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Saturday, December 7, 2013

high tea in the bath

Last Thursday when I arrived home from the shops, I found a little package waiting for me.

Woo-hoo! I like surprise of course I opened it before unloading the groceries.
Well, I did put the ice cream away first. 

I took a photo of the little box, but can't show it here as my address is clearly visible, should have turned it upside down.

This lovely card with daffodils on the front....


a slice of cake!

not real cake of course, a delightfully chocolate scented cake of soap!

it looks so delicious, I can't bring myself to use it. Not yet anyway.

And yesterday, I visited my daughter's garden again, and managed to get another cat photo.

this is the other stray cat that seems to have adopted my daughter's yard along with the pretty pregnant one.

we don't know his name, so we're calling him Gus. He doesn't seem to mind.
He's very young, very friendly and quite hungry every time he shows up.

I want to scoop him up and bring him home, but I'm sure he has an owner, he appears to be cared for, much like the other one, they don't look like they're living rough and scavenging.


  1. I can just picture my husband opening that parcel and taking a bite! Doesn't it look realistic?

    What a great surprise - and unexpected packages are always fun.

    Do you think that Gus is the father of your (possible) future kitty? I've heard of cats who make the rounds of the neighbours, eating at every house. Such little opportunists, although I'm sure my dog would give it a whirl if she thought she'd get away with it.

  2. That "cake" looks VERY inviting!!

  3. It does look realistic doesn't it? Wonderful idea, and brilliantly done.
    Gus does look like a charmer.
    We have a young tabby coming to visit us most nights. She is quite thin, so we are putting out a little dry food for her. And she had Jazz 'chat' through the screen door. Nicely too, which surprises us. Perhaps we are in the throes of acquiring another cat...

  4. Very attractive soap...chocolate scented too.

  5. The young man has an appreciative look going on. Does he have four socks, or just three?

  6. It does look good enough to eat.
    The stray cat maybe like' Who' she comes in every morning for breakfast and for tea in the evening.
    She is our cat, she is one or the twins, she likes her freedom and no one knows where she spends her days, her sister spends most of her days on my lounge and nights on someone bed, she doesn't go outside much.

  7. River,
    Awww, that is sweet of your daughter to take in strays or at least give them food.
    My old cat from the shelter has turned into a beauty. I think I may have told you or posted on it, what a bag of bones she was, a year ago. Nor could I even get close to her. She is beside me now, purring, fat, lots of pretty fur and contented as can be. Surprising what some good food, supplements and a little love can do for a cat. She amuses me all day long.

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  9. I was hoodwinked - amazed that how a slice of choc/caramel pie could survive in a parcel.

    Very realistic indeed and how very thoughful was the sender.

  10. aaaw that looks amazing. I'd not want to use it.
    I'm convinced someone feeds my cat, she's a complete porker and she gets the same as Alex. She certainly doesn't look starved!

  11. Marie; I once bought a bar of soap that looked like a block of chocolate, hubby tried to take a bite...I don't think Gus is old enough, he seems younger than the other cat, but then again, I don't know how old males need to be to father kittens.

    fishducky; it looks so real apart from the very smooth texture. and smells lovely too.

    Elephant's Child; it's a real work of art, thank you. I'm sure Jazz would welcome another kitty friend, I'm glad you're putting out food for her.

    Delores; chocolate scented is the best kind, I'm imagining walking around the shops and hearing people say, "I smell chocolate".

    Joanne; four socks and a bib. He's a winner, winds around your ankles and happy to be petted while eating too.

    Merlesworld; we should probably ask around and find the owners of these cats, especially since I'd like one of the tabby's kittens.

    Manzanita; she hasn't actually taken them in, they just turn up and get fed once a day, then disappear. I remember reading about your "bag of bones" and being glad she found you.

    mm; it does look so realistic, but I knew a slice of real cake wouldn't survive being posted, and it does smell like soap as well as chocolate.

    Fenstar; so you only have one wandering cat? Alex doesn't copy her? Usually if one goes the other will follow.

  12. Wow, some people are so talented to come up with the idea of making soap to look like and smell like cake! I too would want to look at it and not use it.


  13. betty; I'll probably look at it until the smell fades, then slice it and use it. It's too big to use as it is, I have small hands.

  14. That card is lovely and that soap. I could never use it. I have some soap in the shape of a little girl kneeling which someone gave me about 30 years ago and it still sits in the bathroom drawer. Perhaps I will give it to our 5yo ggd one day.
    That is a very nice looking cat and seems to be well cared for. We've had as many as 8 different cats in our garden at different times but since the law that cats have to be registered etc their number seems to have diminished somewhat. Makes me wonder why and hopefully no cats have been put down because of the new regulations.

  15. It is uncanny how much that soap looks like food. I am not sure I would EVER use it. For the record, I have a really difficult time using pretty soap. I buy it and then it gets stuck in the Pretty Soap Container.

  16. Mimsie; back in the days when I used to feed birds in my yard I once counted fifteen cats sitting around on fences and shed roofs waiting for me to feed birds. I got the idea they were probably wanting to eat a few birds themselves so I stopped tossing out seed.

    Robin; I've had a few boxes of pretty soaps stashed in cupboards over the years, when I moved here I used them as hand soaps in the bathroom, this one will be used too, but I'll wait until the chocolate scent disappears.

  17. HAhaha, hope you don't mistake your 'cake' for the real thing when you get the munchies one night!!!