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you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, April 13, 2012

well that'll teach me.....

Or maybe not.
I'm kind of a slow learner sometimes.

Last Monday I was walking along the path by the rose bushes, thinking that maybe I'd buy a few red cordylines and plant them in some gaps along the path edge.
I noticed a clump of leaves similar to clover, but these are the weeds that flower with tiny yellow flowers, then develop those brown burr prickles along the stems.
So I bent over and pulled one out, by lifting the trailing stems until I reached the central stem, then yanking close to the ground.
The weed came out really easily, and I remembered the rain we'd had two days before which had softened the soil.
Me being the finicky-about-prickle-free-grass person that I am, I dropped to my knees and spent the next 40 minutes pulling out these burrs.
Then I went back inside, thinking I'd get back out there after work the next day.

Ha Ha .
And Ha Ha again!

It's been several years since I'd crawled around on my knees and pulled weeds from grass, and when I woke up Tuesday morning and tried to get out of bed, I was really surprised to find that my hips and knees didn't want to work.
A hot shower seemed to help and things were feeling okay while I got my breakfast ready and sat down to eat.
Getting up from the chair was a whole other story. My thigh muscles had seized up!
Not entirely, I was able to walk, but boy oh boy did it hurt!!

I knew that keeping moving was the best cure for my self-inflicted hurts, so I went to work and hoped that the small amount of stepping I do at the checkout would be a help.
Really, it didn't help all that much, but I'm thinking it was better than lying down and getting really stiff.

Wednesday, and Thursday,  I went to work smelling strongly of Deep Heat, which I hadn't wanted to do, but it helped more than just keeping moving.

Today the thigh muscles are back to normal, and the grass has been cut, so I can't see any more weeds until they grow a bit, so I won't be doing any crawling around for a while.
When I do, I'll be limiting the amount of time I spend on my aging knees, maybe just ten minutes at a time.


  1. Live and learn eh?

  2. It's amazing how intensive a workout gardening can be. I've had that same experience, and remember thinking, it's just *gardening*! One thing that helped my knees - those little foam mats you can buy for kneeling on. They really give just the right amount of support to make my knees not angry after weeding.

  3. Getting old is not for the feint of heart. Unless we've done something terminally stupid, we go right into work!

  4. I went jogging one day, for several kilometres. I could barely move the next day. Too much is bad.

  5. I so relate to this. Just a little bit more... And then your muscles tell you that it should have been a whole lot less.

  6. You're too active, the sort to stop people in the street and adjust their clothes for them.

    Cut it out!

    You need SEDATING!!!

  7. I did almost the same not long ago - that is, I was collecting shells on the beach, pipis, for eating - took at least an hour. Not the same, but the principle is the same. Head down.

    The next day I was so surprised to find that it was the muscles in my bum that hurt. You could have fooled me - my bum does not look as if it has a single muscle in it! Could hardly walk for days!

  8. Delores; living, but not learning much.

    Amanda; I found those little foam mats to be annoying, because the weeds were quickly out of reach, so I had to keep getting up to move the mat. I'll probably cut them into knee size circles and tie them on instead.

    Joanne; I forget that the muscles haven't done things for a while and just get stuck into things.

    Andrew; I never jog, although I have sprinted a few metres to get a bus, then spent the whole trip waiting for my heart to stop pounding.

    EC; it was only 40 minutes and I didn't notice any stiffness at all until next morning. Then I wished I'd never noticed the weeds.

    Toni; thank god for extra strength deep heat.

    R.H. sedating? No. no no no.

    Signe; I hope the pipis were worth it. There's nothing worse than an aching bum. I get it from the hard, uncomfortable bus seats every day. They're just not designed for short people.

  9. Funny that I read you did that as I sit here nursing a sore head and shoulders after helping the grandson dig out a Hills Hoist and dig a new hole to move it. It's been a long time since I've used a crow bar and post hole digger...ouch!
    Maybe we'll both learn from this..... Nah!

  10. Why can't they make deep heat smell nicer? It just reminds me of blokey sport change rooms, ugh.

  11. do what I do... full strength roundup.

    Gardens are overrated.


  12. Tempo; we forget that we're no longer used to such intensive labour and just go for it.

    Fenstar de Luxe; I don't mind the smell of deep heat, it's menthol and I've always liked peppermint.

    kelley; it's a communal garden with lots of birds, lizards and cats owned by other teants, roundup could harm them. It's just a few lawn weeds and I've always viewed pulling them by hand as therapeutic. Communing with nature, grounding myself, taking time to calm down.