Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, January 20, 2014

it helps if you make your food look attractive

when it's too hot to cook, but you know you'd better eat something, because if you don't you know your stomach will haul itself into the kitchen and devour everything in sight while you're not looking.


  1. You're a wonder. I probably would eat the same, just not so prettily.

  2. Very nice...cooling too.

  3. Such a pretty plate and colourful food! :)

  4. LOVE that plate - and the food looks pretty good too. Except the cucumber. Bleah.

  5. We have had salad for tea for 5 nights now I running out of ideas to make it different.

  6. Lovely and looks so refreshing.
    Feast with your eyes first!

  7. To Elephant's Child: May I have your cucumber?

  8. That looks delightful and I love that plate too. I try to make our salads look attractive as we eat them right through summer. Enjoy all of them and we know they are good for us too. A small amount of protein is always added of course; tinned salmon, chicken, tinned herrings and perhaps a grilled pork cutlet if the day is not too hot.
    Just looking at that plate of your is making my mouth water. Must be closing in on lunchtime here!
    Another book(Bolt)will be on it way sometime this week.

  9. The food is framed by that plate, gorgeous!

  10. You can have my cucumber, too.

  11. Joanne; usually I put everything in a bowl and toss it with a little dressing, but I had no dressing left, so made a pretty arrangement instead.

    Delores; it was very cooling, almost frosty, just what I needed in this hot weather.

    Happy Elf Christine; the plate is one of six, identical, given to me for Christmas one year by my daughter. I find colourful food easier to eat than monochrome.

    Elephant's Child; isn't it a fabulous plate? My daughter found them years ago in a specialty shop and bought them for me. They're almost 14 years old now. The food was yummy.

    Merlesworld; spoon potato salad into lettuce cups and arrange them around slices of melon on a platter?

    Vicki; visual is as important as taste. Imagine a white plate with mashed potatoes, white fish under white sauce...appealing? No.

    fishducky; too late, I ate ALL the cucumber. Had to go out and buy more...

    Mimsie; I didn't bother with a protein portion since I'd had a chicken sandwich for lunch. I'll keep an eye out for the book.

    Susan Kane; looks good enough to eat?

  12. I adore your plate - so cheerful and colourful. I think a nice plate is a perfect frame for food.

    That's a perfect meal for a scorching hot day when the thought of cooking is just too much. And I'll take Elephant Child's cucumber - there's nothing more refreshing on a hot day.

  13. Looks pretty and yummy. If only I could eat like this year 'round I wouldn't be so round.

  14. Marie; I love my plates, they look good no matter what I put on them.

    Linda; me too, unfortunately I'm a fan of all things sweet and high calorie.

  15. Oh my, that does look attractively presented and very healthy.
    er, no ice-cream?
    Um, yuk cucumber.
    I wished I reached for a delicious healthy plate of salad when Im melting and hot, but ice-cream does it for me :)