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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

call me lazy....

sometimes I think about vacuuming.

keyword think.

I don't have carpets, just one small bedside rug about 75cm square.
So my floors are cool and smooth and I like to walk around with bare feet.

But Adelaide is a dusty place and this dust gets inside via under door gaps, around window gaps, it comes in on my shoes, on the wheels of my granny trolley, and through the airconditioner which I now have.  (yay, cool air!)
It settles on the furniture, which I can ignore for quite a while, (months, years) and it settles on the floors, and I can only ignore that for a few days, after that I'm walking around feeling the dust and minute gritty particles.

I tell myself I should vacuum, but that involves more work than I'd like. (lazy, that's me)
First I have to get the machine from the back porch, then connect the hoses, then I need to drag out the super long extension cord and plug that in, plug the vacuum cord into that, then vacuum the house apartment flat.
Then when I've finished, I have to undo the whole thing and pack it away again.

It's really not that much work, but it is quicker to grab the broom, sweep, then pick up the dust with the dustpan and brush.  Right?

But...(heh, always a but) the time I sweep the dust into a pile, then chase down the fluff bunnies that swirled away and bent down to sweep under the bed and couch, the time difference isn't all that much. And while sweeping, some dust will always manage to get away.
So by the time I'm finished I'm mentally kicking myself for not getting the vacuum and doing a proper job.
So, defluff the broom, pick up the pile of dust and fluff, wash my hands and sit down to recover, telling myself I will definitely get the vacuum out next time.

But do I? Heck no! it's too much work to get the machine in from the porch.........


  1. Lazy? Absolutely not! just think of all that broom workout - I sometimes find a broom much handier too.

  2. Get yourself one of those micro fibre mops...they do a great job at picking up all the little bits and bobs and then you shake it out and throw it in the washer. No sweeping no dustpan...yay.

  3. :-) I have grandchildren to run the vacuum. I do take care of my room, for which I use the micro fiber mops and dust cloths. Where were these things when I was a child!

  4. I agree--those microfiber mops should be great for you!!

  5. I knew a girl called Dirty Lyn, she lived in low-rise public housing. We had to kick rubbish aside as we entered her joint and there was always a pile of it under the kitchen table. She had encrusted plates of half-eaten old meals in her fridge and used tampons in the hall cupboard. She always had her blinds right down because one day her sister had sprung a visit on her and told her off for all that mess. This had a bad effect on Dirty because whenever a car stopped outside she'd scamper to the window fearful that it might be her sister. If it had been there's no way Dirty would have been 'at home'. All this terror made life hard for her and I might have suggested she just tidy the place up a bit, but there other ways to waste your time.

  6. I'm not a fan of the vacuum cleaner either. I've had a close call with it a little while back that has me wary of it :)
    I would much prefer non-carpeted floors, but hubby loves them.
    I agree with Delores, perhaps a micro fibre mop sounds like a good idea. I have a micro fibre duster and really like it.

  7. You are not alone in this avoidance. Thankfully, it is just the two of us, and he covers most of the floor with his newspapers and science magazine.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. Which I probably didn't want. The cats are moulting. Big time. If only I could knit I could knit another cat (or two). I really need to vaccuum again. Soon.

  9. Why is so hard to get the vacuum out, mine is a dyson so no joining hoses or anything required but still I sweep most of the time, my floors are wood and only a few mats.

  10. Molly; sweeping is quite a workout when you do it properly.

    Delores; I've never even thought about getting a micro fibre mop. See? Even my brain is lazy.

    Joanne; micro fibre seems like it might be a good idea, since I don't have grandchildren to do my sweeping.

    fishducky; I'll check them out next time I'm at the shops, which won't be for a while, it's too hot to get outside this week. 41C and climbing by 11am today.

    R.H. in the hall cupboard?? That's an odd place for those things, I wonder if she was mentally stable?

    Vicki; I remember your close call. Mine is friendly enough, but without carpets I just can't convince myself it's worth getting out.

    Susan Kane; newspapers and magazines should hide any dust and spills quite effectively.

    Elephant's Child; you're welcome, ha ha. Don't you sometimes feel, as I do, that we were meant to have minions and lackeys and our delivery storks got their GPS systems screwed up?

    Merlesworld; I've heard about Dysons, at first they were hideously expensive, so I stuck with my little Hoover which is now about 10 years old and does a great job. Grabbing the broom is quicker though, especially if I'm just doing the kitchen to get up the crumbs.

  11. Our cleaning lady vacuums right though and very thoroughly too. We have a little upright rechargeable vacuum which is a delight to use on the carpets (even I can use it if my back's not too bad) and it only takes up a tiny bit of room in the corner of the kitchen when on recharge.
    No matter how much he says he wipes his feet well Phil, when doing the twice weekly watering in particular, brings sand in and I never wear shoes in the house in summer and it's like walking on gravel to my feet. Therefore the kitchen and laundry get swept regularly.
    I remember my son saying many years ago that vacuuming is one of the worst jobs anyone has to do. Dysons may be good but not everyone can afford them....they still are very dear.
    The other thing of course is one of those robots that cleans when you are out but from what I've heard they can be a tad unpredictable and I'm not sure they are all that cheap either.
    I am sure you are doing an excellent job keeping your home neat and tidy and would never fear to open the door to visitors.
    I do hope you are managing to keep cool and I can imagine how much that new aircon is making your life so much better during your current heatwave.

  12. Mimsie; I remember something my mum saying when I was very little, always keep your house as clean as if you are expecting company. I don't have a spotless show home, but I'm never ashamed to ask anyone in. I'm very grateful for my aircon, it's now 44C outside and my home is 24C in the lounge, a touch warmer in the bedroom, but still very comfortable.

  13. Glad you are managing to keep cool. I heard on the news that many spot fires have been started by lightning in your state and there are fires in Victoria as well. 52 homes were lost here on the weekend and the fire was (it is thought) started by a private power pole on private property. The owner is responsible for the maintenance of the wires and pole so I am wondering what will happen if that was the cause.
    My mum always said "make your bed every morning and make sure the dishes are done and then if anyone calls your house will look quite tidy". I guess there's something in that but if our beds aren't made I just shut the bedroom door. lol
    I often don't make them in summer as I fold the bedclothes back to air the bed if it's been a hot night.
    Stay cool!!!

  14. You need to get duster slippers so you can clean while you walk around. :-)

    We also have hard floors (wooden) and I sweep a thousand times a day because the dog seems to bring in a lot of grit from outside. Like you I should vacuum, but it's such a pain to haul it all out, then have the dog scared and quaking while I use it that I prefer to just shift the dust elephants around with the broom. I'm pretty sure my gran is turning in her grave.

  15. I see that my suggestion of a micro fibre mop has already been taken. There are all sorts of easy to use cleaning devices for wood floors now that are much more effective than a broom.

  16. Mimsie; I'm the same with my bed, made first thing unless it's been a hot night, then I air it until lunch time. It has to be made before I can get in, it's just more comfortable for me that way.

    Marie; dust slippers? I'll check that link as soon as I publish these replies. I'm glad I don't have pet hair and dust to contend with. Yet.

    Robin; crappy old and cracked vinyl flooring but cleaning is the same. I'll be looking into a microfibre mop as soon as the weather cools down enough for me to leave the house.