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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whimsical Wednesday # 106

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Heat wave. We're having a heatwave.....if my memory is correct, that's a song, right?

this week in Adelaide.

we like to create our own swimming pools downunder.


a handy idea if your power cuts out. Cook dinner in the mailbox.


  1. I'm hearin' ya River.
    It was already 33° at 8am here this morning, predicted to get to 41° - but, I suspect it'll get hotter.
    Went to bed with my feet wrapped in a wet, cool towel last night, with the fan going flat out.
    And yep, at these times, I find my self singing, "we're havin' a heatwave". Although, I keep it quiet - I don't have Marilyn's sultry voice to make it worth listening to :)

  2. Guess what - it's hot here in Melbourne as well. Heatwave word is being bandied around as well lol
    Take care

  3. Nothing is as hot as you Maid River.

  4. Hey it's like 33 here too... only... not Celsius. :)

  5. Vicki; I went to bed in a damp t-shirt, with the fan on. Today I have a clean dry towel folded in the freezer, I'll lay that on the bed tonight a few minutes before bedtime. We had 35* by 9am, supposed to get to 46*, but I haven't heard the temp announcement for a couple of hours, I had a nap instead.

    Cathy; it's hot all over, hideous is the word my K used yesterday as she waited for her bus home from work. Lightning strikes have started many small fires. Stay cool.

    R.H. I think a sizzling slice of bacon might come close.

    Happy Elf Christine; 33F, that's about 1C right? A little too cold for me. Stay warm.

  6. Loved all the funnies River but the trouble is it's not funny for anyone in these dreadful heatwaves. 52 homes were lost in Perth last weekend in extreme heat and the cause of the fire was a power pole on a private property. I wonder who should be responsible for maintaining such things?
    Stay cool and keep hydrated....water not coffee perhaps.

  7. Sad and soggy over here too. We are marginally cooler - just under 40, but are expected to stay there until Sunday.
    My heart went out to Melbournians when I heard that their temperature didn't drop below 30 until 5 this morning. And no doubt rocketed up again very shortly afterwards.
    The skinny one's mother used to put their pyjamas in the freezer (in a plastic bag) for half an hour before they went to bed. An idea which has charm.

  8. Mimsie; there's been a few homes lost in our state too, one woman taken to hospital with burns, but no lives lost at least. We didn't make our expected 46C, it was 44 at 4pm, dropping to 42 at 6pm. I'm drinking lots of water, it's my favourite drink.

    Elephant's Child; frozen pyjamas! great idea! I freeze towels to lie on and "hot" water bottles too. Our overnight was fairly warm, but I don't know what the temp actually was.

  9. It doesn't seem to be quite right when the southern states are hotter than the North. But this is Australia in Summer isn't it? Weird wonderful weather. The hardest part must be those power cuts and of course the bush fires. Keep cool ~ River and EC.

  10. i get the idea that it may be hot lol

  11. When I was pregnant with my son it was just such a hot spell. He was born Feb 2nd and for the fortnight before that it never got below 30C at night and up to 43C in the day. Being 9 months preggers with a 20 month old toddler as well was a nightmare, especially as we had no aircon.

    I remember taking my daughter to Semaphore one evening thinking there might be a sea breeze and that she could at least paddle in the shallows. But even after sunset, the sand was hot, the air was still and the water was like bathwater. At least there was icecream...

    That was the summer we installed aircon in the family room, so there was at least one cool room in the house. And I even got a watering system after my husband realised what a lot of time it took to keep our garden watered. He only had to water for the 3 days I was in hospital, but it nearly killed him :-)

    Love the idea of toast in the letterbox! A friend's son sent us a picture of him making eggs and bacon on the car bonnet and our papers are filled with stories of tennis players fainting at the Aussie Open. It's hard to take in when I look out of my window at the marshmallow covered winter wonderland.

  12. The comics are funny but your situation over there isn't. Sending cooling thoughts your way.

  13. It 's going to hit the out lying areas of Sydney today and tomorrow but we are not getting it as bad as Adelaide or Melbourne so we will escape the worst of it if the weather bureau is right.
    What we need is some steady soaking rain for about a week or two and I am sure looking forward to winter this year.

  14. Carol in Cairns; we're hotter because the northern winds come all the way down from you lot up there and dry out on the way. They also pick up pollens from the centre and really play havoc with us hay fever sufferers. And we have much less water than QLD. I've read somewhere that QLDs annual rainfall is enough to supply the entire continent with enough water for everybody. Get out there and build me a pipeline wouldya? ha ha.

    The Wicked Writer; yeah, it's a bit warm....

    Marie; the only part I like about all that is the sea being like bathwater, that would feel so delicious on the skin. I remember being pregnant in the summer heat without aircon. I had two babies born in Feb. in Brisbane and one in March in country Victoria. Never as hot as in Adelaide though. My third was born in November in Sydney, not terribly hot, but when January and February came I moved her bassinet into the bathtub and she slept there day and night until it was cooler. I haven't checked about the tennis today, but if they haven't cancelled play they need their heads checked, silly buggers.

    Delores; I'm hoping a little giggle will help people cope a bit better.

    Merlesworld; I watched the weather report last night and you are definitely cooler in Sydney. Still way too hot though. A steady soaking rain sounds like heaven! but I won't hold my breath waiting for one.