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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a little Christmas sparkle in our city

I walked through Rundle Mall earlier today on my way to the bus stop and guess what I saw?

a carousel for the children,

Thomas the Tank engine for the tiny children,

glittery things hanging in the new Rundle Place mall.

shimmery sparkles

all of the light fittings have been dressed up.
I wonder if this was pre-planned in the design stage?  The circular fittings are perfect for hanging shimmer trails through.

the first one again from a different angle.

and here's Santa, checking his naughty and nice list.

How is your city looking this close to Christmas?


  1. Love those glittery light trails. Santa obviously uses shorthand. That is a very small 'appointment book' for a man as busy as he is. Perhaps it is a retro looking electronic device...

  2. I love the carousel. It looks like the one they used to have at Semaphore all those years ago.

    I've obviously been away too long because I had to google Rundle Place to see where in the mall it was. I see it's at Harris Scarfe's - and boy does it look different! Those glittery chandeliers are fantastic.

    Here it's all about lights as we have 20 hours of night at the moment. Everyone has pretty lighted paper stars and electric candelarbras in their windows. The decorations are not as glitzy and colourful, but rely a lot on nature with lots of fresh greenery and animal figures made from straw. And then we have the backdrop of snow to reflect it all back to us, so it's very picturesque.

  3. I love when they decorate store windows & malls!!

  4. That looks like a gorgeous mall with all the sparklies! And who can resist a carousel or a train ride at any age (provided the seats were the right size, LOL).

    I don't think our city has done much decorating. In our main street, which is a small area, there were some decorations; not even sure there are lights decorating this year. Will have to drive downtown some night and see.


  5. When i was working I loved Sydney at christmas time, I know the big tree is up in Martin Place as it was on the news and QVB has it's decorations up but I haven't been to town at christmas time for a while now there are just to many people.


  6. Our mall isn't looking too bad and we will soon have our Sparkles In the Park going. Your mall looks fabulous.

  7. Not as pretty as yours, that's for sure! Those photos are beautiful.

  8. I'm loving this. What a sparkly post and brings out that Christmas ambience. Thank you, River.

    A sample of the town I live in is in my header photo. Looking quite nice here.


  9. I've heard people say about decorations such as in the RP mall, that they aren't christmassy, but I like them. They remind me of ice hanging from trees.

  10. It's gorgeous! I love the slight blue there in the shimmer lights. :)

  11. Elephant's Child; definitely an electronic list keeper. How else would he fit everybody in the world in there? I can't see him lugging around a sleigh full of ledgers.

    Marie; it may be the same carousel, moved around for events. Rundle Place is new, standing on the site of the original Harris Scarfe building which was torn down. Harris Scarfe is back there now, but upstairs on the first and second floors, ground floor has several specialty shops, jewellery, clothes etc, first floor also has specialty shops, below ground is a food hall, newsagent, chemist and a big Coles supermarket. It's all very glitzy, but nice.

    fishducky; me too!

    betty; these rides are for small children, I don't think anyone older than 3 or 4 would fit on the train, and the carousel probably holds kids up to about 8.

    Merlesworld; too many people. Boy you got that right!! Try getting through nay mall anywhere if you're in a hurry at this time of year. I've never seen so many meanderers, random stoppers, and those who suddenly turn back to head the other way. All of them cutting me off when I'm headed somewhere important, like the nearest toilet. Outta my way people!

    Delores; could you post photos of your mall and park?

    Cathy Oliffe-Webster; this is actually Rundle Place off the main mall, there are several other arcades and off side streets/lanes, also decorated.

    klahanie; I've seen your header, it's very lovely. I meant to leave a comment but got sidetracked.

    Andrew; Christmassy means different things to different people I suppose. Most other places have the traditional wreaths and garlands and trees. This does look more like icicles, and people hang those off trees, and strings of icicle lights off their houses, so as far as I'm concerned, it's Christmassy. It's modern and sharp, in keeping with the style of Rundle Place.

    Happy Elf Mom; I love it.

  12. That sounds like a huge improvement on the old Harris Scarfe, especially the enttance from Rundle Mall which was always a mish-mash of bargain basement oddities which you had to fight your way through to get to the actual department store. I admit that I was a lazy shopper and used to just park in the old DJ carpark and shop at DJs (when it was at James Place) and Myers.

    I agree with those who likened the lights to icicles - that's exactly what they look like. I love the look of ice hanging from the eaves like a big row of crocodile teeth.

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  14. OH, what pretty decorations! I especially like the hanging sparklies. Lots of decorations around here, too. In fact, they started showing up before Halloween.

    My favorite decorations are those I remember from my childhood. Downtown Baltimore had four big department stores, and each of them had huge picture windows that they'd decorate for various holidays. It got to be a bit of a competition, but they were all amazing and creative. I loved to go downtown just so I could gape at the wonderlands created inside those picture windows.

  15. Marie; I love the old buildings, so didn't really want the old Harris Scarfe torn down, but I have to say I like the new building much better. It's classy and there are more stores now in the same area space.

    Sabina Rijal; I don't do bloglovin' or G+, but I'll have a look at your blog.

    Susan; we don't have the big picture window displays that we used to see when I was a kid. Now it's all Christmas displays of goods available in the store.