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Thursday, March 6, 2014

at last! realism on TV

No, no, I'm not taking about a so-called "reality" show.

I randomly selected a channel and saw a few scenes from Law & Order SVU.
There was a shoot-out going on, as there so often is and a young female officer was shot.
She was shown sobbing and screaming from the pain. How's that for realism!

Usually these shows have someone get shot and the wounded person lies there stoically waiting for medical assistance, with maybe a grimace or two.

I think the sobbing and screaming is a better screenplay, it might make people realise that getting shot does actually hurt. Maybe someone, somewhere, will think twice about buying, carrying, using a gun.


  1. Know what you mean. Cop shows where (usually) the male is shot and winces at the pain as he either waits for back up or the paramedics, or amazingly, gets up and chases after the other guy.
    Same for having deep wounds stitched without any local.

  2. Vicki; amazing isn't it? And kids who grow up watching this sort of thing don't realise it isn't real if their parents aren't there to explain that movies are made with special effects, the gunshots aren't real, the blood isn't real, a true gunshot hurts, it's a fast moving bullet ripping into your body. I always allowed my kids to watch almost anything, but I watched too and told them these things.

  3. I usually hold with 'there's enough realism in the world, I don't want to see it on TV' but in this case, I think you have a valid point.

  4. You mean to tell me that gunshots hurt? I hope she didn't ruin her hair-do (another thing that amuses me in these series - never a hair out of place, even after a punch-up).

    Perhaps this knowledge might have made that thug Liam Humbles think twice about going out armed with a gun for a New Year's Eve party. You know - the one he needed for "protection against bullying". *rolls eyes*

    I worry that people are becoming anaesthetised to reality by watching the idiot box and playing shoot 'em up type video games. Faced with real life, they crumble.

  5. I have wondered this for some time! getting shot, breaking a leg, whatever--it hurts! Why doesn't the industry tell the truth? Ooops...of course they deal in reality.

  6. Hear, hear. And boo and hiss for the women shown crying - without disarranging their perfect hair/make up as well.

  7. After waking from surgery before morphine kicked in, I can imagine what being shot is like. It hurts bad.

  8. Phil has often commented about this too. Sort of like cartoons where the characters get shot or knocked out and then get up and carry on. I am now trying to avoid violence in TV shows as much as possible but it's difficult to get away from it these days. I do find DVDs of older series tend to gloss over murders and the victim is only found after the deed has been done. So much more civilised. :)

  9. Delores; I see your point. I read and watch DVDs a lot because the world outside seems too harsh sometimes. With books and movies at least I can tell myself it isn't real.

    Marie; the hair-does bug me too along with the perfect makeup and always clean clothes, not to mention chasing down criminals in high heels. in this case, the wounded woman had very short hair up under her cap.

    Susan Kane; another good point. They fall from a great height, break an ankle and continue to run after their criminal. And all the stunts where they are leaping, climbing, slipping....I'd have so many broken bones, I'd be a mass of jelly. All I could do is shout for help and point, "he went that way.."

    Elephant's Child; yes! Not a single one with mascara running right down her cheeks, puffy eyes, smeared lipstick...

    Andrew; you've got it. I've done that too and loved the little button to press for more morphine. Although on day two they made me get up and walk around!

    Mimsie; I watch the violent stuff, because I can tell myself it isn't real. If it was going on outside my home I'd be huddled in a corner of my wardrobe.

  10. Very true River. Just today I had to let my daughter in on the truth when my daughter said "when someone gets shot with a gun it doesn't hurt that much".