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Saturday, January 4, 2014

resolutions? try these......

........................they sound pretty good to me.

I found this at

along with Icanhazcheezburger it's one of my favourite sites.

Not too happy about one of the sidebar advertisements talking to me though.


  1. Great resolutions!

    (About the ads - I've been using Adblocker Plus and I haven't seen an ad on the internet in years. If you search for you can select it for whatever browser you are using. Works a treat.)

  2. Those are all pretty good.....I like "eat more chocolate" and "take more naps".

  3. Note to Marie.....thanks for the 'heads up' re adblock. I just applied it and can't believe the difference.

  4. Saw that doggie thing on Facebook.. almost reposted it! Very cute.

    And hey on the Adblocker! Must try!

  5. Haven't seen this before , I could keep most of these, I often think that a doggie and cats life is so much easier than ours.

  6. I always manage to fart without shame...then blame the dogs *snort*

  7. I see a thing or two on there I can tell you are already in my repertoire.

  8. Love it. Do some of it, and should do more. And am heading off to Adblocker now. Thank you Marie.

  9. I always knew dogs are smarter!

  10. I liked them all, especially resolution #10 and #12!


  11. Some excellent resolutions there. I too like 10 and 12. Our canine and feline friends could all teach us a thing or two.
    Not sure about ads on the internet. When do you see them? I don't know that they are a problem for me.

  12. Marie; thank you so much for the tip, I had no idea there was such a program. I'll tell my daughter too.

    Delores; I like the sound of those two as well.

    Cathy Oliffe-Webster; it's so good, probably everyone has seen it by now. I'd say the naps resolution might be the most popular. I'm going to apply the adblocker as soon as I finish commenting here.

    Merlesworld; definitely easier to be a cat or dog, they don't cook and don't do laundry either.

    Jayne; I fart without shame too, but have no animals to blame it on....

    Joanne; I already do a few of those too.

    Elephant's Child; I'm definitely going to try napping more and heading to adblocker too.

    mm; smarter than me for sure, they never make their beds...I have to make mine within an hour of getting up, just can't leave it. I prefer getting into a smoothly made bed at night.

    betty; I'm not too sure about #7.

    Mimsie; #2 sounds like good advice, there's too many constipated people out there and others who can't poop in public toilets for whatever reason.
    I have a sidebar of advertisements on my email page and there are other sites I visit that have more ads than content sometimes.

  13. Very funny and just what I needed. Cheers

  14. Kymbo; glad I could make you smile.

  15. I'm happy that you find it useful. A web-savvy friend told me about it and I installed it seven or eight years ago and it's been great. I forget that sites have ads and get a shock if I see the same site on another person's computer.

    The other thing I use is Abine's "Do Not Track Me" ( which stops advertisers teacking you across the net. They also offer an email masking option, for those places where they want an email address that you'd rather not give them. It's the same thing there - advertisers match up all the places where you give an email address to give a picture of where you go and things you like. I'm not especially paranoid, just think it's none of their business. And it's pointless of them to tailor ads to my needs as I have an Adblock anyway :-)

  16. Hahahaha! Why do we bother with all those 'eat healthy food', 'give up chocolate' and 'exercise all the time' resolutions when these make so much more sense?!?!?! Happy New Year!

  17. good resolutions, and talking sidebars are scary

  18. We could learn a lot from dogs :)

  19. Hi River,

    All sound good to me - and I feel like yelling RIGHT NOW!!

    The neighbours might think I'm crazy though.




  20. Marie; I don't think I'll need the Don't Track Me one, most of my emails are from friends and family, anything else I just delete, especially if I don't recognise the sender.

    Red Nomad OZ; I never make resolutions anyway, although I might try spending less time on the computer this year.

    The Wicked Writer; I get so annoyed when I'm happily reading stuff and suddenly a tinny voice starts telling me how much fun it might be to date a Filipino....

    Rick Watson; yes we could, like how to curl up anywhere and fall asleep.

    Plasman; don't worry about the neighbours, if they aren't used to you by now, they never will be. Go ahead and yell.

  21. OK, back online to catch up. Love this!
    Jack would high five with his paw and approve of these wholeheartedly.
    And, I tend to agree too :D