Sunday Selections # 150

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.
Kim spends more time writing at The Shake these days.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to TheElephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.

Kath and Andrew often join in as well, although Kath has been quite busy lately and unable to join us.
There are several other participants now though:
Jackie K at WorkingThrough It
Gillie at Random Thoughts From Abroad

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I'm continuing with some photos of things I saw while out walking.

Last Thursday I'd been to the Arkaba Hotel to have a pre-Christmas lunch with some of the other tenants here.  The booking had been made by K, who couldn't make it in the end as she was unwell, and many of the others cancelled too, so there were just six of us, instead of the original fourteen, until we'd finished eating, then a latecomer turned up. 

This was my lunch, beer battered barramundi with chips and salad. Three of the others had the same, nobody bothered with dessert.

After the lunch I caught a bus to town to finish my Christmas shopping and decided to walk along the Parklands for a bit.

this is Rundle Park, Aboriginal name Kadlitpinna, situated between Botanic Road and Rundle Road, I'm walking along the Rundle Road side. This is the corner near the Dequetteville Terrace intersection.

a little further along towards the city.

looking across Rundle Road on my left we see the northern edge of Rymill Park, Aboriginal name Mullawirraburka. Rymill Park has a man made lake in the centre of it and several wisteria arbours popular with bridal photo groups.

looking north across Rundle Park we see a bus travelling east along Botanic Road. Beyond the bus is our Botanic Gardens. Beyond that is the Zoo. I really must get there one day soon. 

all throughout our parks there are seats, some with tables, and electronic coin operated barbecues for the public to use.

I quite like this bent tree, he's an individual, not like all the other trees.

an avenue of light and shadow

one of two popular peppercorn trees near the corner of Rundle Road and East Terrace, it has low, wide branches perfect for climbing and sitting.

the other popular peppercorn tree with even more low, wide branches. This one had little kids clambering over it, so I sat and waited for them to leave with their mums. 

From here I crossed to the city side of East Terrace and walked south towards Grenfell Street where I would catch my bus, and saw this on the footpath by one of the cafes.....

an antique adding machine which I mistook for a cash register at first. It was quite large, probably 35cm by 25cm although I didn't stop to measure it. 

After getting off my bus, while walking down my street I heard cockatoos squawking and whistling at me, so I glanced up to see.....

three of them!  That's the third one at the bottom of the photo, that little white blob.

there's a better shot. I whistled at them and they hopped around from branch to branch showing off for me. 

isn't he just gorgeous!
I had to stand quite close under the tree as the surrounding trees blocked any view of the birds, so got quite a crick in my neck from looking straight up, but they were worth it.

here they are hiding behind some leaves of the next tree over.

now there are only two, one has moved to another tree.

and here I am home again. 

Tomorrow I am off to Port Pirie on the oh-god-it's-early-o'clock bus. 

With my camera of course.


  1. Lovely walk through the park. I liked the bent tree too - character and charm.
    Good luck on the Port Pirie trip. Down and back in a day, or are you staying the night?

  2. Lovely scenery but oh those birds.

  3. Lucky you, getting to see those cockatoos in the wild. (Sue had pictures of them on her Sunday post, too... so you're both lucky ducks.) Lovely. Is barramundi some sort of fish? Looks good, whatever it is.

  4. Lunch looked good you can't beat fish and chips.
    Everything looks green and cool and you can't go past a encounter with cockatoos they are always entertaining but so noisy.

  5. This is so refreshing, with six inches of snow outside my window. I need year round green, and a couple of cockatoos, so thanks.

  6. Really nice photos, especially the cockies. They are fun to watch when they are playing.

  7. I think I can remember seeing a machine like that in an office. It's interesting as it clearly prints as well.

  8. I keep forgetting you are having warm weather now. The trees are such interesting knarly shapes.
    Your lunch must be some kind of fish that I've never heard of.
    Keep us informed if you get your kitten. I hope I don't miss it

  9. What a lovely walk around seeing your part of the world - and oh dear really, really good fish and chips (deep fried and battered of course) is my absolute downfall!

