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Monday, January 13, 2014

sometimes I think I should cut out the middleman altogether

Just take that freshly made cup of coffee and pour it straight down the toilet.

When I was working, I limited myself to one cup a day. Because coffee makes me pee. So I'd get home, have my cuppa, then until dinnertime I'd be off to the toilet every 40 minutes or so.

Now that I'm not working, I often still limit myself to the one cup.
If I'm planning on going out anywhere, that cup will be had after I get home.

If I'm not going out, sometimes I'll have two coffees in one day.
But when I'm headed into the bathroom yet again, I wonder why I bothered. 

Tell myself to drink water instead, or a cup of tea. The problem you see, is the sugar. I like my coffee with sugar. Lots of sugar. With tea I have honey and my bladder is much happier. But I like coffee. And I like it sweet.

Here's the odd thing.....if I'm wide awake in the wee early hours, I'll get a cup of sweet coffee and drink it in bed, with a good book or whatever I'm currently reading and there is no trouble at all with needing the bathroom. I'll read until I'm sleepy again, then go to sleep. And sleep soundly.
Caffeine is not a problem in the early hours, unlike evenings when I find, lately, that I don't fall asleep as easily as I used to if I've had coffee after about 7pm.


  1. Coffee is like just rent it. It does the same thing to me and I just drink it black.

  2. I like (& agree with) Delores' comment!!

  3. I love coffee but haven't drunk it for years as it gives me a racing pulse and heart flutters. So it's herbal teas or water for me, while the man of the house drinks about eight cups of industrial strength Swedish coffee a day and sleeps like the proverbial horse. Go figure!

    But I feel for you. What a bummer to have to restrict yourself when you like to drink it.

  4. Two coffee a day person that's me one when I get up another with breakfast about a hour later, no sugar but milk, I could never drink it black.

  5. Dear me, a post about peeing.

    Could you possibly train yourself to go easy on the sugar? That is if peeing frequently really does you off.


  6. It takes me all day to drink my two cups of coffee. It used to take me all day to drink five or six cups, but I've cut way back. I guess I drink more slowly, old as I've become.

  7. Coffee stopped agreeing with me and now it is tea or water. And I only rent them too.
    And it isn't a long lease either.

  8. I love my coffee ... Look at any good coffee spot in the city and you'll see me sipping a cappuccino and yes I suffer the consequences. Will I change my ways? never.

  9. Delores; caffeine is a diuretic, but I have cheap instant coffee which isn't very strong, so one or two cups shouldn't bother me, right? Yet....

    fishducky; at least I get about 40 minutes or so before I have to head into the little room.

    Marie; a racing pulse and heart flutters? I get that when seeing certain people on're wise to stay off the coffee then. So unfair that your man can drink so much of it without any effect.

    Merlesworld; I'm going to be a two cup per day person from now on. One when I get up and one in mid afternoon.

    Friko; I don't have sugar in anything else except weetbix cereal which I don't have every day anyway, I use honey in tea and water doesn't have sugar. I've tried to drink coffee with less sugar, but it tastes like warm flavoured water, so I'll restrict the number of cups I have instead.

    Joanne; I like my coffee hot, so I drink it within a few minutes of making it. Once it gets too cool I can taste the milk and I don't like that.

    Elephant's Child; I have no trouble at all with tea or water.

    Dianne; I used to have cappuccinos at places around town, but then couldn't window shop without stopping at every public toilet along the way. Now I only drink coffee at home.

  10. I usually have 2-3 cups of tea a day and maybe one or two coffees (Maccona instant). I find I don't 'go' very often during the day but of course when you lie down the fluid that built up in your legs moves upwards into your bladder and I often have to get up a couple of time during the night. I know coffee is a diuretic but can also have benefits too. I think we are all so different in our bodily functions that what is one mans' meat is another man's 'poisson' or fish if you prefer. lol
    Strangely enough I don't have sugar in coffee but can't drink tea unless I have about 1/8th teaspoon of sugar.

  11. Sorry about the fish joke. That's one of Phil's from way back.

  12. Mimsie; please don't apologise for jokes, I love to laugh, thanks to Phil. Isn't it odd how some people can drink lots of coffee or tea without problems, I find coffee makes me pee every 40 minutes or so for most of the afternoon, but it doesn't keep me awake unless I have one too many, even then I still fall asleep, just takes a little longer.

  13. I used to be able to drink large amounts of coffee without an almost instant effect, but not anymore.
    Still love coffee though. I usually don't drink it during the week, and treat myself to flat whites from good cafes on the weekend when we take Jack for walks.

    Many years ago, I was introduced to authentically made Turkish coffee - short, black, thick and soooo sweet. I was in love!
    Still remember my first sip, accompanied by a piece of baklava. Sugar overload, but so delicious.

  14. I love coffee, could drink it all day except I'd be in the loo all night. (be easier to take the pillows and Duna in there with me) But now you've said it's not the coffee but the sugar you know Im going to have to try that...
    Could it be the hot water? maybe I'll just spoon the stuff directly into my mouth

  15. Vicki; I've found flat whites from cafes too milky, so I usually get a hot chocolate instead and make my coffee at home, not too strong, but not flavoured water either, lots of sugar and just a dash of milk. I find that if I can taste the milk, I can't drink the coffee, yet I can't drink black coffee. How odd is that?
    I do love the occasional sugar overload.

    Kymbo; possibly it's the sugar, but maybe not. Others drink sugarless coffee and have the same problem, some drink coffee with sugar all day long and pee maybe twice a day. I worry about the sugar because my mum was the same, coffee then pee, but she was diabetic. I'm not.