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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pigeons on the Roof

Last Wednesday, Delores gave us the usual six words to create a short story or poem with, and she also gave us a photo prompt to use as we wished.

I've written a short story about the photo which showed a roof with several birds sitting on it

Here is my story:

Pigeons On The Roof

Heather stood at the window and stared at the pigeons on the roof next door.
She began chewing her thumbnail as the fear cam flooding back. She wouldn't be going outside today.
One bird she could handle, two maybe. 
But more than two dozen? 
No way.
Heather shuddered and quickly drew the curtains across so the birds couldn't see her. 

Many years ago when she was five, Heather had sneaked out of bed, again, and sat at the top of the stairs where she could see the TV.  Her parents didn't know about this little habit of hers and on this night had chosen to watch Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".
By the end of the movie, Heather had been terrified and unable to move.  She'd had nightmares for years.
Now, Heather had to check every window in the house before venturing outside. If she saw more than two birds, she locked herself inside and spent the day cleaning or baking or surfing the internet.
Anything that would take her mind away from the birds.


  1. That is brilliant and it would be terrible to be afraid of birds as they are such beautiful creatures. I have a granddaughter who, when she stayed here, just would not go into our finches cage. No problems otherwise but obviously not in close quarters with them.

  2. That's great River! Evocative writing.

    As soon as I began reading the first few sentences, I immediately thought of Hitchcock's famous movie :)

  3. Poor Heather (and I loved your use of the name). She would have to spend a LOT of time indoors if she lived here. Still, the house would be clean.

  4. Mimsie; finches are such tiny birds it doesn't seem possible to be afraid of them. I could imagine more easily someone being afraid of galahs that might nip your finger or geese that would chase you. And swooping magpies too.

    Vicki; Thank you, the photo image that Delores put up brought that movie to mind immediately.

    Elephant's Child; this is why "Heather" chooses to live in an inner city suburb. Less birds. although I can't help wondering if Heather might fare better out in the country where the birds, like pigeons, do NOT congregate on roof tops.

  5. Poor Heather. I can sympathize with her. I'm not afraid of birds, but every time I see hordes of them congregating, I can't help but think of that movie.

  6. That was a frighting movie, I saw it on TV as a adult but if I've seen it as a child I would be frightened of them too, your story is pretty good too.

  7. Susan; I'm not afraid of birds either, until the magpies begin swooping in spring when they're protecting their nests. I always think mof that movie when I see more than a few birds on a roof or wire.

    Merlesworld; it was frightening when I first saw it, but it was on TV again a few years ago and I watched about half and wondered why it had bothered me then because it didn't now.

  8. Well done! Excellent!
    P.S. That movie freaked me out as well!

  9. I remember that was horrible.