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Thursday, January 9, 2014

recent conversation with my girl

She was visiting my home, or maybe I was visiting her, I don't remember exactly, but I was washing dishes....I seem to do that a lot, don't I?

I called out to her and asked, "do you remember when you were in high school and every night you would come into the kitchen and dry the dishes for me?"

K..."yeeeeesss", very slowly with a suspicious look at me.

Me...."want to do that again?"

K..."what? go back to school?"

She's a cheeky girl.


  1. I have three cunning girls and get no help with the washing up either... Thats what we get for bringing them up smart..

  2. Kymbo; oddly enough, while she was in high school, the dish drying was voluntary. She'd hear me washing up and wander out of her room and pick up a tea towel and start drying. For two years!

  3. Haha! This is like a conversation I would have with my mum! :-D

  4. Cassandra Louise; welcome to drifting. We have many such conversations now that she is an adult.

    Andrew; it runs in the family, mostly on her father's side, but my mum was pretty quick too.

  5. Hi River, returning the visit to say hello and to say it is lovely meeting you. Your daughter has a great sense of humor. This made me smile. Happy New Year to you and your family, and I look forward to visiting again.

  6. Very cute and witty. Sounds like something my son would say.

  7. Denisein VA; welcome to drifting. my girl is quite reserved and shy, but she can be funny when the occasion calls for it.

    Vicki; witty, I don't know about cute. Maybe if she were younger. she's 37.

  8. Like mother, like daughter. I am pretty certain that you underestimate yourself. Often.

  9. When it comes to dishes and mothers it's hard to take a lass unawares.

  10. She sounds like me :-)

    I often have these sort of replies for people, but you get that way when your job requires you to interpret words and meanings and find loopholes for your clients. And being a bit naughty and twisted helps.

    I was always thrilled when my kids volunteered for any chore (after I overcame the suspicion that I was about to be asked to agree to some treat for them in exchange for services rendered). Sadly, I found them very keen when they were tiny and incapable of being of any assistance. As they grew more capable, they developed diva tendencies and believed they should be waited on hand and foot. I even recall my son telling his friend who was about to put his glass and plate in the sink to "Leave it. Mum will fix it." Although I did hear from other parents about how helpful they were when they visited their homes.

    Another time, my mother-in-law asked my 12 year old to give her a hand carrying the shopping home and he told her "Nonna, I'm your grandson, not your donkey".

  11. Some of the best times I recall were had when Mom and we girls washed and dried the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen. I wish I could have a day like that again with Mom and my sister.

  12. Excellent. We know she came for the towel and got to it.

  13. Elephant's Child; I underestimate on purpose, I've been told, because I don't want to be involved, I don't want to be one of the crowd, told by a customer once. She may have been right, all I know is I prefer to stay home when I can and interacting too much with people gives me a bad headache and churning stomach.

    Delores; true, you have to catch them young. Even then once they're high school age, they have selective deafness regarding kitchen work. Can you believe I have a photo showing three of them washing and drying when they were younger?

    Rick Watson; she's a great kid, one of the best.

    Marie; a bit naughty and twisted describes my four perfectly and the grandkids too! I'm a little surprised that your son would speak to his Nonna like that though. I hope he said it jokingly as he took the shopping.

    Susan Kane; could you invite them over for a dishwashing party? I used to enjoy hearing my kids mess about with the dishes while I tended the baby.

    Joanne; the first few times she did this just about blew my socks off.