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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've....sort of....given up chocolate

Not on purpose you understand, just sort of...drifted into it.

I haven't eaten any for quite a while, there's a full, unopened block of chocolate in my fridge that has been there since last November.
I'm not avoiding it on purpose, but I don't feel the urge to tear off the wrapping and break off a row or two.
I pass through the confectionery aisle in the supermarket and look at all the pretty packets and wrappers, I've even gazed at the boxes of chocolates, but never once reached out to put a box in my trolley.
I don't spend hours mindlessly putting just another square in my mouth while reading blogs or watching TV. It's a habit I'm happy to drop.

It's odd behaviour, and I don't understand it, but I'm not going to analyse it.
I'll just accept the fact that I now have extra dollars left in my purse at the end of the week.

Does anyone else have these sudden drop-offs in dietary habits? Without realising it at first?


  1. There seems to have been a chocolate slow down here too. We have a LOT of chocolate in the house (Christmas presents), and his high and skinniness added to it by buying four boxes of chocolates in the sales. Which haven't been opened. Which is fine.

  2. Ooh, I'd realize I gave up chocolate RIGHT AWAY. :)

  3. Perhaps your magnesium is adequate. Cocao or chocolate is very high in magnesium. Chocolate is very good for one but not the sugar. And then many people are just addicted to the sweet taste.... like I like the taste of "white gold honey" made in Caada. I could eat a whole jar of that.

  4. That's good, wish I could, I don't eat much cake or biscuits and never eat lollies but chocolate is another thing, put me in a room with a box of chocolates they will go I don't care who owns them they are mine, i just can't help it.

  5. We bought a very small box of extremely good chocolates (12 in the box) just before Christmas and it lasted us all the way to New Years Day. I like chocolate but I don't eat very much of it. You are right though...I baked lots of cookies over the holidays and gave 9/10's of them away. I just didn't have the desire for them. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!!!

  6. In answer to your last questions River - oh never chocolate! and most certainly never Cadburys!!
    (I am off chocolate though but not by way of a involuntary drop off) but by will power and a new year's resolution! :)

  7. Perhaps it's time, and your body doesn't require/want/need/crave it anymore.
    Perhaps it's a cycle, and you might return to it further down the track.
    The hot weather can be a turn off.

    I am, and always have been, a chocolate imbiber.
    I eat seriously copious amounts of the stuff - without guilt or regret.
    I'm fully aware of the "addictive" substances and compounds in it, and that's OK with me.
    Many people don't like to admit their addiction.
    Not me... hello, my name is Vicki and I'm a chocaholic :)

  8. I guess I am off chocolate too unless I can find some more around the house. I had just consumed the last chocolate kiss when I opened this post. I am eating my way through 9 degree F cold snap here in the South..US. There must be more chocolate around here. The taste of chocolate has just about left my mouth!

  9. Chocolate is one of those things I thing about and don't eat because they're like trying to digest steel wool. Interestingly, the aversion is higher than the desire; I don't even think about it any more. Or current jelly in donuts. Or pizza. Or spaghetti sauce. Or....

  10. Thank you Joanne, I'm now drooling for a donut. I think it must be the Christmas overload of sweet goodies not that I had many of those.
    I have two blocks of Lindt in the cupboard and haven't touched them. I seem to have gone crazy for toast and marmalade though.

  11. How can ANYONE give up chocolate?????

  12. I seldom eat chocolate but Phil has 4 little squares of 70% each night when I have my drumstick. Some time ago I used to half a glass of red wine with my dinner but haven't done that for months now. Desire seemed to disappear. As I have to watch my weight (easy to see too as it's all over me) I guess not having choc or wine is not a bad thing for me.
    I didn't know chocolate contained magnesium which I am apparently short of but that is not going to make me eat choc instead of taking a tablet each day!!
    I always thought it was the fat in chocolate that was the bad thing more than the sugar but probably both not good if you are overweight or diabetic.

  13. Good for giving up chocolate! I just don't buy it because once it is bought, it is eaten here.


  14. I go through stages like that, won't eat chocolate for months then suddenly I'll eat a few bars each day and it'll suddenly stop somewhere between a 2 and 5 kilo weight increase :P

  15. Elephant's Child; I remember the last time I went off chocolate, not on purpose then either, I just didn't buy it or eat it for a year, from 1989 to 1990 and lost 13 kgs.

    Happy Elf Christine; If I gave up on purpose, I'd notice because I'd still be wanting it but denying myself the pleasure. This is different, I don't even think about the chocolate, when I noticed it in the fridge I realised I'd bought it last year and the forgot about it.