  10. Phil thinks that machine may be a Friden Accounting Machine or similar. He said those they used years ago didn't have a handle but were electric.
    I really loved the parks and those peppercorn trees are special. We don't see a lot of them over here but I've always loved them and their pink 'berries'.
    Didn't realise you have the sulphur crested cockatoos in Adelaide (we don''t here). They are such beautiful birds.
    I love the entrance to your home. You seem to have quite a large tree nearby. What type is it?
    I just checked Adelaide's forecast for the coming week and it would seem our hot weather is on its way to you. Hope it won't be too hot for you in Port Pirie and enjoy the visit with your sister.

  11. Elephant's Child; going tomorrow, coming home Thursday. I'll spend a couple of days wandering around with my camera, I found a setting especially for sunsets, so I'll get to the beach there and get a sunset if I can.

    Delores; they're gorgeous aren't they? Quite destructive sometimes too, they've been known to chew away at wooden porch railings and other fixtures.

    Susan; those birds were in a tree about ten seconds walk from my front door. Barramundi is a fish, and quite delicious too.

    Merlesworld; fish and chips are quick and easy, but I have to be careful and not eat too many chips, already I can't button my jeans. We get a lot of cockies here, usually they're flying overhead so fast I can't get photos.

    Joanne; print these out and set them on your fridge or desk.

    Andrew; I'm still trying to catch photos of the crows when they're playing, cheeky buggers know when I don't have the camera with me. All adding machines used to print, the roll of paper was often tricky to load though. You see them sometimes in old gangster movies.

    Manzanita; I love peppercorn trees, the gnarly trunks are great for climbing and make fantastic photos too. If I get one of tabby's kittens it won't be until February.

    Rose~from Oz; you can't beat fish'n'chips, did you ever buy them on the way home from the beach as a kid and tear a hole in the top of the paper packet and eat chips all the way home?

    Mimsie; there are many large trees around and I don't know what most of them are. The hanging grey-green branches at the top of the picture I think may be some kind of willow, it's very smelly when it is flowering, I have to shut my doors and windows. The dark reddish ones close to the side of my apartment are ornamental plums, I was hoping to get a few plums from them, they are sweet and juicy, but the rainbow lorikeets got them all. I've seen the forecast too, I'm going to get hot wandering around up there, but I'll have my sunscreen and I can always head to the beach and jump right in. See those few potplants on the table by my door? Most are tomatoes and cucumber, so I'll be moving them into the shower so they survive the heat while I'm gone.

  12. The food is BEAUTIFUL! And the trees! Oh my. It looks like paradise. :)

  13. Haha, not surprised you didn't need dessert after a main course like THAT!!! The Cockies might be beautiful, but their beauty isn't so apparent at 5:00 am when they start squawking!!!

  14. ..Hello River, Merry Christmas...
    I love the photos of your walk... it's very beautiful and the cockatoos....
    I think the spoons in your other post are great...
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xx

  15. Oh, fish and chips! God how I miss them - they don't have them at all here. Not even chips (they like those awful shoestring fries). I have occasionally made my own, but nothing beats a good feed from the chippy. You'll be amused to hear that I made potato cakes, to introduce my man to the joys of Adelaide comfort food. He was quite unimpressed :-) The pie floater went down a lot better, though.

    I loved looking at the parks again. I lived at Rose Park, so I often walked to town throgh those very parklands. They are looking lovely - and look at that blue sky! I had forgotten just how lovely it is to see a cloudless sky. And how great you got close to the Sulphur Crested cockies. We used to get them in the garden when the almonds were ripe, but otherwise it was mostly galahs we saw in the early evening. I've always had a soft spot for cockies - that twinkle in their eye is quite irresistable.

    I hope you have a great time in Port Pirie.

  16. I am a dodo. I did mention about the heat on this post and not on the one where you said you were off to Port Pirie.
    I think the heat was getting to me!!!

  17. Happy Elf Mom; the Parklands are looking pretty good right now, our version of paradise. The food was delicious.

    Red Nomad OZ; forget dessert, I didn't even need diner later that night. There aren't so many cockies around here so I don't hear squawking, if there is fruit on the trees we do hear the rainbow lorikeets, they are around here in the dozens.

    Barbara Neubeck, Merry Christmas to you too. I love the spoons, they have character.

    Marie; I've heard they don't do fish'n'chips up there. Those poor people don't know what they're missing. I'm not a fan of potato cakes either, try him on chips instead, slice and fry, I bet he loves them. Pie floater? I've never had one and have no intention of starting now. Green pea soup makes me queasy just looking at it.

    Mimsie; you're not a dodo, I knew what you meant.


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