things are a little batty here

In Botanic Park, I mean.

I was on my way to the Zoo and took a small detour into the park because I like walking across the small bridge....bridges are a favourite thing of mine.

I happened to look up and saw what I first thought to be large, oddly shaped pine cones, then one fluttered his wings.....

Fruit bats. Or just regular bats, I don't know the difference and since none of them appeared large enough to be Dracula, I wasn't worried.

You won't believe how many.....

These are in one tree and this is just a few branches,

a branch or two on the next tree....

they were this thick on four trees.

The Zoo is right next door, so the bats hang around for left over food I suppose, after the animals get their fruit and veg. Bats do eat fruit and veg don't they?  Why else are they called fruit bats?

For those who might be a little squeamish looking at bats, here is a sculpture to take your mind off them....

I don't know what it is supposed to represent, if anything, but I certainly do like it.

Come back tomorrow and see what else I've photographed.


  1. I have a big soft spot for bats and bridges myself. I am not sure what type of bat they are either. If they are fruit bats they are probably gorging on overripe fruit on trees as well as zoo left overs. Many bats eat insects though, and I hope they are partial to mosquitoes. Lots and lots of mosquitoes.

  2. The sculpture is COOL! But you can keep the bats ...

  3. Elephant's Child; these are much larger than the tiny, tiny bats I used to see at dusk in my previous home, usually in April and May.

    Diane b; I knew someone would.

    Red Nomad OZ; it's almost red isn't it? I'm happy to keep the bats...

  4. Geo; welcome to drifting. Things aren't always this batty.

  5. Bats don't worry me but then I've never ever seen them anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area. Maybe we don't have them here in the West. I must say I am fascinated by them and feel a tad envious that we don't have them here.
    I can't make out what the sculpture depicts either but I really do like it. It doesn't look all that secure but I am sure it is though. Very cleverly done.
    I'm sorry I seem to write much longer comments than many others do so do forgive me please.

  6. That sculpture is a little 'batty' as many are, but I like it anyway. The furry little flying mice....not so much lol.

  7. I wonder why bats make us squeamish.
    I like walking across bridges, but not driving across them.

  8. You sometimes drive me batty, but I still want to wish you a Happy New Year!!

  9. Oooooh lovely!!! I'm quite batty for bats! Love them!
    The large ones in your pics are most likely Flying Foxes,(Megabats).
    We used to have the tiny bats in our old cottage in the country, and also have them flying around here.
    Love 'em.

    That sculpture is cool - reminds me of a large linked chain.

  10. Mimsie; there's probably a good reason why you don't have bats there. I don't mind your long comments at all, they're Chatty and I like that.

    Delores; I might take a closer look at that sculpture one day, see if there is a descriptive plaque nearby.

    Joanne; probably the squeamishness is from centuries of Dracula tales. I like walking bridges bridges better too, there's time to stop and look.

    fishducky; I drive you batty? Thank you, oddly, that pleases me. Happy New Year to you too.

    Vicki; aha! Flying Foxes, the name I couldn't remember. I love the tiny ones too, I'd stand in the side yard in my previous home at dusk and watch them swooping and soaring in groups. The sculpture does look like a chain, maybe it represents Australian links to somewhere else.

  11. Is that one of Greg John's sculptures? It has a similar look to some of the pieces I've seen of his (like the one at Nepenthe Winery in the Adelaide hills) I rather like his work.

    And I do like the flying foxes - my son used to call me a fruit bat (which I suppose is better than an old bat).


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