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Sunday Selections # 127


5 bandaids later...

I was crawling around on my hands and knees in a dimly lit area, ( really should change that light globe), picking up shards of something broken....

I moved forward, put my hand down....
on something sharp sticking up off the floor.

ow ow ow!

The edge of a broken cd cover had gouged into the side of my hand and left a hole with a strip of hanging skin. Which I cut off with kitchen scissors.

I held it under running water, then in a clean towel while I tried to open a bandaid without dropping the towel and dripping blood everywhere.

Got the wound covered then kept on picking up bits and pieces.....thinking back now, I probably should have just swept everything into a dustpan.....but sometimes my brain takes itself off on a little holiday.

The gouge wasn't very big, nor very deep, but that damn thing bled like a stuck pig.
Right through the first bandaid in about two minutes.
I changed bandaid after bandaid and it has finally dried up.

Want to see?

That's the side of my hand.

I saw it in the newspaper

right there in black and white.

well, the text was black and white.
the dog, on the other hand is a multi-hued....

see for yourself>>>

rubber ducky.....


Big Bird composite.

it's a poodle!!

Apparently it takes quite some time to get this effect. The hair must be grown,  then dyed,  then clipped, or maybe it's clipped and then dyed...

And there was this one>>>

Yoda.Not sure what type of dog this one is, it could also be a poodle.

Whimsical Wednesday #80

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

This week's google isn't mine, it was sent to me via email.
Thanks JahTeh.

Feeling a little melancholy?
Or perhaps getting ready to chase cars....

Pigeons on the Roof

Last Wednesday, Delores gave us the usual six words to create a short story or poem with, and she also gave us a photo prompt to use as we wished.

I've written a short story about the photo which showed a roof with several birds sitting on it

Here is my story:

there goes another one....

A couple of hours ago I watched Today Tonight and saw yet another orchard farmer bulldozing his trees and burning them.
He's lost heart.
And money.
He simply can't compete with the cheap imports.
The ones that come from countries that don't have the same regulations as we do, so who knows what is on that fruit and veg?
How are they grown?
What are they fertilised with?
Are they safe?
Seems our government just doesn't care.

What Irritates You, Monday

Sunday Selections # 126