    Manzanita; that's possible. Ham is high in magnesium I've heard and there's been quite a bit of Christmas ham going into sandwiches and on pizza.

    Merlesworld; I eat cake maybe a couple of times a year, and biscuits even less, it's always been chocolate for me. But now I just don't seem to have the urge to eat any or even buy any. I did this once before about 25 years ago, stayed off chocolate for about a year.

    Delores; I had intentions of baking cookies, but made mince pies instead and gave away most of them.

    Rose~from Oz; I gave up Cadburys a long time ago in favour of a brand with more cocoa content. Cadburys suddenly tasted too sweet and not at all chocolatey, about 4 years ago.

    Vicki; I agree it's probably a cycle. I usually eat quite a lot of chocolate, although not as much as when I was young. Then it was 2-3 blocks a week plus boxes of filled chocolates. Now it's more like one block a week. Until now when I'm eating none and not wanting to. I have a t-shirt that reads Choose Chocolate across the front.

    Linda; I have some in my fridge, how far away are you? Ha Ha. Have a hot chocolate drink instead.

    Joanne; chocolate is like steel wool to your digestive system? That sounds awful, no wonder you don't eat it. I wouldn't either if that was the case here. Pizza and spaghetti sauce have the same effect? I'm sure there are many other foods you can have instead, but I think I'd be lost without spaghetti.

    JahTeh; I go through toast and marmalade crazes too, usually in winter, it's my bedtime snack choice on cold nights. Hot toast, real butter and tangy marmalade.

    fishducky; doesn't seem possible does it? I saw the block in the fridge and realised I hadn't eaten any since November. And I don't want to.

    Mimsie; that's it! The desire just disappeared. I didn't know about the magnesium either, it's probably listed in the fine print, but who reads that on a chocolate wrapper? It will be nice if I lose a few pounds, but now that I'm not working it's less likely.

    betty; that used to be me too. Buy it, eat it. Now it doesn't even cross my mind.

    Jayne; usually I eat chocolate every day, for years and years, then one day I'll realise I haven't had any in months. The desire disappears without me noticing. That's probably easier than trying not to eat it because I'm on a diet or something.

  16. I subsist on dark chocolate covered flat pretzels. Yes, I am a chocoholic. Is ay they are a treat, but they are really a must!

  17. I've never liked chocolate (or anything sweet) and never understood its appeal, although I am married to a "chocolatarian" (his word) who vacuums up any chocolate in a 100 metre radius, while remaining toothpick thin.

    I'd like to give up Cheese-Doodles but I can't. They have a tendency to take my self-control, screw it up into a little ball and throw it in the bin. I do try and leave them at the shop, where their orange cheeesy goodness cannot call to me from the kitchen pantry, and where their salty puffy commas cannot become my primary intake for the next two days.

    But my becoming a vegetarian was much like your chocolate journey. I sort of started choosing other things to cook quite unconsciously I think, then after some time discovered that I hadn't eaten meat in a while, didn't miss it and have not gone back to it. My reasons for not eating it have developed over the years, but initially there was no conscious decision, just as you say, I drifted into it.

  18. Good for you. It is much worse to start craving chocolate and eat it like crazy. I have heard that if you can quit sweets for something like a week the urge begins to pass. When you start eating it again, the urge kicks in again. Makes it sound pretty darn addictive now that I put it on paper.

  19. Linda O'Connell; I don't like dark chocolate much, the stuff that is 70% or more is just too bitter for me. If it is broken up with something, like the Cadbury Rum and Raisin, I don't mind, but still can't eat more than a few squares.

    Marie; I think it is very unfair that anyone can vacuum up chocolate and remain toothpick thin.
    I avoid the orange cheesy yumminess for the same reason, plus I don't like the way my teeth feel after eating them.
    I often don't eat meat for a while, but I realise it's been too long when my body says I MUST have a steak for dinner in no uncertain terms. Usually straight after I realise I've been more tired more often. It's amazing the difference meat does for me. And I've found out chicken or fish, even ham don't help, it has to be beef.

    Robin; sugar is very addictive and I get enough in other foods that I don't need chocolate. I find it much harder to quit if I try on purpose. When the desire fades away quietly on its own, giving up is so much easier.

  20. no not really, I had to temper my chocolate eating as it aided in giving me migraines and as a result my sweet consumption just fell away

  21. The Wicked Writer; that's a shame. my youngest also gets bad headaches from chocolate.