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Thursday, January 23, 2014

here's a surprise

Do you all remember the two cats that have adopted my daughter's yard?

Not as a permanent home, they just hang around until someone feeds them, then disappear.

the grey tabby, who turned out to be pregnant and had her babies just before Christmas,

and the black and white, who we have been calling Gus.

Now for the surprise....Gus is a girl!!

And pregnant.
I saw her yesterday.
Definitely pregnant.

Fairly close to birthing too, if her discomfort yesterday is any indication.


  1. If I hang around, will you feed me, too? I promise I'm not pregnant ... if I was, you'd read it about it in the National Enquirer ...

  2. And at least one of Gus's babies has a home!!!

  3. I'm waiting to hear which ones you please....cute baby kittie pictures.

  4. Can you get near the mama's? The tabby is a beauty.

  5. I like the tabby, I think they have the nicest personalities of all the cats, nice and calm.
    Never owned a white cat but a friend of mine did and he was troubled with skin cancers on the ears alright if they are always indoors.

  6. So nice that these lovlies have your kind-hearted daughter feed them.

    I really like the grey tabby - stunning markings.
    If I could, I would love have one of her kittens. So sweet.

    I wish "Gus" all the best for her birthing.

  7. Cathy Oliffe-Webster; that is my daughter's home, I'm not sure she'd feed you unless you volunteered to wash the dishes too.

    Elephant's Child; I don't know about Gus's babies. I left a letterbox drop asking about the tabby's babies, but haven't heard back yet. I'll have to have a think about whether or not to ask about Gus's babies.

    Delores; I'm still waiting to hear back from the cat owners.

    Joanne; yes, the cats are happy to be petted and scratched.

    Merlesworld; I like the tabby too, all my previous cats have been tabbies, mostly the black and grey, a ginger tabby when I was five and another ginger tabby more recently, about 18-19 years ago.

    Vicki; she has to otherwise they get inside and eat Missy's food and then go through the kitchen bin. I'm hoping for one of her kittens, but haven't heard anything yet. I suggested they contact me by February 10th, the kittens should be 9-10 weeks old by then. I suspect Gus will be a mama by the time I visit again.

  8. Your daughter is a sweetheart to take care of them.

  9. How sad really, way too many kittens being born and it's sad to think many of them will not find a family to adopt.

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  11. DeniseinVA; if she doesn't feed them they come inside and help themselves to her cat's food. I don't think she minds too much.

    Kymbo; you're right. K is wondering about these two cats and who owns them, she is hoping they will be spayed after the kittens are weaned. Me too. I hope they aren't going to be left to have litter after litter after litter; that's just wrong. I will adopt one kitten if I can, waiting for tan owner to contact me, but I can't take a whole bunch.

  12. That tabby is so gorgeous and now we know 'Gus is not the dad of that's one babies.
    Have you put your name down for a kitten anywhere yet? I hope you will have your very own soon.
    If you find out who the owners are of those two cats will you mentioned sterilisation? You would probably be told to mind your own business but perhaps could mention the new rules about registering cats etc. etc. Your call but one does worry about unwanted kittens.

  13. Well, that's a surprise. Poor sweetie being pregnant in that heat. You wonder who owns these cats and why they haven't had them spayed. I do hope you get at least one of them so that there's a happy ending for one kitty. I'd have taken one of the tabby kittens in a flash if I still lived in Adelaide.

  14. poor puddy cat being pregnant in this weather. I wonder if the babies survived.

  15. Mimsie; I knew Gus was close to birth on Tuesday. I dropped in there today and she's had the babies, turned up on my daughter's back porch for food as soon as I opened the back door, with the tabby a couple of seconds behind her. I haven't put my name down anywhere for a kitten, I'm still waiting to hear back from the owner of the tabby. I might contact the vet in that area and see if they do letterbox drops about the need for registration and sterilising.

    Marie; we've had a hot week or two, but broken up with beautiful cooler weather and the cats don't seem to have been bothered by the heat. If I don't get contacted by the tabby owner for a kitten, I'll adopt one from the animal shelter.

    Kelley; apart from the heatwaves, we haven't been too hot here. The cats appear to be fine, not suffering at all. Gus has had her babies now. She probably has a nice shady spot for them somewhere. There's always a big bowl of water on K's back porch.

  16. awww shucks. Beautiful Cats, do ye guys have a feral cat rescue org, who go around and catch feral cats, neuter them and either release them, or find homes for babies (as adults are hard to calm I believe, but could be wrong).

  17. The Wicked Writer; I believe there is a feral cat organisation, but pretty sure these two aren't feral, they're too well cared for. Very clean, no fleas, friendly too.