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Monday, December 9, 2013

if I don't clean up soon I won't be able to see the table

really, it's messy here.

Not at all usual for me, but I've been letting things slide.
tsk tsk

The table is covered with clutter, the coffee table is covered with newspaper, there are folded clothes waiting to be put away, even dishes on the sink. Washed, but not dried, certainly not put away.

Seems I've been spending too much time zooming around the internet, what other explanation could there possibly be?
Or maybe it's the hours I wander around with the camera, or browsing around the shops wondering what to get so-and-so for Christmas.
Oh that's right, a gift card, easy choice, weighs nothing and fits in the handbag.
No lugging home of heavy items.

Maybe the fault lies with me staying in bed until 7am most mornings?  Then there's the afternoon nap, although I don't have one every day....

Really, where does the time go?

this is not right....must clean....

unread newspaper, I really should finish reading that so I can toss it in the recycling. There's a couple of magazines under there too, from the library, they're due back in a couple of days and I haven't even opened them yet.

and of course cooking steak and chips took a few minutes.....

and gravy, there's another two minutes. 

Add in the minutes I spent playing with this new toy...

a cute little Christmas Candy Fan. The big section at the bottom held a tiny packet of M&Ms.

hold this button in....

and the fan spins, creating the tiniest of breezes.

It's battery operated and I bought two more to give one each to my two youngest grandchildren.
I even bought extra batteries!

Guess I should stop playing and get busy tidying.


  1. Playing is more fun.
    And the tidying will wait for you. Indefinitely if it has to.

  2. Tidying up is over-rated. Wasn't there a sign that you could buy that said something like "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind." In which case you are in the peak of health!

    I love the fan - I'm sure the kids will be thrilled. And I really love your dinner plate - what a gorgeous, colourful design.

  3. Don't worry you are among friends, I have pockets of mess too.

  4. I gave the grands one of these each when the little girl had the chicken pox. Great fun.

  5. Yummers!!!

    Nevermind the tidying. You live alone. It's not like social services can take YOU away from YOURSELF. :)

  6. I swear I don't know how things get so messy either. It has to be coming from me because there is no one else in my house. Perhaps we have messy fairies who borrow things and don't put them back where they got them. How about that?

  7. That is a cute M&M fan; I'm sure your grandchildren will like it! It is hard to know where the time goes these days. Even work days that seemed to drag by are speeding by these days, scary almost to think that 2013 is almost over and it just seems like it started.

    Doesn't look like too much to tidy up, bet you could get it all done in just a jiffy!


  8. Nothing makes a place look untidier than newspapers. You might enjoy the YT video I have planned for Friday. It explains much.

  9. Once it starts it's like a house of cards, isn't it.

  10. I used to be a real stickler about keeping everything neat and clean around the house, but I decided, phooey on that! Life's too short. We might as well play and have fun while we can.

  11. Unlike everyone else here, I have to tidy things up before I can fully enjoy my naps and toys. It's that beautiful built-in GUILT that is the culprit. Every flat surface is a holding pen around here and the paperwork starts getting stacked until the important things are on the bottom.

    I guess if I had no tables, everything would have to lay on the floor.

  12. Elephant's Child; very true, I'll try and live with it a day longer.

    Marie; maybe over-rated, but when I've been out and about, I do prefer coming home to a tidy house. At the very least the bed must be made and the sink clean and empty. I have six of those dinner plates, a Christmas gift from my daughter about 12 years ago.

    fishducky; alright, but when I can't find the laptop for the mess, I'll have to stop and clean, okay?

    Merlesworld; so as long as I can still walk about in here it should be okay, right?

    Delores; I think this may be the last year I can get things like this for them, they're growing up too fast.

    Happy Elf Mom; I'd like to see them try....

    Manzanita; messy fairies! Of course! I knew that mess couldn't be all mine....

    betty; I could probably get it all stashed away in 10 minutes, it's just a scoop and dump manouver really.

    Andrew; the newspapers are gone, everything else is stacked in one pile and those dishes got put away.

    Joanne; house of cards, giant snowball, domino just goes on and on.

    Susan; me too. I remember one day years ago, hearing one of my kids say to the others, "watch out, Mum's in cleaning mode!" I'm a bit more relaxed now, but not usually to this extent.

    lotta joy; I don't have guilt, I just prefer order and organisation. Usually I tidy up before I go out anywhere, it's so nice to come home to a clean house where I can put my feet up and have coffee without having to wash a cup first. I'm getting too slack lately.

  13. I agree with the commenters here. My house is usually messy and I always told myself it's because I work full-time. Then when I was off work for a few months the house didn't get any better! When I blitz it every few weeks I'm always quite dismayed that the next day I have to tidy and clean again. And the next day, and the next.... Somehow this always surprises me.
    That dinner looks DELICIOUS.

  14. When I was working full time my house was so organised and tidy. Now that I've slipped out of routine things aren't as neat and I find I can't be bothered sorting stuff like I used to. Now and again I blitz through the rooms, all three of them....

  15. My computer has been going off and on all day (problems at the local exchange probably the cause) so decided with Phil's help to wrap the 3 remaining HUGE gifts for the little g.grandies. Had to tidy the desk we put in the living room to do it so two birds with one stone. Tidied desk and wrapped pressies.
    Phil has a bad habit of leaving the Weekend Australian all over the floor near his armchair. I pick it up and put it on his footstool and there it is...back on the floor. I am always glad that recycle bin day is Tuesday so the papers go out then.
    I'm rather good at blitzing too but more of a slow blitz in my case. lol
    Love that little plaything of yours.

  16. No! I wouldn't waste precious time putting thing away .... I mean you've only got to get them out again .... and that takes time and energy !! I must take a trip into the city and check out the pretty Chrissy decorations.

  17. Mimsie; that's one reason I need to clear the table, so I can wrap presents. Put a tiny side table next to Phil's armchair for the papers, then he won't kick them off when he needs to put his feet up.

    Dianne; these are mostly things that need to be in the recycling bin and I need the empty table to wrap presents on. also to roll out pastry for the mince pies.