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Friday, January 17, 2014

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesday’s, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a meme which she calls

“Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:

1. register
2. flat
3. surge
4. indigo
5. despair
6. log 

and, just to make things more interesting, we have.....

1. western
2. heartburn
3. lectern
4. cavern
5. govern
6. foghorn

Here we go.....

John felt a surge of despair as he got out his log book to register this latest flat tyre. Glancing up at the indigo sky he sighed, knowing he would be late for dinner again. He resolved from now on he would only buy the recommended tyres for his car, not the cheap retreads which had cost him more in repairs than they were worth. 


In the cavernous hall, the Governor's voice blared like a foghorn as he introduced the speaker now walking towards the lectern. Dan and I grimaced at each other, a speech on why the western diet causes heartburn didn't sound like it was going to be fun and we wondered why our teachers thought our class had to hear it.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's stories.


  1. Wow--both sets!
    Lesson learned by this John and my own beloved John: Buy a good quality tire! Don't be a C.B., as I tell my husband (cheap bastard).

  2. Wow...both excellent...still trying to get my jaw off the floor after seseing 5 out of 6 words in one sentence...way to go.

  3. Both short and to the point not wasting words.

  4. You nailed both prompts brilliantly. Clever, and fun.

  5. Susan Kane; my first husband was a fan of cheap retreads, liked to save his money for beer.

    Delores; that sentence wrote itself about 30 seconds after I read the word list.

    Merlesworld; short and sweet this week.

    Elephant's Child; easy this week, no thinking required. Well, not more than a minute. They just about wrote themselves.

    Pearl; thank you. Nice to see you here. We do this every week, Delores gives up the word prompt on Wednesdays.

  6. well done, both sets of words, boy you are flying :)

  7. Fantastic little vignettes and excellent use of all the words. I laughed at the first one - it reminds me of my dad (a real tight arse) and his false economy at buying everything cheap. While I like a bargain as well and don't like to pay out unnecessarily, sometimes it is worth spending the money for quality - and tyres are so important that I never leave them to chance.

    I love this weekly challenge, so much so that I'm almost tempted to start writing in English again just to join in.

  8. Double the fun. Well done, River. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar left a response story on Delores' site.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Gary :)

  9. Wow! Nailed 'em both! Great job. I especially like the first one... impressive how you squeezed so many of the words into a single sentence, and without making it seem "forced".

    Here's to some cooler weather for you, and real soon. Happy weekend!

  10. The Wicked Writer; thank you. I look forward to reading yours.

    Marie; tyres, shoes and toilet paper. Never buy cheap for those. Chocolate too. The cheap stuff is just too awful.
    I would like to see you join in, English one day a week will ensure you don't forget your native tongue.

    klahanie; thank you, I'll pop right back to Delores and read what Penny has to say.

    Susan; I can truthfully say those words wrote themselves this week. It is cooler here today, but that won't last, things are heating up again in the west and we always get their weather a few days later.