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Saturday, January 25, 2014

It seems something has bitten me

Doesn't look like a vampire isn't on the neck either.

Probably not a werewolf or zombie, it's much too small.

And I didn't feel anything, just woke up with an itchy red patch just over a week ago.

It looked rough as if I had scratched it in my sleep, so I assumed it was a hive, (I get hives now and again), dabbed it with Dettol antiseptic and forgot about it. Until it itched again. I dabbed it again and forgot about it. get the picture.

By the next day it still hadn't disappeared, usually an itchy hive would be gone a day later.
And I never get the red patch around a hive, just the itchy little pimple.

this is it today, see that tiny "hole" in the centre?
Site of the bite I reckon.
The red patch around it was larger yesterday, you might be able to make out the pink wider edge and where it goes down towards the armpit a bit?  All of that was almost as red as the bit around the bite, probably from scratching. In my sleep.

a clearer look?
Anyway, it itches occasionally, I forget that it is there until I scratch, then I apply more Dettol antiseptic.  And hope it will go away soon.  Or at least stops itching.
It doesn't hurt and I'm not sick from it, so it isn't a bite from anything venomous.
I'm not concerned, (much), but if it doesn't disappear in the next week, I'll see my doctor.

Do earwigs bite? I get them inside, they come through the cracks under the skirting board.
I have spiders too, I found a dead one in my summer pyjamas drawer in between two pairs of shorts.


  1. I had similar on my hand, but my bedroom is tightly sealed unless I open the window. I don't have a clue what bit me, but it lasted days, only occasionally itching. I've never experienced anything like that before.

  2. Earwigs don't bite. Thank gawd. It's always the bites we don't know how they happened, that itch the most. It could be a spider, but the center hole doesn't look right. It's not puffy or swollen, just a hole. But you do have lovely skin, so there's that in your favor. *smile*

  3. Do you keep pets indoors? Infant fleas can be imperceptibly tiny, yet wide-ranging and voracious. I don't like to think about how I found that out, but best look into it.

  4. I don't like the way that red patch is spreading.....wouldn't hurt to have someone look at it.

  5. I don't know a thing about earwigs, but have a couple of spider bits to my credit. I'd blame the latter.

  6. It looks very uncomfortable! Whatever it's from, I hope it heals up soon. :-(

  7. Andrew; occasional itching for days is what I'm getting. The itch is much less today and there is dry skin around the bit site.

    lotta joy; lovely skin? thank you. So a bite would be swollen? Maybe it was before I scratched it....

    Geo; I don't have any pets at all, so that rules out fleas. I've had flea bites before, years ago and get a whole body hives reaction.

    Delores; it is shrinking not spreading, so nothing to worry about and the itch is much less too.

    Joanne; I don't think I've ever had spider bites, so can't really compare this to anything.

    Cassandra; it was more uncomfortable, but easing off now.

  8. If you were here I'd say it looked like a tick bite, but I believe you don't have deer ticks in Australia. Other than that, I'd guess it could be a house spider bite or a bed bug.

    I've found Tea Tree Oil to be effective against insect bite itching. I never get bitten by anything (L-G says they wouldn't dare bite me) but my poor husband is an insect magnet, especially in summer and Tea Tree Oil really helps. I buy the Australian Body Care brand pure oil, but you probably have more to choose from in Oz. I hope the itch goes soon.

    Meanwhile, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite :-)

  9. I got onto Google and looked at lots of different bites and none seemed to resemble the one you have.
    If you don't want to bother your GP your pharmacist is often one who can help you and suggest appropriate treatment. I don't like the way it seems to be travelling downwards but I note you've said it is improving so hopefully it will be OK before too long.
    Actually come to think of it I occasionally will wake up with a single bite usually in the vicinity of my shoulder (or even under my arm) which will last for a few days but without going very red. Perhaps we are both being attacked by the same unknown critter!!

  10. Marie; definitely not bed bugs. I don't have any and I believe they would bite all over not just one bite in one spot. I don't have any tea tree oil left, that's why I've been applying antiseptic. it's getting better now, the red patch is much smaller and the itching is less.

    Mimsie; I didn't think to google bites, probably that's a good thing...
    The red only travelled downwards on the first day and was probably a reaction to me scratching.
    I find it odd that you have the same thing sometimes, if you find what caused it, let me know.
    I'm wondering if some tiny spider might have hitch hiked inside on my clean washing, usually I shake everything really well, but maybe something was caught in a shoulder seam...I'll be more vigilant from now on.

  11. Gosh River, you don't get those horrid 'white tail' spiders do you? Horrid critters. Apple cider vinegar gives wonderful relief for all types of bites. Just keep applying every hour, with ice in between. (providing its not from a venomous critter in which case you'd best dash for the hospital!)
    And I agree, you do have lovely skin.

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  13. There is nothing worse that an itch!!! I hope it starts to feel better. I always scratch and scratch and make things worse!! x

  14. OOH! That looks unpleasant, River.

    I'm sure the doc will have something that will ease the annoyance.




  15. I am not a bite expert, so I just don't know. I hope it heals up soon.

  16. I agree with Delores - a trip to the Doc to check it out would be wise - it does seem to be reddening a bit more than it should. Hope it's better soon.

  17. Rose~from OZ; I've seen white tails, but only in the yard and not in my yard, so I'm safe from those. I'll remember the tip about ACV, I always have some in the cupboard, but there's no ice here, I could use a pack of frozen peas if necessary. It seems to be healing up now.

    Alan Abraham; dermatologists in Delhi? That's a bit far for me to travel....I'll find someone local.

    Farmer's Wifey; I scratch and then apply antiseptic, it stings a bit but usually stops the itch, then I don't scratch. Unless it itches again.

    Plasman; the annoyance is already easing, I think it will be gone in a week, no need for a doctor.

    Robin; me neither, I so rarely get bitten, even mosquitos leave me alone. It's healing now.

    Molly; it did get quite red, but the red patch is much smaller today and the itch is gone, so I'll leave it alone. I don't think it will flare up at all, so there's no need for a doctor.